2 years from the moment of the wedding: creative ideas for gifts and congratulations

Each year, the life of a husband and wife, lived together, is a sign of the passed test for a family and a significant date that demonstrates the positive dynamics of the development of relations. Psychologists recommend celebrating family celebrations annually, delving into the names of holiday dates. Wondering if your friends have a wedding for two years? This article will help you understand and analyze the useful gift ideas presented by our expert.

What is the name of the second wedding anniversary?

What is the name of the second wedding anniversary?

The second wedding anniversary is often a turning point, a point of no return, the beginning of a family voyage on the waves of love. On this anniversary, many children are born or are planned, and the young spouses, after the first two years of marriage, pass a serious test of strength and hardening of family relationships, becoming parents.

Psychologists say that it is after the birth of children that the family goes through another relationship crisis, at this time there are the hottest conflicts due to clashes of temperaments, aspirations and ideas about saving and distributing finances, raising children, about the role and contribution to the relationship of a wife and husband. father and mother.

Therefore, due to the instability and fragility of the family, the celebration in honor of the date of 2 years of marriage together has received the right to be called a glass or paper wedding.

Traditions and rules of paper wedding celebration

With the 2nd wedding anniversary is a tradition that came to our country from Byzantium. The couple, who celebrated this anniversary, made paper dolls for the feast. They hid inside a note with wishes, listing the disadvantages and advantages of a spouse, because after 2 years of marriage they could already boast that they knew each other well.

The exchange of dolls took place during the feast, and they had to watch over their gifts until the end of the celebration, so that the friends of the newlyweds did not change the notes, indicating only dignity in them.

At the end of the feast, the spouses took notes and read them out loud, if the note was stolen, then the “robbers” could demand a comic ransom.The guests discussed, although it was written in them or there is some exaggeration, the parents of the husband and wife did not participate in the discussion. Then the guests must give farewell to the couple.

According to the traditions for celebration, the hall on this day is decorated with a variety of paper decor. For 2 years of living together they put a red tablecloth, a snow-white set and white napkins on the table, between which 2 paper swans should be placed.

Often they arrange a buffet with desserts, snacks, wine and liquor, vodka and whiskey are excluded on this day. On hot cooked baked turkey, duck or pig.

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas

A gift for a 2-year wedding anniversary can be associated with paper or glass, since the wedding is called paper or glass.

Wife from husband

What to give a paper wedding to his wife?

It may be appropriate to set for creativity in the technique of scrapbooking or quilling, decoupage, craquelure or other kind of needlework. The drawing lover will surely be delighted with the sketchbook, a set of antistress colorings or a large set of puzzles.

If you are sure that she will not appreciate such a gift, it would be good to present a ring or other jewelry in a box filled with finely chopped colored paper.

On the second anniversary of living together a certificate will be a good gift to a jewelry store, professional cosmetics or beauty salon, which is published on a beautiful form. A perfect romantic addition to the gift can serve as a postcard or wall newspaper with photos of your family.

If it is not customary in your family to give expensive gifts, you can limit yourself to a notebook for writing recipes, a book about beauty or a novel by a favorite author.

Husband from wife

Congratulate your beloved spouse with such a solemn date as 2 years of marriage together, can be a useful piece of paper. For example, it can be a chic weekly or a beautiful notebook, a congratulatory letter or a medal to a “happy, wise and patient husband” out of paper.

If he reads a lot, then the best option for a gift may be a book on his hobby, a collection book of his favorite author, a leather-bound notebook or a magazine subscription.

It is customary to give origami to a paper wedding in the USA and other countries - with figures of flowers, pigeons or hearts.

Both spouses from guests

Even if the guests before the paper wedding didn’t ask themselves - what a wedding for 2 years, and donated money, they were right, because the bills are also paper.Traditionally, this celebration guests can give:

  • sets of dishes;
  • original cartoon or family photo on canvas;
  • 2 cups with a photo or names of spouses;
  • calendar with photos of spouses;
  • papier-mache figurines;
  • paintings;
  • furniture or chandelier;
  • blankets, towels, bed linen, napkin sets;
  • books on building family relationships, collectible or rare editions;
  • a photo album or album of annals of important family events;
  • notebooks;
  • family photo collage;
  • glass souvenirs;
  • gift card for the whole family shopping;
  • candlestick with 2 candles;
  • extreme gift or master class;
  • 2 tickets to the theater, training or exhibition (depending on the interests of the spouses);
  • design solutions.

A gift is presented to a couple, not to each spouse separately. The gift of the guests is not so important as their sense of respect for the family and good mood.

Greetings options

Greetings options


If you are invited to celebrate a holiday in a family circle, but you cannot find suitable words, use the following ideas for suggestions.

  1. Congratulations on your second anniversary wedding! We would like to wish you to get more crisp bills, new packs in gigantic boxes so that problems fly away like a paper airplane, and everything in life evolved easily like origami.
  2. Congratulations on the paper wedding! We wish wisdom in the development of your relationship, let your family be built on a solid foundation. Take care and feed your love, support each other, treat each other with wisdom and patience. Let your paper plane of dreams fly in the right direction, bringing happiness, comfort and well-being. Appreciate each other.
  3. Dear friends, I wholeheartedly congratulate your family on the second wedding anniversary! Let the glass wedding step by step lead to a gold one, and your paper ship of love will become a powerful and fortified sailboat!
  4. Congratulations to the young married couple on the second wedding anniversary! Let your love not be paper, but live very long, charging everyone around with positive emotions, passion will not die away, and comfort and joy will increase! Well-being of your family, dear!

Ideas for decorating a room or hall

If you want to celebrate a paper wedding in the open air, a picnic with kebabs, a bonfire, the launch of Chinese lanterns, dancing in the open air, and intimate songs with a guitar will fit perfectly. Any celebration place can be decorated with paper products, making the celebration original and unforgettable. This will help contests, harmless jokes and games.

For example, you can create a tree of happiness, putting a pencil and a sheet of paper at the plates of guests. Everyone will write a wish to the young, and on the second side of the sheet they can draw something and then hang the drawing on a tape on a branch of a tree or a tall houseplant.

Do not celebrate this holiday in an expensive restaurant, choose a country-style cafe, a country restaurant or a loft, endearing with a country view;

Before entering the hall, you can hang a comic inscription: “Do not give napkins!”, Create and hang out caricatures for each guest, make a “path” of paper traces to the venue of the main event.

You can equip a photo area in which guests and heroes of the occasion will be able to take photos in the family album. Cranes, pigeons, butterflies, lanterns, flag garlands, flowers, hearts are placed there, and the inscription on the press wall can be seen - the date of marriage registration, the names of the newlyweds or photos from the wedding.

At the beginning of the evening, you can show a video from the wedding, hold contests that will remind you of it and refresh your memories from the last holiday.


If you are preparing for the celebration of the second wedding anniversary, we want to wish that your second half become support in moments of joy and sorrow. I wish you happiness for many years!

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