Alpanit (stone): a description of who is suitable, healing and magical properties

With a great desire to have a box with a lot of jewelry, but it does not have a thick wallet, you can find a way out. Bijouterie with alpanite comes to the rescue (alpini is the second name of the stone), which has many imitation options for precious and semiprecious stones and is not as expensive as the originals. Alpanite gem became popular among women of fashion all over the world. The stone, the description of which can be found below, conquered the market of jewelry and jewelry, because it is often straightened with precious metals.


Alpanit is a stone, the description of which interests many connoisseurs of jewelry. It also has other names - alpini, or rhinestone. In fact, this is a jewelry glass that is artificially grown from calcium-aluminum silicate.

Alpanit Stone Description

Stones of such a group of non-natural origin, but, despite this, with their attractive appearance, they do not differ from precious gems.Only a professional will be able to recognize imitation, and then with the help of special devices. Alpanit is a stone, the description of which has only positive moments. After all, it has a rich color and thanks to this property serves as an imitation for topaz, rubies, emeralds or blue sapphires. This stone has a small weight, which is an indisputable advantage, because it is unaesthetic and hard to wear, for example, large and heavy earrings.

Rhinestone properties

Alpanit is a stone, the properties of which are great for creating unique jewelry. The coefficient of its hardness on the Mohs scale is about 6.5, which is very good. Thanks to this, rhinestones easily lend themselves to even the most difficult cut. In addition, this stone has a high refractive index of light, so it shines brightly, like a precious one. And when added during the synthesis of necessary components in the form of minerals and dyes in general, it becomes similar to emerald or topaz.

Alpanit stone properties

Alpanit is one of the most convenient materials for jewelry. It is easily amenable to cutting, processing, grinding, painting and various decorating technologies.Thanks to these properties, Alpanit can be given any desired shape and color.


What is so good Alpanite? The stone described above has many advantages compared to natural minerals.

These include:

  • low weight (you can wear massive earrings or rings and not feel heavy);
  • low cost (allows you to have several decorations that will be in harmony with individual outfits);
  • unpretentiousness (does not require special care or cleaning);
  • less susceptibility to natural phenomena than natural stones (jewelry with such stones can be safely worn on the beach);
  • wide color spectrum.

Alpanite stone zodiac signBased on the fact that this stone does not have a natural origin, it is not charged with the energy of the planet. Magical and zodiac preferences does not have and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Anyone can wear Alpane stone. The sign of the zodiac at the same time does not play any role.

Magic force

Such characteristics are inherent in the stones of natural origin, which store the energy, strength and memory of nature. Alpanit, in which there are no magical properties, has a neutral charge.But this can be regarded as a plus, because often ineptly selected stones do not help, but harm a person. And when wearing jewelry with rhinestones, you can be sure of their positive impact.

Healing power

As well as the magical properties, medicinal have a natural origin, therefore the rhinestone is deprived of such characteristics. Synthetically mined alpanite stone, the healing properties of which have not been identified, can give a smile and a good mood to its owners, which to some extent also heals the body.

Alpanit: who suits?

Alpinite, set in silver or gold, will be an excellent addition to any combination. Due to the low cost, you can purchase several sets of jewelry that will be useful for different occasions. Jewelry glass (alpini) is suitable for those who appreciate beauty and diversity, but at the same time know how to save.

Proper care

Caring for a rhinestone is no different. It also includes compliance with the terms of timeliness and systematic, as well as a few simple rules.

alpanit magical properties

Here are some of them:

  • minimize long-term interaction of the stone with water (remove before washing hands, dishes, going to the bathroom or shower);
  • periodically wipe and polish the stones with a soft cloth or cotton pads without applying aggressive cleaning agents;
  • it is desirable to store products with such stones in dark caskets (sometimes there are cases of burnout of certain types of paint under the influence of direct sunlight);
  • neat storage means restriction of close contact or contact with other jewelry or surfaces, which can lead to scratches or minor damage (a separate bag or piece of soft cloth would be the best storage option).

Silver framed cleaning

The most common version of jewelry with alpinite is framing it with silver. Sometimes this metal turns black or loses shine. In this case, you need to clean the products in one of the ways that are great for home use:

  • The simplest and most popular method of cleaning at home is the use of ammonia. To do this, put the decoration in a solution of soap, water and a few drops of ammonia for 20 minutes, then dry and wipe with a dry soft cloth. A solution of soapy water and alcohol should be taken in a ratio of 10: 1.

Alpanit suits anyone

  • The use of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1: 1. The duration of immersion in the solution is similar to the first method.
  • A solution of citric acid or lemon juice. The silver product is dipped for a few minutes, then rinsed and rubbed with a soft cloth.
  • This method is quite unexpected and interesting. He is to use foil. In this case, the bottom of the dishes lined with foil, add salt or soda and a little water. A silver product is dipped into the solution and, as a result of a chemical reaction, after fifteen minutes they take out pure silver.
  • Place the product in cooled decoction of potato or starch for 15 minutes. After that, wipe with a soft piece of matter.

These simple tips will help keep alpanite jewelry in good condition for a long time. Since all of the above methods involve the use of available tools, it can be concluded that the care of stones does not require much cash.

Spheres of application

Alpinite is becoming a very popular stone, not only for creating jewelry, but also in other, at first glance, unexpected spheres.Due to the inherent brilliance, it is also used in gold cutting, which made it popular not only among young fashionistas, but also among businesswomen.

Alpanit healing properties

More and more turns are gaining application of rhinestones in the design industry, especially in interior design. This stone is often decorated with furniture accessories, decorated with fireplaces and cornices, rhinestones lay out the original patterns on the doors, which gives chic and sparkle, as well as brightness to the entire room. Rhinestones have become popular in the design of clothes and shoes. Many people like women's and children's shoes, studded with these stones. In general, it all depends on the imagination and possibilities.

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