Alexander Pushkin, the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila": a summary

The main idea and essence of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" lies in the fact that with the help of love you can defeat any evil, therefore Ruslan defeated all obstacles, saved Lyudmila and his native land.

The poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" begins with a dedication to the ladies, in which Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin expresses the hope that the poem will be read by them. This is followed by the fabulous beginnings of "Green Oak at Lukomorya ..."

summary of the poem ruslan and lyudmila

Wedding feast

This event is about Song 1. We’ll start with a brief description of it. The plot of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" begins with a feast in Kiev. Here the main characters appear for the first time Prince Vladimir the Sun, whose name reminds of the famous Vladimir the Red Sun, betrayed his youngest daughter Lyudmila for the brave Prince Ruslan. At the feast there were also three rivals of the young spouse, who had previously claimed the hand of Lyudmila, Rogdai, Farlaf and Ratmir.

Abduction of Lyudmila

Night came, and the newlyweds gathered to retire.But as soon as they lay down on the marriage bed, a mysterious voice rang out, and Lyudmila was kidnapped by an unknown sorcerer.

summary of the poem Pushkin Ruslan and Lyudmila

Upon learning of what had happened, the prince-father invited the recent guests of the wedding feast. Vladimir was angry at Ruslana because of the fact that he did not protect his daughter, and therefore he swore to give Lyudmila a wife to anyone who could save her. The young husband and his three rivals went to look for the princess. At first they moved in one direction along the bank of the Dnieper, but by the end of the day they set off on different sides.

Meeting with the hermit

Ruslan, left alone, soon met a cave. An old hermit lived there. He revealed to the hero that Lyudmila was abducted by a formidable sorcerer - Chernomor, the ruler of the Midnight Mountains. Due to his old age, he could not take power by hands of Lyudmila, but he still held her captive. The elder also said that Ruslan will defeat the evil wizard, although it will not be easy.

The story of the hermit

Even citing the very brief content of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila", it is worth mentioning some of the supporting characters. The hermit told Ruslan about his life. In his youth, he was a Finnish shepherd and passionately loved the beautiful neighbor Nainu.But she was too proud and rejected the mere shepherd. A hot young man gathered a squad of brave young men and for ten years earned the glory of a warrior in raids on neighboring countries. But when he returned to Nain with rich gifts, crowned with military glory, she again rejected him. Then he retired to the forest jungle, where he studied magic, dreaming with its help to achieve the heart of an impregnable beauty.

So four decades have passed. When he finally cast a spell and Naina appeared to him, he was horrified - she became old and ugly. Now Naina could answer him with love, but he no longer wanted it. Then she, offended, vowed to take revenge on a former fan. It turned out that all these years Naina also studied witchcraft science, because, as the elder said, she already knows about his meeting with Ruslan, and that is in danger from an angry sorceress.

plot of the poem ruslan and lyudmila summary

Opponent plans

The summary of Pushkin's poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" has the same division into chapters as the full version. Canto 2 narrates the following events.

Rogda, having not forgiven Ruslan for good luck in love affairs, decided to kill him, but turning back, he met only Farlaf, who had dinner in the field.He was not distinguished by his bravery and, seeing that Rogdai was taking him for Ruslan, he wanted to run away as soon as possible. However, jumping over a ravine, fell from a horse. Rogdai drew his sword to deal with the hated rival, but saw that it was not Ruslan, turned around and left.

Naina's appearance

Nearby, Rogdai met a hunchbacked old woman (in fact, it was the enchantress Naina), who showed him the direction in which to look for Ruslana. Then Naina appeared to Farlaf, advising him to abandon the search for Lyudmila and retire to his Kiev estate.

Lyudmila at Chernomor

And the following happened with Lyudmila. After Chernomor took her from the marriage bed to her castle, she came to her senses only in the morning, in a richly decorated room. Maids respectfully dressed her in a beautiful sundress, belted with pearls.

But Lyudmila was not pleased with the surrounding luxury. She missed Ruslan and her home. Chernomor had a beautiful large garden, fragrant with overseas flowers, where she could walk, and there she even had an idea to commit suicide by throwing herself from the bridge between the rocks.

