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Once, his son, the actor Oleg Dal, presented a photo with an inscription on the back: "Your dad is also a very good actor."

The secret of his acting charm was tried to comprehend many directors. Obviously, Mark Zakharov approached the closest of all. He expressed himself ingeniously and extremely figuratively that the People’s Artist of the RSFSR Alexander Shirvindt is, in essence, not an actor, Shirvindt is a delicate and filigree profession in the theater, accessible only to one person in the world.

As Julius Guzman said about him: “What Alexander Shirvindt does to the audience is beyond description! Perhaps there is no longer a person in the world who, having come out in front of the public, will tell her disgust, and she will rejoice and clap her hands. He owns improvisation magic. ”


A native Muscovite, whose family along with six more families lived on Skatertny Lane in a nine-room communal apartment, as a child he went through the hardships of evacuation.Since then, he hates the smell of garlic, which is a black mark insinuated in his childhood memory.

childhood years shirvindt alexander

In those distant 50s, at the behest of their parents, Shuru tried to teach ballroom dancing and playing the violin. He liked dancing, but he was kicked out of the music school after the 5th grade, explaining to his father: “We can no longer teach Anatoly Gustafovich!” Junior Shirvindt at the exam could not name two musical keys.

The biography of Alexander Shirvindt since childhood is rich in communication with wonderful people. His mother was the editor of the philharmonic society, she was respected, she supervised and raised many famous artists. Such celebrities as Flier, Kachalov, Plyatt, Utesov, R. Zelenaya were entered into the house of the parents of the Shura.


The future actor received his education in the elite Moscow 110th school, where the children of the “leaders” studied. The chairman of the parent committee of the school was the wife of S. M. Budenny.

The hilarious fellow, nicknamed Shirva, was a legend in this school; he was known as a notebook humorist. The young man was not burdened with his studies, his main concern was to keep the reputation of the first joker. Even if the trick causing laughter was punishable, Shura went for it. For example, once, when a very strict physical education teacher forced the class to appear for classes in shorts and T-shirts, Shirva appeared in pantaloons and a nightie of his grandmother.He simply could not do otherwise, losing his face.

He could not be expelled because of his mother, Raisa Samoilovna. Let's explain why. In all schools at that time there were evenings: New Year's, on the day of the Paris Commune, on Lenin's birthday, etc. Mama Shura attracted such artists to them that concerts in the 110th school were obtained at the level of government in the Hall of Columns. Real stars appeared in front of the children: Obukhova, I. Andronikov.

Characterizing the school knowledge, the actor speaks about "the level of under-education". In his words, only in the examination for the certificate of maturity, he learned that, as it turned out, there are two chemistry: organic and inorganic.

Graduate of the Shchukin School

Getting into a theatrical university, young people are immersed in a new world for themselves, which has its own special values ​​and traditions. If a thirsty person to join the art of a person comes to study with due awe and zeal, his personality will certainly change, he will “get sick with theater”.

Biography of Alexander Shirvindt in the student period is very different from his school years. In 1952 he entered the Shchukin School for the course of V. K. Lvova. Here his talent is fully manifested.He comprehended the art of acting eagerly, deeply, interestedly, sparing no time. Teachers set it as an example. "Pike" Shirvindt graduated with honors.

Work in theaters and cinema

In 1956, Shirvindt was accepted into the Movie Actor Theater. In 1957, he starred in the film "She loves you." For the funds from the received fee, the young artist bought himself a “Victory” car.

Shirvindt Alexander

From 1957 to 1968, Alexander Anatolyevich worked in the Lenkom Theater, where he played about 30 roles. The audience warmly greeted his roles in the performances staged by Sophia Hyacinth and Serafima Birman: “First Horse”, “Suitcase with stickers”, “Comrades of Romance”, “You are 22, Old Men”, “Wheel of Happiness”, “Goodbye, Boys!” , "Saint John".

However, Shirvindt's acting talent acquired the features of maturity in Lenkom, led by A. Efros: the roles of Trigorin in Chekhov's The Seagull, Louis in Bulgakov's Moliere, roles in the productions of “Making a Movie”, “To Each His Own”, “104 Pages love".

From 1968 to 1970, Alexander Anatolyevich played at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya in the performances of Romeo and Juliet, The Happy Days of an Unlucky Man.

