11 important criteria for choosing a laser level for repair and construction work

Any builder does not do in the work without level (level). With it, determine the difference between the heights and achieve the necessary alignment.

But now the mechanical work has been entrusted to modern technologies, and, although laser levels in our country appeared relatively recently, men have already appreciated their convenience and efficiency. The main disadvantage of the new device is the high cost, which means that its acquisition must be taken seriously enough.

How to choose a laser level and what to focus on when buying, we will understand.

What is a laser level, its principle of operation

What is a laser level?

During construction work or repairs all the time you have to mark flat horizontal or vertical lines. Practically every man has a bubble or water level, but it is not very convenient to use it, and the procedure takes a lot of time. You have to pull cords or use plumb booms.

It is much easier to work with a laser level, which with the help of a beam will instantly carry out the necessary marking.

The principle of operation is simple - the laser diodes inside the device emit a powerful red or green beam (laser), which makes it possible to mark the horizontal lines, verticals or angles of inclination with very high accuracy. At first, such inventions were used in the military industry, now they serve for peaceful purposes.

The laser level consists of several elements.

  1. Laser LED.It emits a dense monochromatic stream of light of the same wavelength. In modern levels use two types of diodes emitting a red or green beam. Green color is more favorable for human eyes, it can be clearly seen on the street even in sunny weather, but such devices, due to a more complex structure, are much more expensive than with a red beam.
  2. Optical system.Various lenses and prisms allow you to focus the beam, determine its shape and set the desired direction. The better the optics, the more accurate the level.
  3. Installation and self-leveling mechanism.They depend on the type of instrument. The simplest and most inexpensive use a bubble level on a tripod where the optics system is embedded.Before work it is necessary to adjust the horizontal very carefully with special adjustment screws. Levels equipped with a self-leveling mechanism are considered the most convenient. They are also mounted on a tripod and fixed with screws, but they do not need an exact installation, the optics will determine the desired position by itself. If in the process of work large deviations occur, a signal will be given (audible or visual) to mechanically correct the position of the body.
  4. Battery.Batteries or battery. The latter ensures continuous operation for ten or more hours. Included with such a device is a power adapter for recharging.
  5. Control buttons.Each device is equipped with buttons and indicators. Understand their appointment is easy. Dear professional models are produced with a remote control, it is especially convenient when one person works at a construction site of a large area. If the level has an additional function - a distance meter (electronic tape measure), then on the case there will be a digital display on which the result is displayed.
  6. HousingIt consists of durable shockproof plastic with rubber linings to prevent damage from falling.

The advantages of the device are as follows.

  1. Markup and other measurements are made with very high accuracy, which is impossible when using traditional levels.
  2. The ability to get the lines and projections immediately on a large area of ​​the construction site.
  3. Quick and easy preparation for work.
  4. Easy operation.
  5. No helpers required.
  6. At least twice reduces the time for marking work.

How to choose a laser level - the main characteristics

11 important criteria for choosing a laser level for repair and construction work

What criteria should I look for when buying a laser level?

Measuring range

For the repair of premises or the construction of small objects, it is enough to acquire a level with a beam range from three to fifty meters. The smaller the range, the more economical the device, it spends less energy, which means it will last longer.

If you are engaged in capital construction, then pay attention to the professional equipment with receivers. With their help, the length increases by hundreds of meters.

Number of rays

The more rays, the more possibilities.Basically, one crosshair is enough, but the extra rays make the marking more accurate.

Convenience lies in the fact that their submission can be performed separately, by enabling additional or disabling unnecessary.


The smaller the error, the higher the accuracy. For domestic use, a deviation of 2–3 millimeters per meter is considered an acceptable standard. The laser level for repair work has an error from 0.3 to 0.8 mm, which is almost imperceptible with the naked eye.

It is quite another thing, if we are talking about a large building. Here such deviations are simply unacceptable, they can lead to disastrous consequences. Therefore, experienced construction companies acquire expensive professional high-precision levels.

Ray color

Almost all models of laser levels are red beam. More "advanced" shine green. This color is better perceived by the person’s vision, it is clearly visible during the day, even in very bright sun.

"Green" levels can only work at a positive temperature, they spend more energy, and the cost of the device is much higher than the traditional "red".

Power type

All laser levels operate on LEDs that consume very little energy, which is why they are so efficient and economical. The efficiency of the level is ensured by finger batteries or a rechargeable battery that can be charged from the mains. Many models combine the two types of food.

Time of continuous operation reaches 10-12 hours. With each newly switched beam, energy consumption increases.

Mount type

Not all models are equipped with a tripod, but almost all have a standard thread under the bracket. Some levels have built-in magnets that securely hold the device on metal surfaces.


Cheap models before work need to install as smoothly as possible. This is achieved with the help of special screws on the tripod. More expensive levels are equipped with self-leveling function, which allows you to automatically adjust the position of the optics in space.

This is a very convenient function, because without it, you can accidentally break the correct position of the level and not notice it. After that, the work will be done poorly.

Self-leveling allows you to not pay attention to this, a deviation of 3-4 degrees will be corrected automatically. If the device deviates by a large amount, a signal will sound that a mechanical adjustment is required.