Everything in this place was magical - it was enough for the girl to sit on the grass, as lunch miraculously arose in front of her.And at nightfall, an unknown force moved Lyudmila back to the palace, where the maids prepared her bedchamber. When the princess was about to sleep, suddenly the door opened and Chernomore's beard entered the room - a long row of slaves carried her in front of the sorcerer.

very brief content of the poem ruslan and lyudmila

A sorcerer himself appeared behind the beard, a disgusting dwarf. Lyudmila screamed in horror, threw off her cap and wanted to strike. From her screaming, the arap slaves were gone, and Chernomor wanted to run away, but got entangled in his own beard and fell to the ground.

And Ruslan continued his way at that time. Suddenly, from behind his back, there was a cry: “Stop!” Ruslan saw that Rogday was approaching. They fought for a long time, but in the end Ruslan managed to throw an opponent off his horse and threw him into the Dnieper. According to rumors, Rogdai got to the mermaid, and his ghost wandered around the coast for a long time at night.

The secret of the magician

In the morning, after an inglorious escape from Lyudmila, Chernomor met with Naina, who flew in the form of a flying kite. Turning around as a woman, she made a proposal for an alliance against Ruslan and the hermit. Chernomor readily agreed, telling Nain the secret of his invincibility. It was possible to kill him only by cutting his beard.

These events are narrated in Song 3 of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila". In the summary of this part of the work we will tell about the subsequent adventures of the heroes.

The Disappearance of Lyudmila

After Naina flew away, Chernomor again visited the captive princess, but it turned out that she had disappeared. The magician sent slaves to find her. But where could Ludmila really go to? And she, having become dressed in the morning, saw the cap of Chernomor lying on the floor. Trying it backwards, the girl discovered that she had become invisible. So it turned out that the cap is actually an invisible hat.

After the victory over Rogda, Ruslan rode ahead and soon saw a field covered with the remains of the dead and weapons. There, he picked up a replacement for his armor and shield, which became useless after a fight with an opponent. Only the new hero did not find the hero.

Monstrous head

Having passed further, he from a distance noticed a mountain that seemed alive. Near the hero was surprised to see a huge sleeping head. Ruslan tickled her nose with a spear, and Head sneezed so hard that she almost blew off the bogatyr from his horse. Angry at the person who woke her up, the Head began to blow on him with all his might, and Ruslana was blown into the field by the wind.The hero collected all the forces and rushed to the Head, pierced her tongue with a spear and hit the cheek so that it rolled away to the side. It turns out that under it lay the sword. Ruslan took it and wanted to cut off his head with a nose and ears, but she pleaded for mercy and told about herself.

Once it was the head of a valiant warrior. For fame and courage he was hated by the evil younger brother, Chernomor, who owned witchcraft and had a magical beard, which made him invulnerable. Once an insidious sorcerer told his elder brother about the sword, which, as it is written in books, is safely kept in the far side. Chernomor persuaded his brother that this sword brings death to both of them, so you need to get it in any way.

ruslan and lyudmila poem

Glorious warrior believed his younger brother and went on the road. Chernomor sat on his shoulder, pointing the way. The sword was finally found, and there was a dispute as to whom it should belong. Chernomor went for a ruse, having offered the two of them to lie down on the ground and listen - a ringing would be heard from it, and the first who heard it would become the owner of the sword. The naive older brother agreed, but as soon as he lay down on the ground, Chernomor stripped his head. Much time passed and the warrior's body decayed, but with the help of magic, Chernomor made his head immortal and set to guard a wonderful sword.

After the story, the Head asked Ruslan to take revenge on Chernomor. To help in this was the sword.

Adventures of Ratmir

The summary of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" by Pushkin continues Song 4.

The third opponent of Ruslana Ratmir was jumping to the south. Suddenly he was met by a palace, on the wall of which was a maiden inviting travelers. When Ratmir arrived at the gate, he was met by a crowd of girls. They undressed him, took him to the bathhouse and fed him. With one of the girls Ratmir stayed overnight.

And Ruslan tirelessly moved to the north, looking for his beloved. On the way he came across warriors and monsters with whom he had to fight.

