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Alexander Blok is a famous Russian writer, poet, critic, essayist and playwright. Many admire his works. Artists who later painted portraits of their idol are also among the fans of Blok’s work. An interesting fact is that Blok's images were completely different for different artists, but the most accurate, according to most, is the portrait of Somov.

Portrait of Somov

Portrait of Blok

Under the white marble look of androgyne

He would be a joy, but someone's old dream.

His poems are burning - in the dahlia's sun,

They are burning, but the cold has not suffered tears.

The lines from the poem “To the Portrait of A. A. Blok”, which was written by Innokentiy Annensky, are a direct appeal of the poet not only to Blok himself, but also to his image. Thanks to these words, Somov was able to depict the portrait of Blok on canvas. The picture made in cold tones conveys the general impression of contemporaries about the poet A. A. Blok.

Block's first impression of the portrait was positive. He liked him.But later the opinion changed. The portrait of Blok, in the opinion of the most depicted poet, was not at all like. But, despite this, this canvas, made by Somov, is to this day a double of the poet: contemporaries, memoirists, and biographers associate Blok with this very reproduction.

Portrait of Annenkov Block

Portrait block pencil

Another well-known portrait is the work of Yuri Annenkov in pencil, which became an illustration of the book "The Twelve". Yuri Annenkov is a cult artist who, for the heroes of his works, chose significant figures of the Silver Age. Speaking of Blok, Annenkov noted loyalty, openness and directness of the poet, and considered friendship to be charming, despite the short period of 2 years.

Death Block

Death Block

Annenkov, being a good friend of Blok, wrote his posthumous portrait. How did this happen? The portrait was painted in the apartment of Blok, which was located on the Officers' Street. The death of the great poet was an extraordinary change for the avant-gardists, and Zamyatin noted that the posthumous portrait depicted not Blok, but death as a whole. With the departure of the poet ended a whole era in Russian culture.

Modern portraits of Blok

Death claimed the human face of the poet, but not his work, which is part of Russian culture and memory of him. And in the modern world there are fans of the writer Blok, and some of them even put his portrait on his body through tattoos.

Tattoo Block

Only the most devoted fans of Blok's work can make a similar tattoo on the body, which proves the eternity of art, the founder of which was Alexander Blok, whose portraits and photos are used for sketches. The ideas and thoughts of the poet, expressed almost a century ago, remain relevant today.

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