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Adler hotels can be any: starting from budget mini-hotels, ending with five-star complexes with luxurious service and stunning decor. In general, for every taste and color. Which option to choose is already a decision individually for everyone.

Adler hotels

One of the best

So, you should pay attention to this type of accommodation, as the hotel Citrus. This is one of the best complexes that Adler has. Hotels by the sea are popular among visitors, and now Citrus is one of them - only three hundred meters from the beach. It is worth noting that, in principle, this hotel meets all the criteria that every decent complex must meet. The rooms in this hotel are completely soundproofed, which provides undoubtedly comfortable accommodation.There is an outdoor pool on site, as well as a sun terrace where guests can enjoy the sun.

Adler hotels with a swimming pool

Rooms and Accommodation

Adler hotels with a beach will bring all the pleasure only if it is a pleasure to be in the hotel itself. For this, the rooms should be equipped with everything that is needed for a full life and rest. All air-conditioned apartments at the Citrus Hotel feature a plasma-screen flat-screen TV, complimentary toiletries and toiletries. The hotel also has a private bathroom + shower. Standard room, equipped with various amenities, upholstered furniture, for two people will cost about 22,000 rubles - and this is a week! Guests are offered a mass of services that will help make the holiday unforgettable. Naturally, wireless wifi, free parking. At the request of the client in the room deliver food and drinks, besides free transfer is offered. Sochi is a big city, it’s difficult to navigate, especially non-local. Guests are registered by the accelerated procedure, since you need to relax from the road and do not want to waste your time on passing all these tedious procedures.The hotel can rightly be considered one of the best in Adler, because it offers everything that the guests may or may not need: concierge services, dry cleaning, laundry, ironing, shoe shine, photocopying, fax and much more.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and other services

Looking at hotels in Adler, most tourists pay attention to food services. At Citrus, the administration takes care of its guests by offering them a varied menu. A delicious dinner will be served in the hotel’s own restaurant. If anything, five minutes from the hotel there are lots of other restaurants that serve Italian as well as European cuisine. More tourists are invited to a bar with a diverse assortment of drinks - both intoxicating and non-alcoholic. Breakfast is served in the room. The restaurant, by the way, can serve customers in two modes - “buffet” and by individual order. Guests can order something from the menu provided. In short, the hungry stay here will not work. The food is always fresh, tasty and fragrant, the best chefs of the city prepare for the guests. But not only food-related services are top notch.Visitors are offered fresh newspapers with delivery, a personal safe, heating, air conditioning and special places for smokers. Apartments for people who do not smoke are also offered in the same way. The most diverse guests come to the hotel, and for all the administration offers special services. For example, in the hotel there are rooms designed for guests with disabilities. In general, everything testifies to the high level of the hotel: both the description and the reviews, which once again confirm that everything written is true.

Adler hotels by the sea

Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi

Richly decorated hotels with excellent staff - something that Sochi can fully boast. Adler hotels offer a variety of, and, continuing the theme of rich complexes, it should be noted attention Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi. This is really a place where you can fully relax. Adler offers the opportunity to fully experience the high quality of service offered by one of the best hotels. All-inclusive hotels are known to be famous for a variety of services. Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi refers to such. Guests can visit the SPA center, enjoy the sauna, swim in the outdoor or indoor pools, go to the bath or treat yourself to delights in the restaurants located right on the territory of the hotel.

Luxury apartments

It is in this phrase that you can describe the rooms offered by the complex, which boldly enters the top three of the rating “the best hotels of Adler with the beach”. The spacious apartments are decorated in a modern style that will appeal to lovers of aesthetics. Each room has free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, electronic safe, mini bar, air conditioning, shower, bathtub and even tea accessories. For two weeks in such a luxurious room with comfortable furniture and all the necessary equipment will cost only 33 thousand rubles. For the rest, which will remain in memory for a long time, this is not a big price. Moreover, it is the best value that can be. This was repeatedly confirmed by reviews of experienced guests. By the way, what shows all the pros and cons regarding a topic like Adler hotels? Reviews After reading them, you can make a definite impression regarding a particular accommodation option. So, many people save themselves from bad and untested hotels. As they say, we must learn from the mistakes of others. Other people's comments help.

hotels adler reviews

Services and service

It is necessary to provide their guests with everything they need when they rent a room in one of the hotels in the city (Adler).All-inclusive hotels follow this principle without fail, and the Radisson Blu Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi is in no way inferior to other hotels. In the open air, guests can enjoy a barbecue, sunbathe on the special terrace, relax in the garden, or sit on the balcony and enjoy the views. Sports enthusiasts will love this place, since the hotel has a tennis court, a fitness center, and everything you need to practice any kind of water sports. It even offers rental bikes. Lovers of relaxation will appreciate the Turkish bath, massage and the above-mentioned services of the SPA-salon. A bar with a wide alcohol menu, breakfast in the room, varied food in the restaurant, dietary meals on an individual request, a snack bar - this and much more is offered by the Radisson Blu Paradise Resort complex than many other Adler hotels cannot provide for their guests.

