Actor Wilson Richard and his work

Wilson Richard is an actor whose films, as well aswe will consider the biography further. He comes from Scotland, was born in 1936, on July 9, in Greenock. Also engaged in directing. Known for many roles, in particular, played Gaius in the film "Merlin".


actor wilson richardWilson Ian Colehauen was born in Scotland. Known under the pseudonym Wilson Richard. Served in the Royal Army in the ranks of the Medical Corps. At 27 years old he is fond of acting. He is trained in RADA. In 1994, Colhauen was awarded the honorary Order of the British Empire.

Creativity and personal life

a man who knew too littleActor Wilson Richard first learned the artreincarnation in childhood during the games with sister Moira. In them, children presented themselves as shop owners. At school, Wilson attended a drama club and went on stage in amateur theatrical performances. The debut performance took place in 11 years. Richard got a role in the play "The Princess and the Pea". In it, he played the king. Closedness and secrecy distinguish the actor today, but these qualities originated in him as a child.

He served as rector of the University of Glasgow. The actor actively supports the Labor Party.

TV series and cinema

wilson richard actor filmsActor Wilson Richard in 1965 played Aiana inthe film "Romeo and Juliet." Then he got the role of Mason in the picture. Finlay's Casebook, in 1967, starred as King in the film "Dangerous Man." He worked on Some Mothers Do "Ave" Em in 1973. In 1984, he appeared in the film "Sherlock Holmes" as Duncan Ross. In 1990, he played Victor Meldru in "One Foot in the Grave." Actor Wilson Richard starred in the role of Mr. McGregor in the film The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends in 1992. In 2005, he played Constantine in the film Doctor Who. role of Simeon's father in the film "Demons." In 2008, Gaius played in the series "Merlin".


In 1984 he worked on the tape "Trip to India". In 1987, he played in the movie "Point your ears". Actor Wilson Richard in 1989 starred in the role of Cloeth in the painting "Dry White Season". He played John Bristol in the film "How to succeed in advertising." In 1992 he worked on the picture "Columbus for work". In 1993 he starred in the film Soft Top Hard Shoulder as Uncle Salvotore. In 1997, the screen released the tape "A Man Who Knew Too Little", in which the actor played Sir Roger Duggenhurst. In 1999, starred in the role of Ronald in the film Women Talking Dirty.


The actor played in the famous painting "Dry whiteseason". The film takes place in 1976, when clashes occurred in South Africa. This was the time of apartheid, which lasted until 1994. The main character of the film Ben du Tua is a school teacher. A black gardener named Gordon tries to understand the reasons for the death of his son during the riots. He asks the main character for help in the investigation.

biography wilson

Ben, like the other South African whites, does notwants to participate in racial contradictions, tearing apart the country. He believes that Gordon's claims against the government are unfounded. However, everything changes. Ben personally sees the cruelty of his own race. Later, he finds in the morgue corpse Gordon, who was tortured by the secret police. After this, under mysterious circumstances, Emily dies. She was the wife of Gordon.

The actor also starred in the film "The Man Whoknew too little. " The plot of the picture tells of Wallace Richie, who goes to England to celebrate his birthday with his brother James. At the last business meeting, therefore it is necessary for him to find employment to own relative before the end of business dinner.

Wallace takes part in a special "Theater of Life". Here, each is promised the role of one of the characters in the crime drama. The problems begin. Wallace mistakenly receives a phone call, which was intended for the hired killer. As a result, he is mistaken for a spy. The protagonist gets involved in a dark conspiracy aimed at killing British and Russian representatives on the eve of the adoption of an important peace agreement between nations. Wallace sees everything as a mockery, but for people who want to unleash a new cold war, he is number one enemy.

The actor starred in the movie "A trip to India." The action of the picture takes place in the twenties of the XX century. The plot tells of a young Indian doctor who accompanies English tourists during a journey through the caves. One of the girls accuses the protagonist of the fact that he wanted to rape her. Doctors are arrested. Prove the innocence of the protagonist is very difficult. He is opposed by the entire colonial system of Britain. In it, the word of the native does not mean almost anything against the white man's statement.

The actor also worked on the film "How to succeed inadvertising ". The plot of the story tells about Denise Bagley. He is a successful employee of an advertising agency and is able to sell absolutely everything. An exception is a remedy for acne, advertising for which the protagonist can not create. He practically leads himself to a nervous breakdown and leaves the agency. After a day on his neck appears a huge boil.

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Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work Actor Wilson Richard and his work