Actress Elena Popova: biography and creativity

Elena Popova is an actress who feels equally comfortable on the stage and on the set. She was known and loved by the spectators of the Soviet years, they are valued now. Over the long years of serving the stage has received many awards in the professional field. In 1999, she was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia.

Elena Popova actress

In the service of art

Popova belongs to the category of actresses for whom the scene - and there is life. According to Elena, the actors are a special class of people. They are so involved in the role that they merge with their character. Viewers can not see the real features of the artist, as a person. Only very close people and relatives can know this.

First of all, actress Elena Popova is known for her work in the theater. She showed her talent in the following productions: “Boris Godunov”, “Deceit and Love”, “Our Town”, “The Kingdom of Beauty”. She was a performer of the roles of Marina Mniszek, Louise, Emily, Maureen Folan. The heroines in whom she reincarnated looked different: some were suffering, others were happy. They loved, sacrificed themselves and forgave.

The film works in which Elena Popova took part were quite popular. Many viewers have repeatedly watched the movies "Mousetrap", "Do not wake the sleeping dog", "The battalions are asking for fire." And in the film “No Other Desires,” published in 2006, Elena acted in the lead role.

Elena Popova biography


Elena Popova was born in Leningrad on 04.17.1956. Native dad died at a young age. Mother worked in the theater of Musical comedy as an actress corps de ballet. Later, she became the wife of Helena's godfather, who treated the girl like her own daughter. It was he who instilled a fidget enthusiastic and reverent attitude to art.

Elena really wanted to be a ballerina, but her mother was against such a difficult path for her daughter. After all, she was well acquainted with all the difficulties of ballet. Therefore, the mother told the girl that if she abandoned her dream, she would give her a puppy. I also promised to buy a ballpoint pen (at that time, such a simple thing was a rare rarity).


Rejecting the ballet, the girl could not abandon art in general. Her new dream was the theater. However, the path to the professional scene was not easy.Surprisingly, the future actress Elena Popova for two years tried unsuccessfully to go to study at LGITMiK named after Cherkasov.

However, these two years she did not mess around, and worked as a restorer in the library, continuing to prepare for new exams. Nevertheless, Lena entered the theatrical institute and graduated in 1979. While still a student of the last year, she began her work at the ABGT named after Tovstonogov, where she continues to work to this day.

movie mousetrap

The beginning of film career

In the movie, Popova started acting since 1971. The role of the episodic plan in the film “Day by Day” was the first step to the top. In 1974, Elena played the entrant in a documentary tape, but her name in the credits did not even flash.

In 1980, the young actress was offered the first major role in life. It was a short film titled Lilac Bush. And in 1982, Popova Elena was invited to the shooting of the television play "The Seller of Birds", based on the operetta of Karl Zeller. Elena had the lead role. She collaborated in this show with Gerdt Zinoviy.

Elena Popova personal life

Big cinema

Then Elena Popova’s filmography was replenished with a series of first-class works.The actress took part in the filming of the film epic "Battalions asking for fire" (1985). She had an interesting, albeit small role. Saninstruktor Shurochka was remembered by Soviet television viewers. Eminent filmmakers turned their gaze to the charismatic girl. Next, the girl was invited to the role of Nüsi in the military drama “Descended from Heaven”, where V. Glagoleva, A. Abdulov and other wonderful actors became her partners.

In 1990, director Samsonov began work on the creation of the film "Mousetrap" based on the work of A. Christie. Popova became the main performer. Then came the criminal comedy about the swindlers "Do not wake the sleeping dog" (1991), here Elena starred in the role of Ada.

Modern Repertoire

Actress Elena Popova continued to act after the independence of Russia. Among her works:

  • "Wood grouse" - a serial with a criminal theme, created on real facts of life.
  • "Without a return address" - thriller K. Khudyakov (1994-98 years).
  • In the “House of Hope” (2000) she collaborated with D. Nagiyev.
  • “No other desires” - drama.
  • “Gangster Petersburg” is a popular, captivating film epic with its plot.
  • “Uncle's Dream” - television performance (2011).

Elena Popova filmography

Theater - love for life

Elena was born and raised in Soviet times, observed the collapse of the USSR, saw various changes taking place in her native country. But whatever happened, she invariably served the arts, always doing the work she chose at the very beginning of her creative activity.

As a student, Elena began working at the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Gorky. Later it was renamed and received the name of “Tovstonogov State Academic Bolshoi Drama Theater”. The name has changed, but it is the same theater. The actress is faithful to him throughout life. Yes, she showed her excellent creative results in the movies. However, the theater is the main way Elena walked all her life, serving art and for the benefit of people. This scene is for her dear and familiar, never had the desire to replace it with something else.

Achievements and personal life

Elena Popova now lives in St. Petersburg. Hometown she loves no less than the theater. An adult son, having studied at the military medical academy, saves lives.

The talented actress - the owner of the medal "For Services to the Fatherland", was awarded the Highest Theater Award "Golden Sophit", was awarded the Golden Mask Award. There are other rewards.

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