Accommodation features

Guests can enjoy drinks and food in the room, and packed lunches are available. By the way, if a person is used to moving by car, then he should pay attention to such a service as car rental.The hotel administration understands that it is not always easy for a person to navigate in a city in which he had never been before. So transfer services are also provided. The complex has everything: from a business center and a conference hall to VIP-services, the presence of souvenir shops and a trouser press. That is, if you summarize - everything is for a good life. Many come here with their children, because in this place the services of professional nannies-teachers are offered who will take care of the child while his parents relax and have fun. Children, by the way, accommodation is provided free of charge if they are less than 12 years old. If more, then you need to pay 2,000 rubles per night. Everything indicates a high level of the hotel. You can even live in it with your animals (only this service should be discussed in advance). Definitely, this place belongs to the category “the best hotels of Adler”. The reviews confirm this - the guests who managed to come here are happy to comment on everything: from delicious food to the high level of the staff that serves the guests.

Sochi Adler Hotels

Holidays by the sea

Attention should be paid to another option of accommodation, which many choose when they come to Adler. Hotel “Resort Town” is its name.This is a whole hotel complex located almost on the seashore. 300 meters separates the hotel from the famous “Adlerkurort”, where most of Sochi tourists go. This is a spa resort, the largest association in Russia, which offers its guests all the pleasures of a maritime, beach and cultural holiday. But now is not about that. Next to the "resort town" is a spacious clean beach, as well as plenty of entertainment: bars, cafes, nightclubs, restaurants, a swimming pool, a water park with the beautiful name "Amfibius", sports grounds, and much more that will make the holiday unforgettable. Despite the fact that the hotel was built in 2007, it can be safely ranked as “the best hotels of Adler”. At least, tourists say that way.

Life in the “Resort Town”

Each room of the complex is equipped with everything you need for a good rest. Comfortable, expensive furniture - the first thing to be noted. In general, all hotels in Adler with a pool and at least three stars are required to meet this criterion. Indeed, during sleep, a person regains his strength, and the body can rest only if the person is relaxed with his whole body, for what,Of course, we need comfortable beds. So, in the rooms of the “Resort Town” there are both double and single beds. All apartments have a separate bathroom, LCD TV with digital TV, refrigerator, split system and air conditioning. In such rooms, the rest will really be complete, even if a person just wants to stay in a hotel some day and not go to Adler. Hotels by the sea have always attracted tourists, and the “Resort Town” is one of the most famous. From its windows offers a stunning view of the mountains or the sea, which pleases the eye of every visitor.

adler hotels with beach

Catering and other services

All hotels in Adler, which are recognized by tourists, provide guests with excellent breakfasts, lunches, dinners and other treats. In the “Resort Town” everyone can choose their own type of food: 1, 2 or 3 meals a day. Buffet service is also available. Next to the complex is a dining room, where they also cook well. But nobody can compare with the chefs of the hotel restaurant. And a day for such treats a person is charged only 500 rubles. By the way, if we talk about additional services, it should be noted that such an interesting action: if a person orders accommodation for ten days or more, then he will be met by car upon arrival.Such attention can not but rejoice.

A budget option

Adler's mini-hotels will be an excellent option for people who do not need elegant accommodation, high-class service and treats from chefs. Take for example “Ekaterininsky quarter” - the cost of a weekly stay in a room is 8,400 rubles. This is the best price budget vacation in the city of Sochi. In addition, the hotel has a very advantageous location - the airport is located nearby, a little further away - the Olympic Stadium, the park, the Ice Palace. In general, all the Olympic attractions.

Sun Sea Beach

Adler hotels with a swimming pool, of course, attract the attention of tourists, but the hotels that are close to the beach are much better. Here “Ekaterininsky quarter” is one of those. It is necessary to pass 100 meters - and already the sea. This is a huge plus, and it undoubtedly affects the decision-making of potential guests regarding their future temporary residence. Next to that there is a restaurant where you can taste dishes from different cuisines. By the way, the hotel has wireless Internet, of course, free. Additional services: educated staff speaking different languages, fitness center, transfer, parking.

adler hotels all inclusive

Rooms and amenities

The hotel has 1441 rooms, so there will be no problems with the accommodation. Everyone can choose apartments to taste. All are neatly decorated with taste. By the way, this hotel is non-smoking, so that unpleasant odors on its territory can not be expected. All apartments have bottled water, toiletries and a hairdryer. Satellite TVs are also available. Bathrooms are clean, with towels and other personal care items. Many before booking a room, study hotel ratings and reviews. Guest house “Raphael” is considered one of the best options in terms of price and quality - this is the opinion of the guests. They note the attentive attitude of the staff, good food and the overall atmosphere. Next is the hotel “Prestige” - tourists like the most that it is located 30 meters from the beach! And on the third - mini-hotel “Orchid”. Guests note low prices and, despite this, a cozy atmosphere and the availability of all necessary for a comfortable life. In general, in Adler there are accommodation options for every taste, color and wallet - everything depends directly on the desires and needs of the person.

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