80s (Russian) Singers: Top Rated

The eighties for the Russian show business is a very interesting period. The Soviet foundations gradually ceased to act, extraordinary and talented young men — singers of the 80s, Russians — came onto the scene. The list can be continued almost indefinitely. It is also interesting that on the same stage real masters often met with representatives of the new stage. Also in these years there was a flourishing of rock culture, which had previously been in a rigid framework.

Scene legends

80 Russian singers listAncestors of modern pop music were singers of the 70s-80s (Russians). The list includes well-known last names:

  1. Vladimir Presnyakov (senior) at the end of the 70s made a dizzying career in the “Gems” group. In 1987 he left the big stage to help his son make the first steps in show business.
  2. In the 80s, Valery Leontyev dressed more modestly, but he was already famous for his cooperation with Raymond Pauls. At the end of the decade, sales of sound carriers Valery broke all records.
  3. The peak of Lev Leshchenko's career was the closing of the Olympics in Moscow.Not many 80s (Russian) singers, whose list is almost limitless, can boast such an honor.

In the same list, you can include other worthy performers of the time. Iosif Davydovich Kobzon, for example, by the eighties had already become a vocal teacher and produced records with records of retro songs, but his career peaked in the seventies.

Forgotten performers

singers 80 90 x russian listSome 80s Russian singers, a list of which will be given below, are now unreasonably forgotten:

  1. In the late eighties, the USSR was shocked by a group in which a student of an orphanage performed - Yury Shatunov. His colleague, Andrei Razin, competently promoted the project, using rumors, twins and other techniques. After many years, Yuri could not repeat his former success.
  2. In the eighties, Viktor Saltykov performed in the Elektroklub group, but they know him more often as the father of Irina Saltykova.
  3. Sergey Minaev became the ancestor of discos and club movement, few people will remember about him today.

These performers were betrayed to oblivion only because of the rapidly changing stage of the time. Such a fate was not expected by the 80s Russian singers. The list of forgotten stars of the 90s will be much more, as many then played one hit and disappeared.Now the stars of the 80s and 90s often perform at national nostalgic concerts dedicated to that time.

Representatives of rock clubs

80 Russian singers list of menNot all 80s (Russian) singers are forgotten. The list of men who performed in the genre of rock music consists only of cult personalities who are still active on the scene:

  1. Vladimir Kuzmin started his career at the end of the 70s in the Carnival group, but reached its peak in the 80s with the Dynamic team. He was recognized in every home in 1986, when he performed in a duet with Alla Pugacheva. In 2017, he presented the album “Rocker-3. Season closing.
  2. Valery Kipelov began his career in the team "Leysya Song" in 1980. When the team did not pass the state program and closed, he was invited to the group "Aria". Since 1985, he spoke in it. In 2017, he performed on the "Invasion" already with his own group "Kipelov", which was created in 2002, when Valery left the former team because of disagreements.
  3. Yuri Shevchuk became known for his hits “Rain”, “Autumn”, “That's all ...”. Since 1980, he has been the leader of the DDT group. Differs in oppositional views, does not take any power. In 2017 he became the headliner of the “Invasion” festival, performed 2.5 hours and was well received by the public.
  4. The following singers of the 80-90s became an unusual phenomenon for pop music.The list of “Russian cult rockers of the 80s” is immediately closed by two performers: the Samoilov brothers - Vadim and Gleb. Not so long ago, their creative path was sold, Gleb became the leader of the Matrixx group and in 2017 will delight the public with a new album, and Vadim as plenipotentiary of the President. He regularly performs at Russian venues, participated in concerts in Syria and the Donbas. In a long time, the Seimolovs performed in the style of "rock decadence", which is how they differ from those listed above.

The eighties became the golden age for Russian rock. Most of the idols of even modern fans of this genre have gone from this period. Grebenshchikov, Shklyarsky, Makarevich, Kinchev and many others can be included in the list of singers.

Dead talents

singers 70 80 x russian listThe listed lists cannot be considered complete, as there are no two names in them - Tsoi and Talc. Probably, these singers would be more popular than others, because now their songs are remembered with special warmth. For many fans of their work, it’s a chagrin that both artists died tragically in the prime of their careers. Viktor Tsoi died in a car accident, and Igor Talkov was shot behind the scenes of the concert hall in the early nineties.

Choi was known as a herald of perestroika. His songs became symbolic for many people; indeed, the youth of the USSR wanted “change”. Igor Talkov was also a singer of perestroika, his songs were played during the putsch of the Emergency Committee. They were more lyrical than Victor. The most famous songs of Talkov are "Chistye Prudy" and "I'll be back."

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