Actress Yana Guryanova: biography and personal life

Guryanova Yana Anatolyevna is a young actress who was born on October 20, 1987 in the city of Kazan. The desire to become an actress came to the girl not immediately.

Guryanova Yana Anatolyevna

Childhood and adolescence of the actress

What did the six-year-old girl Guryanova Yana dream about? It's very simple, she wanted to become a famous ballerina and conquer Paris. It was at this age that the parents sent Jan to the ballet school. But it soon became clear that she would not achieve success in this type of activity. But Yana Guryanova was not taken aback and very quickly found a new hobby for herself - the girl became interested in music. For a while she studied guitar at a music school and was serious about a musical future. But after graduating from school, Guryanova Yana decided to enter not the musical, but the drama school of the city of Kazan. She studied at the school for two years, after which she went to Moscow, where she entered GITIS.

Movie and theater success

Yana Guryanova first appeared in the crowd of the film “Hipsters”. It was still in his student years.And after graduation, in 2010, the young actress began to actively attend various castings and tests. The first role of Yana was small, she received her in the TV series "Mother-in-law as a phenomenon." The first serious role of Yana Guryanova received in the TV series “Soldiers”, it was she who brought the actress success and fame. Since 2012, the young actress began working in another popular TV series - "Interns", where she got the role of a very peculiar and very straightforward student Polina, who was used to achieving her goal in any way possible.

Guryanova Yana

Yana Guryanova in life is completely different from her heroine, but this did not prevent her from playing this role superbly. Surprisingly, the actress had not watched this series before, and when she received an invitation to the tests, she consulted with her husband, who, on the contrary, enjoyed watching the Interns and approved Yana’s campaign for casting. Also, the actress starred in such films as "My Mad Family", "Eight", "Dad for Growth" and others. In 2015, she starred in the film "Dominica", where she received one of the main roles. Simultaneously with the shooting, Yana played a trainer in an eight-part project from Channel One.

In addition to her film roles, the young actress also plays in theater plays with pleasure. “Cinderella”, “The Legendary Figaro”, “Pushkin Evening” - all this is a small part of the performances in which Jan Guryanova played. The biography of this actress is very rich and interesting. The girl has a lot of fans who, admiring her amazing talent, create communities in social networks. They discuss her roles and even ask questions to a young actress who is happy to talk with her fans.

Personal life

Yana Guryanova is married to a financier named Alexander, they are raising a daughter, Sasha, who was born in 2013. It was the birth of her daughter that caused the departure of the actress from the TV series "Interns", because she began work when she was already pregnant. She had a long time to choose to work in this project or not, since the filming process is absolutely not normalized, and for a pregnant woman this can be a difficult ordeal. However, her husband Alexander supported Yana and approved her desire to play in this series. Later, the actress still had to leave the project, but some time after the birth of her daughter, she returned.

Yana Guryanova is a very versatile person, for example, she cannot imagine her life without sports and constantly deals with them in her free time. Apparently, therefore, the girl is in excellent physical shape.

Yana Guryanova

The young actress is quite open and sociable, she is happy to give interviews to representatives of print and online publications, where she willingly answers questions of all kinds. These questions mainly concern Yana’s participation in the Internes project. Also, the girl is quite photogenic, many of her photos adorn the pages of online publications and delight fans.

Yana Guryanov biography

Instead of conclusion

Yana Guryanova is a really talented actress who skillfully plays her roles, perfectly conveys the character of the character, and she rightfully takes her place among famous and famous artists. Let's hope that in the future she will find a huge number of new interesting roles, fulfilling which, she will delight and amaze her fans.

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