Amethyst color: description, properties and best combinations

Amethyst color - one of the most unusual and attractive. It attracts views, causes heightened interest, is the center of universal attention.

Designers are widely using this wonderful shade to create the most vivid and spectacular things. It may seem that only the most courageous women of fashion can decide on amethyst details in an image, but with the right approach this color can decorate any woman.

amethyst color

Ancient legend

Amethyst has its own history. It is easy to guess, the name is associated with the eponymous semiprecious stone.

In ancient times, people told each other a legend that has reached our days. According to legend, the name Amethyst wore a nymph, part of the retinue of the goddess Diana.

Once, Bacchus got angry with people and decided to set the tigers on the first comer. Unhappy and was a young nymph. Seeing the angry animals, she begged, asking for help from her patroness, but the only thing that Diana managed to do was turn the ward into a crystal statue.Bacchus, seeing what beauty his anger ruined, tried to revive the poor thing, pouring fine wine into the statue. He believed that it would soak the stone like blood, and that would bring the girl back to life.

The ancient god did not succeed in correcting his mistake, but the statue acquired an amazing purple-violet hue. This color is called amethyst. It really looks like the shine of a good berry wine in a crystal glass and seems to glow from the inside.

Amethyst is what color?

This shade refers to the gamut of purple. The following photo will help you to understand what he looks like: the girl in the middle is dressed in an amethyst dress.

Amethyst color is what

It is a bright and saturated shade. But some fabrics of amethyst color may not look so bright due to the structure of the material. The thinner it is, the more delicate the shade looks.

Who chooses amethyst color

According to psychologists, this expressive shade is loved by active, self-confident, purposeful people who are not afraid of admiring glances.

Add a couple of accents of amethyst color to the image - and with any blues will be finished. Agree, even against the backdrop of a dull rainy landscape, this image will look cheerful and bright.This shade is good both for sunny summer days, and for spring walks, and for cozy winter evenings.

Clothing amethyst shades suitable for a variety of cases. Today not only holiday, but even wedding dresses are sewn from fabrics of this color. Modern brands offer a huge amount of casual stuff. Amethyst and sportswear designers love. A bright purple-colored swimsuits perfectly highlight a beautiful tan.

what color is amethyst combined

To suit

The main target audience of amethyst color are women of the winter type. He emphasizes their bright expressive beauty. Black-haired winter women can safely dress even in a trouser suit of this color.

Often it is chosen by the ladies of the autumn type, and this decision is correct. But you should not overload the image after all, it is best to only dilute it.

But the representatives of the summer and spring color types need special caution. This does not mean that they need to completely abandon the juicy shades. Just worth removing amethyst details from the face. For example, a great choice could be pants, handbag, shoes, but not a blouse, hat or snood.

amethyst color

It is also importantwhat color is amethyst combined. There are enough companions for him in the spectrum.

Palette combinations in modern fashion

If you are afraid to become the main “color accent” of the event, but plan to include some amethyst detail in the image, pick up calm accessories. For example, with this shade the milk range perfectly harmonizes. Such a combination is an example of sophistication and style.

Amethyst accessories are combined with monochrome black and white bows. It is necessary to add one stroke, as a calm everyday look will sound in a completely new way.

For lovers of courageous decisions, there are more courageous alliances. For example, amethyst can make friends with mustard, mint, turquoise and emerald. Some women of fashion make excellent bows, combining shades of purple and red.

If you select an option for a celebration where you seriously plan to shine, pay attention to a win-win option in which the color of the gem complements the color of the precious metal. For example, an amethyst dress, complemented by golden shoes and a shining clutch, will look like an expensive piece of jewelry.

amethyst color combination

In everyday fashion, quieter solutions prevail. A combination of amethyst color with pale cream is very common. A bright lilac top can be complemented with lemon-colored caramel trousers. If you are planning to incorporate a denim thing into your look, opt for light blue shades.

Unusual shoes

Ankle boots, shoes or amethyst sandals can be the main "chip" image. You should not pick up a bag or belt of the same shade, but accessories with a floral or geometric print will be an excellent choice.

Bright shoes or boots with heels can be called a classic for all times, but you should also pay attention to trends. Today in fashion sports shoes of unusual shades. For a trip or exploring the city, you can choose amethyst sneakers or sneakers. In a word, if you wish, you can always include some detail of this shade.

Amethyst color in the interior and landscape

Not only clothing designers love this color. There is a huge amount of decorative materials similar to this precious stone.

Often it is chosen as an additional color, combining with beige or natural wood color.

Curtains of this shade, letting the sun rays through, create a charming atmosphere in the room. You can choose this option for the bedroom or living room.

In landscape design often used bright purple flowers. For example, a bed of irises looks like a small holiday.

Jewelry Art

Amethyst is an expensive stone. Masters set it in gold and platinum, complementing the composition with small diamonds. Such jewels are intended for the publication and the most solemn events.

amethyst color blends

Ornaments with imitation of amethyst are more relevant for everyday fashion. Such jewelry perfectly complements the wardrobe, in which there are shades of this stone.

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