From 1970 to the present, A. Shirvindt works at the Theater of Satire, where Andrei Mironov and Mikhail Derzhavin played.He played in the performances: "The Inspector", "Guriy L. Sinichkin", "The Ordinary Miracle", "The Bug", "A Tablet Under the Tongue", "Lucky Neschastltsev", "Andryusha", "The Three Hole Opera".

Alexander Anatolyevich began directing immediately after his arrival at the Theater of Satire. His first work, created jointly with Mark Zakharov, was the play "Wake up and Sing!". In total, Shirvindt put on stage 10 performances.

Master skitters

In Soviet times, when the Iron Curtain existed, in Moscow there were original professional institutions for the creative intelligentsia: the House of Writers, the House of Writers, the House of Actors. They were headed by a wonderful actor Mikhail Zharov. They were periodically organized skits - humorous evenings, at which young actors could “let off steam” and allow themselves jokes forbidden by censorship. Power looked at this through their fingers. Young punks, as Shirvindt called his peers-actors, allowed herself anything. Plyatt, Ranevskaya, Yanshin came to these evenings with pleasure, giving them status.

The soul of these ideas and their organizer was Shirvindt.When the next day after the skit leader, Zharov was summoned to the supervisory authorities, he, a brilliant actor, played out complete despair, exclaiming: “You have no idea how grateful I am to you! Help me cope with this punks! ”On this line, everything ended, and the accusers began to regret Zharov.

Artistic director

I just played in the theater, I was friends with the actors I admired with the game, and Alexander Shirvindt did not try to make a theater career at all. A photo of him with former artistic director Pluchek, shot in a friendly atmosphere, explains a lot. Valentin Nikolaevich, as he evidently saw in the talented actor, absolutely and organically perceiving the traditions of the Moscow Theater of Satire, his successor. As Shirvindt recalls, Pluchek showed all his talent for persuasion in order to persuade him, who initially did not want this position, to take it.

Shirvindt Alexander photo

The result was a leader-leader, whom the actors respect and love. People's Artist of the USSR Vera Vasilyeva, who plays there, responds that subordinates have never heard from Alexander Anatolyevich of an overbearing tone.At the same time, his recommendations, spoken in a low voice, are surely followed.

Traditions and friends are unchanged.

It is absolutely natural that Alexander Shirvindt began to lead his deeply beloved theater. His personal life and theatrical organically linked and inseparable. It should be particularly noted that Shirvindt, having just entered the “Pike”, became his own in the theatrical world. Colleagues respected and loved him.

There are legends about the ability of Alexander Anatolyevich to be friends. Their friendship with Mikhail Derzhavin, which was cut short by the death of the latter, lasted 72 years! Ten-year-old Shura and eight-year-old Misha went through life with one acting trail, trusting and supporting each other. Unlike the first, Shirvindt’s friendship with Arkady Arkanov once had a timeout: Arkan did not speak with Shirva for more than a year. It happened in the 70s, when the hero of our story suddenly changed their total bet of 26 thousand rubles for a horse on the run at the hippodrome. As a result, it turned out that their initial bid was happy. Of course, my friends later reconciled and later recalled the story with laughter.

shirvindt alexander movies

Biography of Alexander Shirvindt as a theater teacher began more than 60 years ago.He began teaching acting at the Schukin School since 1957. It is noteworthy that all those who passed his school saw the Masters in him. His authority was recognized even by the most talented. Among his more than two and a half thousand students were both Natalya Gundareva, and Andrei Mironov, and Alexander Anatolyevich personally gave them performances at the final exam. Leonid Yarmolnik, his student, speaks of him as a teacher who has given many people an attitude towards life and a profession. The people he teaches speak about the accuracy of their vision of the most complex images, about the phenomenal patience with which Shirvindt seeks the desired quality of play from his students.

Roles of shirvindt

Alexander Anatolyevich as an actor has a rare gift - to seize the entire hall with his energy. Among the many of his bright acting work we single out only one. He is still considered to be the unsurpassed performer of the role of Count Almaviva in The Marriage of Figaro. The spectator often goes not to the performance, but “to Shirvindt”, and it is worth a lot.

Shirvindt Alexander remembered spectators with bright, characteristic, though small cinematic roles. The films “Irony of Fate”, where he played Pavlik, the friend of the main character, “The Most Charming and Attractive”, in which Shirvindt presented the image of Arkady, are always loved by the people.Inimitable actor also entered the role of the lead from the painting "Winter Cherry".


