Aphorisms about love: the best sayings

Aphorisms, the theme of which is love, will always be interesting. Centuries pass, but people's feelings do not change. Actual in the past words of sages interest lovers today.

statue of Seneca

Opinion Seneca

Aphorism about love, belonging to Seneca, will be relevant at all times. Here is what the well-known outstanding Stoic philosopher of Ancient Rome says:

If you want to be loved, love.

Quite a few modern men and women are desperately looking for love, trying to fill the need to be loved. However, the sad fact for many young people is that relationships with a new person will not make them happy. A new partner will not bring happiness, if, before the next meeting, a person has not learned to enjoy life himself. Seneca says: “love”, meaning the ability to give love to another person. But only those who already have this feeling can bestow love. And those people who have their own need for attention and caress at the head of the corner are unlikely to give their partner comfort and spiritual warmth.Therefore, in order to be loved, you should first learn to love - both yourself and your partner.

As well as the Stoic philosopher from Ancient Rome, he believed that with such a feeling as love, one should not stand on ceremony. If she began to bring discomfort, then it is much easier to get rid of her at all, than to try to reduce it. Here is what Seneca says in his aphorism:

Love is easier to kill than to temper.

With the words of the philosopher is difficult to disagree. Love cannot be moderate. This feeling in a person towards someone either is, or is not present at all.

Love and jealousy

Often jealousy is associated with a strong feeling of love. However, is this really the case? Here is what Jean-Baptiste Poclen, the creator of modern comedy, better known as Molière, says in his aphorism about love:

Jealous love is more like hate.

founder of the comedy Molière

A jealous man can hardly make his loved one happy. After all, the feelings that overwhelm him have little in common with the bright experiences of love and joy.


Exhausting himself and his beloved with constant suspicions, he can bring the relationship to a point where they can no longer exist.After all, few people want to be close to the person tormenting his suspicions. The partner of the jealous man becomes the target of his negative experiences. Moliere lived during the 17th century, but little has changed since that time. Therefore, modern couples should also listen to his statement.

Witty saying of the Jews

Jews are a people who are known for their frugality. This national trait was the occasion for the creation of many anecdotes. However, it is difficult to challenge the wisdom of this approach. Here is what the Jews say about love:

No matter how sweet love is, you cannot boil compote.

The effect of money on love

Many young people imagine family life as a cloudless haven, where endless happiness is the only experience. But is this really the case? Of course, if love could satisfy all human needs, a huge number of families would not disintegrate due to domestic problems. Inevitably, life invades family life. And the lack of funds is the first thing that can dispel romance. Therefore, those young people who are just planning to start a family should listen to this Jewish aphorism about love and think in advance about the financial support of the future cell of society. Money plays an important role, they can not be ignored.So that the boat of love does not break about family life, for a start it is a good idea to think about a career. And only then look for family happiness.

Words of the German philosopher

Actual today and the aphorism about love, belonging to the pen of the famous German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche:

The freer and stronger an individual, the more exacting his love becomes.

Despite numerous conversations that true love has no pride, in practice, most often immature people suffer from such selflessness. The stronger the personality becomes, the more requirements it is able to make to the object of its love.

philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

A weak person is ready to go for anything for the sake of a loved one or loved one. And often it happens. People lose strength, waste financial resources, buying expensive gifts to their unworthy lovers. Often a man in love is paying with his health. In such a case, it is useful to listen to the aphorism about the love of the German philosopher. By directing your energies to personal development, you can get good dividends in the future. And the love of a weak person who does not make any demands on another, ultimately, is not needed by the object of adoration.

Words by F. M. Dostoevsky

Many aphorisms and quotes about love belong to the pen of great writers.In his statement, the great Russian writer F. M. Dostoevsky distinguishes between the concepts of love and love:

Falling in love does not mean loving ... You can fall in love and hating.

Often people confuse fleeting passion and love. But if passion can be combined with hatred, as Fedor Mikhailovich correctly noted, then true love is a feeling of a different order. The one who loves, first of all thinks about the welfare of a loved one. And love, although in itself is a positive feeling, in some cases can be combined with the basest manifestations of human nature - selfishness, infantilism, anger.

Shakespeare on the obstacles in love

Any obstacle to love only strengthens it.

William Shakespeare

The great English poet and playwright is known for his quotes and aphorisms about love. These words once again confirm the truth that many ladies unconsciously use. Skillfully hauling obstacles to their fans, deliberately behaving inaccessible, they only inflame passions in their hearts. Love is a feeling that is only strengthened by obstacles and barriers. It is like a forbidden fruit, becoming sweeter precisely because of its inaccessibility.

Love is inspiration and obstacle

Here is what the famous French playwright and prose writer, Alexander Dumas Jr., writes in his aphorism about love with meaning:

Love inspires great things, and it prevents them from doing them.

doing great things

Every man in love knows about what accomplishments he can push a deep feeling. A lover can do a great number of great things, which in his usual state would be impossible for him. However, this feeling has a downside. Love not only gives wings, but under certain conditions also deprives a person of strength. Therefore, everyone decides for himself whether he needs this feeling.

Louise Hay Council

Louise Hay, one of the founders of the psychological self-help movement and the author of many wonderful books, says the following:

Invest your love in everything you do. If you are in trouble, turn inward: what lesson should be drawn from this situation?

