An easy way to guess the cards

Tarot or playing?

One of the most popular ways to predict the future is card fortune telling. Some prefer Tarot, but in order to interpret them correctly, it is necessary to remember the values ​​of all 78 arcana, and this can take a lot of time. And there are a lot of other nuances. Therefore, we will simplify your task and tell you how to learn to guess on playing cards. Believe me, with their help you can predict the future and see the past just as good. Although, of course, the values ​​of each card must also be known, but they are not as confused as those of the Tarot.

how to guess on the cardsThe choice is made, preparing for fortune telling.

Let's start with a simple scenario. Before you guess on the cards, you need to get a completely new deck. Cards that have been in the game can not be used because they will lie. Therefore, let you have a separate deck for predictions. And now such a simple alignment for love, for which you will need 36 cards. To start the deck you need to shuffle well and move it with your left hand.Next, determine on whom you will guess, and in accordance with this, remove the king or the lady of the desired suit. Which one is easy to determine. If you are wondering a young and unmarried girl, take out the diamond lady, if the woman is aged, the cross. If the prediction is addressed to a man, then a married man is a king of hearts, a bachelor one is a tambourine, an elderly one is a cross, a burning brunette is a peak one.

Process in detailhow to learn to guess playing cards

And now in more detail how to guess on cards. When the queen or king is selected, the card must be placed in the middle of the table, after which it is necessary to remove two more from the deck at random and place them on the left and right of the main one. After that, the remaining deck must be mixed again and, holding it face down, remove and spread the cards, without looking, in the following order: two above your head signify the thoughts of this person; two on the right and left, above, diagonally - his dreams and plans; two cards in the legs - the nearest future. Those cards that are already on each side of the main one are the present. The next step for those who know how to guess on the cards will be the determination of what is in the heart and under the person. To do this, we draw one card and, without turning it over, we place it under the main one.This will show that the person has the heart. And we predict what is on it as follows: after pulling out one card, we put it on top of the main one, after which we discard three pieces from the deck, put the fourth one back onto the main one, drop the third one again, and put the fourth one. We do this until the deck is over. What is in the heart is the future, and what is beneath is the present.


Now you know how to guess the cards. It remains only to decipher what happened. Let's start with the worms:

  • 6 - date;
  • 7 - easy flirting without obligations and consequences;
  • 8 - someone's interest in your person;
  • 9 - great joy;
  • 10 - the house;
  • Jack - love troubles;
  • A lady is a person who is married;
  • The king is a fair-haired, pleasant man;
  • Ace - the joy or news of love.

Go to the clubs

  • 6 - to the late road;
  • 7 - a modest gift or receiving small money;
  • 8 - interest on business ground;
  • 9 - large gift, winnings, return of debts, unexpected money;
  • 10 - a large amount of money;
  • Jack - a good friend or colleague, ready to help;
  • The lady is a middle-aged but energetic woman;
  • The king is a serious, reliable, middle-aged man;
  • Ace - wealth, victory over difficulties.

how to guess on playing cardsFurther peaks

  • 6 - useless road;
  • 7 - quarrels, troubles about trifles, worries;
  • 8 - bad mood, poor health, tears;
  • 9 - illness or grief;
  • 10 - surprise;
  • Jack - useless chores;
  • A lady is a gossip girl, a divorced woman, a person who builds intrigues;
  • The king is a military man;
  • Ace - state house.

And finally, the diamonds

  • 6 - easy and fun road;
  • 7 is a pleasant offer;
  • 8 - to a successful meeting;
  • 9 - news of joyful character;
  • 10 - a successful trip;
  • Jack - happy news, child birth or wedding;
  • The king is a good friend;
  • Ace - the successful ending of problems.

The result

Now you know how to guess on playing cards and decipher their meaning. We hope, from now on, you can easily look into the near future, so that, in which case, be fully armed.

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