21213 "Niva" - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth

One of the most popular domestic off-road vehicles is the VAZ 21213 "Niva". Tuning this car will allow the owner to get even more positive emotions from exploitation.

The main tasks for tuning the "Niva"

It's no secret that because of the transfer case,constantly ride on the Neva is not very comfortable. Due to monotonous noise, some owners decided to remove this node, despite the loss of its main characteristics by the SUV.

At the same time, there was often a replacement boxgears for five-speed, and the front-wheel drive was completely removed. As a result, the car became quieter, the speed characteristics and maneuverability increased, but it was already not VAZ 21213 "Niva".

21213 field dressing

Tuning, which does not deprive, but increasesthe available advantages of the vehicle, increases the comfort for the driver and passengers, is always more preferable. Below we will consider a few technical improvements and improvements that will give you the opportunity to enjoy your SUV.


A modern car without a hydraulic booster isnonsense. When you first get behind the wheel of a power-driven car, you immediately realize that this is not some kind of nonsense, but a very useful and useful option. Even after a short trip on such a car, try again to sit behind the wheel of your Niva. Easy and unconstrained control was replaced by the constant physical tension of your hands.

If you use your domesticoff-road vehicle from case to case, then there is probably no point in doing the revision. But if you spend the whole day driving a VAZ 21213 "Niva", tuning the steering knot you just need. You can buy a special power steering kit for the Niva. Its price does not exceed 33 thousand rubles, but it is worth it.

Tuning Niva 21213 with their own hands

You can consider and options for installationelectric power steering in the "Niva". This equipment costs 8 thousand cheaper, and the effect of facilitating control is also achieved. However, the hydraulic booster is a more pragmatic thing. It is completely devoid of electric circuits and electric motors, and therefore more reliable. Considering that our car is an off-road vehicle, we will be guided by the principles of reliable and trouble-free operation, not cost.


Inside the "Niva" is a vivid exampleclassical minimalism. There are a lot of positions that will allow you to re-evaluate your VAZ 21213 "Niva" when you replace it. Tuning of the cabin must start with noise insulation or not touch the interior at all. A great deal depends on the quality and thickness of the vibration and insulating and sound-absorbing materials.

Optics on the Niva 21213 - tuning

Here, as in everything related to cars,saving money can negate all efforts to improve the performance of your car. At best, if you save on materials, you will get a small result, which does not justify the spent money and efforts to refine the machine ("Niva" 21213). Tuning the salon with your own hands will help you to save money, especially since installing noise insulation is not very difficult. The main thing is to be guided by the basic principles in the work:

  1. Qualitatively clean and degrease the surface before applying noise insulation. Locations with traces of corrosion should be cleaned and treated. The entire interior must be dried thoroughly.
  2. Do not leave untreated areas. If there was not enough material, it is better to buy it, than to do a partial job, which will not have the proper effect.
  3. Pay special attention to wheel arches, compartmentthe engine and the central shaft, under which the cardan shaft, transmission and distribution are located. These areas are recommended to apply a material with higher noise-damping properties than when processing doors or the roof of the cabin.

When working, use the vibration plate and isolon. The thickness of the first layer can be different, depending on the areas being treated. The sound absorber should be of the same thickness, preferably not less than 8 mm. Carpet laid on top will also contribute to the soundproofing of the cabin. Now you can talk about installing more comfortable seats.

Seats in the "Niv"

To increase ride comfort we recommendreplace the front seats with imported ones. For this purpose it is best to choose from Japanese brands. The main rule is to remodel the sled on the seat itself so that they become in the regular places of fastenings of the car VAZ 21213 "Niva".

Tuning of the VAZ 21213 Niva

Tuning, when the body is welded to differentThe supports and supports for the new seats are not considered the best option in terms of safety. The first option will take more time, but the seats will be installed qualitatively and reliably. If you can not find a seat with a reclining backrest - take it from the four-door. The latter should simply cut off the studs, and the seat will be convenient for operation in a two-door car.

Body kit for "Niva"

Having made a quiet interior by installing good seats withlateral support, height adjustment and power steering, go to outdoor works. Doing an external tuning VAZ 21213 "Niva", remember its practicality.

Niva 21213 - tuning the cabin with your own hands

Optimal installation of side runners,rear wicket to fix the spare wheel, like most SUVs, and the front brutal bumper - "kenguryatnik." The latter is desirable to pick up with arcs that protect the car's optics.

New optics

The plant installed the most common optics on the "Niva" 21213. Tuning of this important car device is recommended to lead in two directions:

  1. Increasing the durability of the headlight - the reservation of glass with a special film.
  2. Increase the intensity of the light flux. For this purpose, we recommend installing bi-xenon lamps with ignition blocks. Pay special attention to the adjustment of headlights so as not to harm other traffic participants.

As a result of the work carried out, we receiveda completely different machine. Tuning "Niva" 21213 with their own hands and no frills will save the famous "charm" of the Russian SUV, making it more practical and modern car.

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21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth 21213 Niva - tuning of saloon, steering and new weather-cloth