6 simple ways to wash grease

Solid oil is a thick mixture of industrial oils with calcium soap acids in the composition. In industry, grease has an important function of lubrication mechanisms, but for the fabric it is simply destructive.

It is simply impossible to wipe off a thick, viscous mass or wash it with conventional means. Such unpleasant spots usually appear after visiting garages, car repair shops, car washes, hardware store warehouse, etc.

Solid oil is a complex substance, it is not easy to remove such pollution at home, you have to try, especially if it is a bright thing. There are several effective ways to wash the grease, methodically trying that, you can achieve a good effect.

Having found contamination at home, you should not mechanically throw pants or a shirt into a washing machine.

Firstly, you risk to spoil the rest of the wardrobe items in the process of washing.And secondly, hot water and powder simply “brew up the spots” forever. This is a common mistake of not-too-zealous housewives, which will only lead to the recycling of a good thing.

How to wash grease?

First, you need to clean the dirt as thoroughly as possible, and the subsequent washing will complete the process, remove stains and the caustic scent of the products used.

To do this, take a look, than to wash the grease, without spoiling the fabric.

1.Detergents.It is advisable to try to destroy weak spots with degreasing liquids. Let's take on arms concentrated dishwashing detergent. Also, car shampoo, which can be found at home with any motorist, does a good job with oil stains.

How to wash the greaseTake our thing, slightly wet the problem area and generously pour detergent on it. Let's wait a little and start rubbing the oil stain with a certain frequency. Sometimes the hostess also successfully used abrasive powder means, such as "Pemolyuks", for the mechanical cleaning of the fabric.

If the efforts gave a positive result and the dirty place turned pale, you can send the thing into an intensive wash, and finally wash off the grease.

Many housewives consider this purification option ineffective, but the grease can be different: synthetic, medical.

And, perhaps, depending on the type of lubricant, the result may vary in efficiency.

2.Petrol.Universal cleaner for clothes and everyday things contaminated with paints, technical and mineral oils. To remove the grease, you need to stretch the fabric on a hard surface and take a cotton pad dipped in gasoline.

Spots of grease need to wipe gently, often changing wheels. You should not go beyond the boundaries of pollution, if we are talking about light material, gasoline can also leave yellowish stains on it. At the end of the cleaning, the item of clothing can be washed as usual: manually or in a washing machine.

3.Turpentine.A common organic solvent can help combat complex contaminants. The cleaning method is somewhat complicated, since turpentine must be heated in a water bath to activate its properties.

Turpentine SolventIt is unacceptable to involve children in the process - the liquid is flammable and can easily ignite. Use a heated solution to wet a piece of cotton or a cotton pad and place it on the stain, press down and leave for 10-15 minutes.

After the time when turpentine penetrates the fibers of the fabric, you can remove the dirty disk.

The remains of contamination must be removed with ammonia (ammonia), and then it is necessary to wash the thing with standard tools.

4.A mixture of ammonia and glycerin.It is much easier to remove oily dirt from soiled working clothes or working jeans than with thin fabrics.

It is acceptable to rub a rough cotton cloth with a toothbrush, a dish sponge. But the delicate material - silk, lace, wool - can not be rubbed zealously, along with pollution can damage the texture of things irrevocably. For such fabrics, the method of soaking clothes in a special mixture is suitable.

Take 20-30 ml of ammonia and a tablespoon of glycerin, which is sold in each pharmacy. Pour warm water into a clean container, stir the cleaning mixture in it, and place our item there, gently straightening it.

It is enough to hold the garment in the solution for 1-2 hours to achieve the desired purity. Then the item is repeatedly rinsed in cool water.

5.Acetic essence or vinegar.Remove the dirt from the grease can be vinegar. Every hostess,fighting for cleanliness and keen culinary, there is either vinegar or vinegar essence at home.

Remove persistent oil stains will help fresh solution of vinegar. 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar or 1 tea essence add to a glass of water. Soak a cloth or cotton wool in the solution and place it on both sides of the stain.

Remove dirt from greaseWe wait for about 5 minutes and begin a careful cleaning. Further, as usual, follows the wash cycle.

6.Margarine.Option borrowed from the forums housewives. The inquisitive mind of our women and the thirst for experimentation led to the invention of another non-standard method. Fat stain is quite possible to remove, using a food product - margarine.

Apply a layer of margarine to contamination and leave to affect for 1-2 hours. The fatty substance has the ability to soften stubborn oil. At the same time, divorces become even more extensive, but do not be afraid of this, the cleaning process is not yet complete.

Next, the pollution must be degreased with already known substances: gasoline, “white spirit”, solvent.

The final stage of cleaning clothes will be hand-washing with household or tar soap. This method is more laborious and time consuming, compared to others, but, according to the housewives, very productive.

Moreover, such funds are available literally in every home, and you can significantly save on dry cleaning and expensive stain removers.

In conclusion, we can say that the economic market today is simply overflowing with all sorts of domestic and imported stain removers. The cost of funds that are needed for a variety of domestic needs, can make a significant gap in the family budget.

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