ABC Finance: reviews. ABC Finance - divorce or not

Beautiful stories about a variety of waysearn on the Internet, promising almost a million income and, of course, financial independence, now no one is surprised. We are used to advertising banners claiming the reality of receiving $ 1000 per week, to various methods of "how to get a million" and so on. Many of us already simply do not notice all this.

ABC Finance reviews

But there are other approaches to promotingsimilar projects. We will describe one of them in this article. Hopefully, after reading it, people who previously thought about what ABC Finance is - divorce or not, realize the whole essence of this site, and will not waste time and money on it.

ABCFinance. about the project

To begin with, we simply describe the program in question. So we will understand what we are dealing with, and due to what the site attracts a large number of people.

On the main site of the project - beautiful design and an attractive video insert, shot against the background of nature with smiling beautiful tightened people playing some kind of sports games. A little bit below we find a brief statistics: the number of people in the project (at the time of writing the article here 10 thousand participants), turnover of funds (6.6 million dollars) and "number of realized goals" (3,152 pieces). The last point is especially interesting - how the project administrators, interestingly, could measure how many human plans they managed to realize, if people sometimes do not know what they want ... Well, okay.

ABC Finance

It's surprising that on the site you will not find a specificinformation about what the company or people who participated in the development of the whole project are doing. Here you can find some common phrases about the need to obtain financial independence for 8000 dollars for six months, then - to collect investments for 50 thousand dollars ... and do something else there. No specifics.

Who organized this all?

Concerning the organizers of ABC Finance (reviews of thisconfirm) also there is no accurate information. The official website only noted that the "team of professionals" is engaged in everything, making money on the Internet. Their mission is supposedly to help beginners start to receive their income, "to achieve some financial results in the shortest possible time" and so on. Again, we see a complete lack of specifics - what is being done here, who and for what purpose. Before us is just a site with a bunch of attractive text, but without something clear and understandable.

What are the goals?

By what they do on this site, as it was alreadyit is said, too nothing is clear. They write here that they help to build a business on the Internet from scratch, to reach some kind of financial heights and a lot of other things. But in fact, they do not specify how the income will come from. With what all it is necessary to begin, in what sphere this "business on the Internet" will work, who will give you money and so on.

Already, according to the above facts and facts, we can safely say that this project is dubious. Obviously, having become acquainted with the site, you can not accurately describe what this ABC Finance does.

Reviews about it, perhaps, will help to understand more, how it all works. Therefore, in the framework of this article, we will try to look for recommendations from people who have experience working with this project.

how to make money at home

Reviews on the site and in the group

In general, speaking of the reviews, one should note at oncethe following: we divide them into two groups. The first ones are those that are placed on the site itself, as well as in the special group Vkontakte on the official page of the ABC Finance project. The reviews located here are significantly different from those found on other portals and various independent pages on the Internet. Therefore, of course, we will describe them in the next section of our article.

As for recommendations on the site itselfproject and in their group, they praise the system and its creators. Without any specifics, people describe how they managed to earn the amount of N for N days (weeks or months); talk about how from poverty they were able to "step over" into the "club of millionaires" and become wealthy people. They also allegedly learned from the project how to make money at home. And in general, thus, all these comments are 100% positive and laudatory.

Reviews on third-party sites

ABC Finance divorce or not

The second group of recommendations - those that are placed on theother resources. They are of more interest to us, since they are clearly more objective. The authors of these reviews say: the project "Sparta" ABC Finance (this is its second name) is nothing more than a simple financial pyramid. And promises of education, development of skills and thinking are just an attractive myth.

People note: under vague promises of financial success and beautiful stories, as well as in talking about the fact that someone here is something to teach, in fact, a simple scheme hides.

Reveal the cards

In order to participate in the project, you must pay for "training". This is a simple membership fee, designed to enter the pyramid.

Further it is necessary to attract the same people toto earn in ABC Finance. The testimonies indicate that you will receive up to 85 percent of the contribution amount of each person you bring. Thus, this will be your profit. In turn, those people should call into the pyramid of acquaintances and so on, and you will receive a certain share for this.

business on the Internet from scratch


If you look at the project as a whole, then your promisethey hold back. Yes, they teach their participants how to make money at home. And, we admit, some of it even, perhaps, it turns out. On the other hand, ABC Finance is a structure for laundering money and generating them from the management. After all, you do not earn by getting a share of your friends' contributions. You just redistribute the funds, giving a certain share to the top of the very "pyramid".

A beautiful site, videos with funattractive people on the screen saver and a lot of beautiful words about money, financial freedom, independence from work and investment - it's just a beautiful shell that exists to lure new members.

ABC Finance

So remember the main rule. First of all, before registering on sites like ABC Finance, you can find reviews of real people on the Internet and read. Only then will you understand what this or that structure really is. After writing on the site that this is a simple financial pyramid, any fraudster will sign a verdict. Consequently, no one will bring him a penny.

And, as we can see, the downsidemedal is that, painting beautiful words and pathos phrases, what many people dream about, you can lure naïve participants into your system, getting money from each of them.

Thus, it is obvious, and the organizersABC Finance. And, let's hope, the numbers of 10 thousand joined - this is false information, which is not true. Otherwise, it's a pity that there are so many naive people around us who are ready to earn in the same simple way.

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