There are times when you need to use the level at a certain angle. In this case, self-leveling can be disabled. Be sure to check the availability of this feature.

Temperature Range

If you are going to use the level at home, then it is worthwhile to dwell on models with a work temperature from +5 to +40 degrees - they are cheaper.

For outdoor construction, choose a mode from -10 to +45. In this case, the cost is more expensive due to the additional elements in the design.

Other options

  1. Auto power off.Left the included device for a long time unattended? It will turn itself off, thereby saving the battery charge.
  2. Rangefinder.Electronic roulette instantly determine the distance between objects, and displays the result on the digital display level. Do not forget to check the accuracy of measurements from time to time, as the device can drop the factory settings in case of a fall and a correction is required.
  3. Shockproof case.Any construction or repair is the risk of dropping the device, which means its accuracy will be at risk. That is why pay attention to the sturdy body made of durable plastic or metal with rubberized dampers.

Types of laser levels

Laser levels are divided into four types. To choose the right, you need to decide on the volume and type of upcoming construction work.

Linear (crossliner, line builder)

Ideal for home repairs or building small spaces. The level produces rays, which are static lines. Their range does not exceed twenty meters, but a special radio allows you to solve this problem and increase the distance to 50-100 meters - it all depends on the power of the LED.

Since the device uses several optical elements at once, it is often called multiprism. In modern models, optics emit a vertical and horizontal beam, which form a cross of laser lines. In more complex models there can be several crosses at once.

Linear levels are very convenient for laying ceramic tiles or plasterboard walls, the master can visually monitor the quality of their work.

Bosch UniversalLevel 2 Set

Line laser level

Quite a popular level for home use. Includes a tripod and carrying case. The device itself is compact, it can be worn on the belt.

The color of the laser beam is red, the range is 10 meters. When enabled, self-leveling within 4-5 seconds. The work angle is 120 degrees. Can be used as a plumb or work with a crosshair.

For laying tiles very convenient function of fixing the beam - it allows you to set a certain angle.

The average cost is 5,000 rubles.

Point (static point builder)

It has the simplest design - optics produce thin, direct rays of powerful light that are projected on planes at points. Neither lines, nor the planes these devices do not build.

It is used for marking large areas. Since the number of lenses is minimal, the laser is very bright, far-reaching in space. Especially well the point is visible on a bright sunny day.

The number of rays may be different, but in most simple models there are three. One is directed horizontally and two vertically (up and down). More advanced models release rays more and left-right, which gives an additional advantage,if the work is done indoors.

With the help of point levels you can mark the formwork, walls, frames, floor projections.


Spot Laser Level

The dot level of this model has the function of rotation by 180 degrees, which allows you to mark the walls and ceiling without unnecessary movements. The laser beam is very thin, does not spread, and therefore, the accuracy of the markup does not suffer.

This is a great professional tool. It has the functions of self-leveling, rotation, auto power off. The built-in magnet makes it possible to securely fix the device on any surface made of metal.

The direction of the rays up, down and forward. The maximum range is 15 meters, with the receiver it is increased to thirty.

The average price is 11,000 rubles.


If you add a laser rotation system to a point level, you get a device that creates a plane. It is called rotational. Mainly used on large construction sites, such as stadiums or industrial workshops. For home repair is too expensive, the price starts from $ 400.

The range of the beam is up to 70 meters, and if you use a special receiver (often included), the laser effect extends up to 400 m.

Depending on the “advanced” models, the beam can be horizontal, vertical and even bend at an angle.


Rotational level

The laser emits two vertical and one horizontal beam, a sweep of 360 degrees. The maximum range is 10 meters, from receivers up to 40 m. The level has functions of automatic leveling and shutting it down, light indication, turn. There is a built-in bubble level.

It can work from batteries or a battery (8 hours) at air temperatures from -10 to +45 degrees. In bright light, special red glasses are provided to enhance the visualization of the rays.

The control is very simple: the power switch, two buttons with signatures and a light indication. The case is assembled with high quality, monolithic.

The average cost is from 12,000 rubles.


The most expensive and functional models combine all three types of laser levels, which greatly expands the use cases. Such devices are used for large-scale construction of airports, railway stations and other structures.

The purchase of such equipment is inappropriate for use in everyday life.

ADA instruments PROLiner 4V (A00474)

Combined Laser Level

Excellent build quality and perfect markup accuracy.The body is made of metal with rubberized inserts. The complete case for a level is included in the package.

Perfect smooth running of all moving parts. The beam is bright, it saves a lot of time at work, the range is 70 meters with a receiver. The number of vertical beams - four, horizontal one, two crosshairs. The horizontal sweep angle is 140 degrees.

Rules of work with a laser level

  1. The first rule of safety - caution when working with a laser beam, it can not be sent to the eyes! This powerful radiation is dangerous for human and animal vision.
  2. During work, always try to use special protective glasses. They are often sold complete with a level, by the way, with them and the beam can be seen much better.


The laser level is an indispensable thing in the household, especially when you start repairs. In addition, it will help to hang the shelves or pictures, to mount furniture, to determine the distance between objects.

If you need it from time to time, then stop at a budget low-cost model. Are you engaged in professional construction? Then choose the exact expensive models.

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