Cheating Lyudmila

Ludmila, meanwhile, wandered invisible through the gardens and palaces of Chernomor. Sometimes she would take off her magic hat, teasing the sorcerer's servants who were looking for her. But when they tried to catch her, she instantly disappeared. Chernomor, in anger and annoyance, nevertheless thought of a way to catch the girl. He turned Ruslan, who received a wound, and began to plaintively call the princess. Lyudmila, of course, rushed into his arms, but suddenly she saw that it was not her husband before her, but a hated kidnapper. The girl tried to escape, but Chernomor brought her a deep sleep.And at that moment, near the sound of a horn, Ruslan reached the villain's lands.


In the summary of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila", as in the original, the plot reaches its peak in Song 5.

Ruslan summoned Chernomor to fight. Suddenly, a sorcerer attacked a warrior from the air and began to beat him. Ruslan cleverly knocked down the wizard and grabbed the beard. Trying to free himself, Chernomor rushed into the air. Ruslan also hung on a magic beard and did not disengage.

Pushkin's poem ruslan and lyudmila

Their flight lasted for three days, and the magician began to tire. No matter how he tried to confuse Ruslan with false speeches, he did not succumb and forced to carry himself to his spouse. When Chernomor descended in his garden, Ruslan immediately cut off his magic beard. But where is Lyudmila? Knight began to look for his beloved, crushing everything around. By chance, he touched a magic hat on Lyudmila’s head and saw his wife sleeping awake.

Picking up his beloved and thrusting the sorcerer into a knapsack, Ruslan went back. Driving familiar places, he again met the head. She, having learned about the vengeance, tried at last to express to her brother the anger that was tormenting her and died.

Soon Ruslan was met by a secluded poor house near an unknown river. There the beauty was waiting for her husband.He turned out to be a fisherman, and when he landed on the shore, Ruslan recognized him as Ratmir. Although he was a Khazar Khan, still for the sake of love, he refused loud fame, wealth and even twelve beautiful girls he met on the way. The men embraced and talked in a friendly way; Ratmir no longer thought about Lyudmila.

Death of Ruslana

And the evil sorceress Naina found Farlaf, who lived in the wilderness, and led him to the valley, where the tired Ruslan slept next to Lyudmila. Tom had a bad dream in which Farlaf and Lyudmila appeared at Vladimir's feast.

The real Farlaf rode up to Ruslan on a horse and three times pierced him with a sword, grabbed the sleeping Lyudmila and left. Ruslan spent the night unconscious, and in the morning, trying to get up, fell down dead.

Return to Kiev

The summary of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila" comes to the final. Canto 6 describes the following events.

Farlaf brought Lyudmila to Kiev. Her father met them and saw that his daughter was sleeping soundly. Farlaf swore that he himself had conquered it from the devil from the Murom forests.

Kievans constantly went to look at the sleeping princess. No matter how they tried to wake her up with loud sounds and music, nothing helped. Vladimir grieved.And in the morning a new misfortune happened - the city was besieged by the Pechenegs.

A friend of Ruslan, a hermit-magician, already knew what had happened. With the help of witchcraft, he was near magical streams, one of which was with the dead, and the other with living water. The elder filled the jugs, read the spellcasting spell, transferred to Ruslan and revived him with wonderful waters. Saying goodbye forever, the wizard gave Ruslan a ring that will help wake Lyudmila.

heroes of the poem ruslan and lyudmila

The happy end of the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila"

Kiev residents watched in horror as the enemies besieged the city. Princely warriors could not drive away the Pechenegs. But the next day, the people of Kiev woke up an incomprehensible noise - this is an unknown warrior who was hacking foreigners. Broken Pechenegs fled. A jubilant Kiev met a hero who was Ruslan. He hurried to the princely chamber. Touching a magic ring to Lyudmila’s face, Ruslan woke her up. The happy prince Vladimir ordered the marriage of the heroes of the poem Ruslan and Lyudmila to be re-arranged. Farlaf, who had obeyed, was forgiven, and Chernomor, who had lost his magical power, was taken to serve the prince.

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