Alexey Volkov - Russian biathlete

Russian biathletes are known worldwide for their brilliant results in this sport. One of them is Alexey Anatolyevich Volkov - a successful athlete, the hope of the national team, the darling of the public.Alexey Volkov


Alexey Volkov (04/04/1988) is a native of the city of Raduzhny, which is located in the Tyumen region. Due to the climate and geographical location of the area, one of the most popular sports in Volkov’s homeland is skiing. Since childhood, Alexei, along with his younger brother Alexander, was fond of skiing and took part in all city and regional competitions. The first coach of the future biathlete was Andrei Kolisnichenko.

Later, in 2003, the brothers began to engage in biathlon more seriously and began their studies at the biathlon school in Nizhnevartovsk, where they were trained by professionals from their field Dubasov Peter and Zelenin Ivan.

In 2009, the young athlete was included in the junior team led by Sergey Altukhov and Valery Zakharov.In the same year, the All-Russian Championship was held in the Tyumen Region, where Volkov showed his best side, his achievements were noted by professional athletes. So the athlete was included in the Russian national biathlon team, he played in the World Cup in Sweden. However, this performance was not the best. Alexey Volkov finished 74.

He improved his performance at the Canadian World Championships. In the personal race biathlete was awarded a silver medal.

Thanks to his accuracy and accurate shooting, Volkov managed to gain a foothold in the staff of the Russian national team and continue to participate in world competitions.

2009 was a significant year in the life of an athlete. He took part in many competitions, won the first medals at world-class championships, and also received a car from the governor of the Tyumen region for the development of sports.

Since 2010, began a serious professional growth Volkova. At the European Championships in Estonia, he took in all the special disciplines in which he took part: the gold award in the pursuit, silver - sprint and relay, bronze - personal race.

2011 - performance at the Open European Championship.Alexey Volkov was awarded a gold medal for the pursuit and a silver award in the sprint.

For some time an athlete played in single or team races, not being a member of the Russian national team.

Participated in the World Cup Championships in Oberhof and Ruhpolding in 2013/2014, where he won prizes. Thanks to these results, I was able to perform at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. There he was a scorer in the relay and took the highest gold award in the group with Ustyugov, Malyshko and Shipulin.Alexey Volkov biathlon

Since 2015, more and more often speaks at world competitions held in Europe. Thus, in the Estonian city of Otepää, Volkov won 2 gold medals and received the status of the best biathlete in the history of the European championships in the number of gold medals.

Today lives and trains in Raduzhny. The main activity of Volkov Alexey is biathlon. Despite the fact that he is included in the Russian national team, the athlete is in favor of the Dynamo VFSO. Biathlete has a high potential and will join the collection of medals of his native country.


Alexey Volkov - biathlete, Olympic champion 2014, 6-time European champion, multiple winner of world championships, 8-time champion of Russia, 2-time world champion in summer biathlon.He was awarded an honorary mission to carry the flag of Russia at the closing of the Olympics in Sochi.

In his "piggy bank" medals there are 6 gold medals, 8 silver and 3 bronze.

It has a state award - the Order of Friendship (2014).Alexey Volkov biathlete

Personal life

Alexey Volkov is married and has a daughter, Arina. In addition to sports, enjoys architecture and history. Loves to visit museums and historic buildings. He graduated from Surgut State University with a degree in physical education. Listening to music, mostly hip-hop and rap.Alexey Anatolyevich Volkov


Today, Alexey Volkov - biathlete, master of sports. Also included in the Russian national team. Alexey came to biathlon from skiing, having developed and improved his shooting skills to the highest level. As his mentors note, he is skiing and shooting at the same level, but there is still room to grow to achieve higher and more prestigious results. Volkov became famous and recognizable through hard work and work on himself.

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