Talented, like everything he does, he also appeared as a writer. Books by Alexander Shirvindt: "In between", "Sclerosis, scattered throughout life", "Passing yards biography", "Schirwindt, wiped off the face of the earth", "Past without thoughts" are bright, imaginative and in demand from readers. They are written easily and confidentially. Read the writings of Alexander Anatolyevich really funny. The author is boring and with his characteristic charm tells about the life of Moscow intellectual and actor rich in bright events.

alexander shirwindt family

Respect for his devotion to art, theater and, of course, an unsurpassed sense of humor. Biography of Alexander Shirvindt due to his enduring sense of humor is painted in bright colors even in unpleasant moments. It is enough just to remember the episode when answering the wife’s question: “Either I, or the theater?” - Alexander Anatolyevich answered inimitably: “Actually, you both are tired of me!”

It should also be added that thanks to the pen of Shirvindt, we have the opportunity not only to enjoy theatrical tales, but also to once again recall wonderful personalities: A. Efros, A.Mironov, V. Pluchek, M. Derzhavin.

A family

In his personal affections, he is unusually stable. The family of Alexander Shirvindt is holy.

It so happened that the young handsome actor, who looked at the girls, married early and forever. It was true love - country parties, bonfire companies, romance of the 50s. This marriage is now 68 years old.

shirvindt alexander books

Shirvindt’s wife Alexandra Natalya Belousova is an architect by training. She was known and valued among specialists during her work. The designs of its buildings, which adorn the urban environment, are successfully implemented. She comes from an old Russian noble noble family. So in the Shirvindt family, it turned out that both spouses coexisted in different, close for themselves creativity. Alexander Anatolyevich considers such an alignment to be wonderful, much better than when his wife loses her individuality and dissolves into the personality of her husband.

Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren

The children of Alexander Shirvindt are his son Michael. During his school years, he surpassed his father in his unwillingness to study. Alexander Anatolyevich recalls the “three secondary education of the son,” that he was twice expelled from school.But as a result, "Shirvindtovskaya genetics" still prevailed, and the son took place as a showman and as a restaurateur. The Shirvind family is also a hereditary feeling. It is nice to see how Mikhail is now taking care of his father. This is just coming to visit, and, in the end, the conviction - to stop smoking a pipe.

Despite the fact that AlexanderShirvindt wanted a daughter more than a son, this did not prevent him from becoming a loving and caring father and grandfather. His grandchildren love Andrew and Alexander, named after his grandfather.

Unplayed Ostap

The whole theatrical world has been discussing the paradox for more than a dozen years: Bender in the film by Mark Zakharov was played by Andrei Mironov, while the real Ostap, as they say, in life was Shirvindt, who had only the one-eyed amateur chess player in the film.

daughter of alexander shirvindt

Zakharov said the leading actor: “You don’t need to invent anything. Show Shirvindt's glance! ”And Andrei Mironov really played the role with the dull gleam of Alexander Anatolyevich’s eyes and his pipe.

Shirvindt about traditional theater

The creative biography of Alexander Shirvindt began in a close circle of the older generation of great actors, sincerely and immutably devoted to their profession: Zharova, Gribov, Yanshin, Angelina Stepanova.Then in Moscow there were only 19 theaters. The master insists that the classical Russian repertory theater is the basis of world theater. After all, if we take, for example, the modern classical American theater, then they refer to Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Tairov.


Now in Moscow there are 200 theaters. Alexander Anatolyevich complains that now absurd statements are frequent, they say, the repertory theater has outlived its own. “Taste,” says Shirvindt, “is the worst thing. There is no such thing - collective intelligence. We have already passed. Mind is an individual concept. It can not be dumped in a heap, you get a bunch of empty ringing skulls. "

Maitre believes that Ivan Urgant, Maxim Galkin, and Yuri Galtsev today present the original face of theatrical art in an original and talented manner.

aleksandr shirvindt private life

Fortunately, as Shirvindt says, there is also a “second wave” - young actors like Chulpan Khamatova, Alexandra Oleshko, Amalia Mordvinova, who “squint, run away from the series to make real art”

And such art needs to be done, since, according to the actor, the Russian theater is capable of making today essentially its separate,lonely our contemporaries, who have buried their faces in iPhones and iPads, to awaken their soul, to experience their community with other people through real art.

Shirvindt Alexander Anatolyevich is now one of the most prominent figures in the theatrical world. He is loved by the people. His mind, humanity, talent, humor are intransient. Such people are in demand not only by the Theater, but by the whole society.

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