This aphorism about love with meaning also endows the powerful force of positive feeling with special creative power. When a person invests his strength in his beloved work — be it a doctor, a teacher or a manager — this allows one to benefit mankind, and to become happier.Love in its true manifestation allows you to learn from even the most unpleasant situation. After all, the person in whose heart she lives will not blame the other for being unjust to him. He will not blame fate for sending him so much trouble. By investing love in everything that a person does, he becomes more mature, learns to see his share of responsibility for what is happening in trouble.

Are high feelings connected with happiness?

But what Osho says in his aphorisms about happiness and love:

Love is happiness.

In another dictum, the sage says that to love is first and foremost to give, not to take:

Giving love is a real, beautiful experience, because then you are the emperor.

So, true happiness for a person is not to try to get as much as possible from another person. Often, lovers want to fully possess the object of their adoration. They want to endlessly receive from him marks of attention, gifts and encouragements, any other benefits. But in reality, true love implies commitment.Following the advice of Osho, you need to think about what can be given to another person. And, above all, you need to learn to give your love and attention. This is the key to happiness.

This wise aphorism about love echoes Shakespeare's words:

To whom who serves is wise, call it:

Is happiness love, love happiness?

Thus, it can be concluded that happiness and love are equivalents. A man without love cannot be happy. A state of joy and happiness implies that the person is in a state of fullness of being, love of all things.

Mother Teresa's Words

If you judge someone, then you have no time to love him.

Quotes, sayings and aphorisms about love teach a person to be truly happy, helping to clarify the meaning of real and high feelings. Known to the whole world for her good deeds, Catholic nun Mother Teresa reminds us that condemnation deprives a person of the opportunity to truly love.

Mother Teresa

Often discontent or resentment creeps into the soul of a person about how his close friend, relative, friend behaves. And then he begins to fall into condemnation.On the one hand, this offense is fair. After all, when things are wrong with us, the feeling of bitterness and condemnation is a natural reaction. However, in this case there is no room in the heart for the love of this person. And talk about this unequivocally Mother Teresa in her aphorism about love. Wise saying it will help make relationships with other people more harmonious, save the heart from resentment and evil. The words of the nuns will inspire the forgiveness of others no matter what.

Short aphorisms about love with meaning. Folk sayings of unknown authors

There is a large number of expressions and phrases about this sublime feeling, and some of them fit almost into one line. Consider a few short quotes that will be of interest to anyone in love.

  • Love brings suffering even to the gods.

  • He who loves many — knows women; He who loves one — knows Love.

  • That heart will not learn to love, which is tired of hating.

  • By loving one can forgive all sins, but not a sin committed against love.

  • Angelly in love and devilishly happy!

  • All women are charming, and the love of men gives them beauty.

These aphorisms and statements about love can be used as statuses in a social network. Or you can just share them with a loved one.

In these phrases the popular wisdom accumulated by many couples during their relationship fits. Therefore, these short aphorisms about love will be interesting and understandable to every loving heart. Every woman recognizes herself in words describing the state of the highest happiness and love. It is difficult to argue with the fact that beautiful women makes the attention of the opposite sex.

Omar Khayyam: Love Quotes and Aphorisms

Eternal sayings of Omar Khayyam will be interesting and modern lovers. The image of the Eastern sage is fanned by a multitude of mysteries - just like his biography. In the Ancient East, he is known, first of all, as an outstanding scientist, and not just the author of numerous wisdom and aphorisms about love. Omar Khayyam was engaged in mathematics, physics, astronomy. And his quatrains called “rubai” are full of humor and slyness. The statements taken from them are relevant and interesting today. Consider a few quotes Khayyam enclosed in this poetic form.

O woe, woe to the heart, where there is no burning passion.

Where there is no love torment, where there is no dream of happiness.

A day without love is lost: dimmer and gray.Than this day is fruitless, and there are no bad weather days.

Here the sage writes that the heart cannot live a day without love. The absence of this feeling makes every day gray, deprives bright colors of feelings.

And the following aphorism of Hayam about love is more popular than ever today:

To live life wisely, you need to know a lot.

Two important rules to remember for a start:

You better starve than anything to eat,

And it is better to be alone than with anyone.

This quote will be useful to anyone who doubts whether to continue the relationship with unworthy people. After all, just as bad food causes indigestion, communication with a person of low level of development can not bring joy.

The following quotation of Khayyam is quite popular:

You can seduce a man who has a wife, you can seduce a man who has a mistress. But you can not seduce a man who has a beloved woman.

In many ways, these words are true. However many temptations there are, a truly loving man who adheres to the high ideals of loyalty will not succumb to them. And those who are seduced, in fact, do not have deep feelings towards their woman - be she a wife or mistress.Wisdom of Omar Khayyam brings clarity, helps girls and married ladies to make the right judgments about the behavior of men.

interesting quotes about love

Blindness loving to disadvantages

The following words belong to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato:

Loving blind to his beloved.

The one who truly loves does not notice any flaws in the object of his adoration. And often it turns against the person himself. In her phrase, Plato states the fact that true love is always blind, but does not write what it can turn out for a lover. Therefore, the words of Plato for many can serve as a warning.

I agree with the ancient Greek philosopher and Gibran Khalil Gibran, an American and Lebanese artist. He says:

Love is the veil between two lovers.

Two people, falling in love, sometimes can completely overlook the true features of each other - both positive and negative. It often happens that people fall in love with the image that they have created in their head. And he has very little in common with the true character of the partner. When the truth is revealed, it is very difficult to recover from illusions.

Sayings of cicero

The Roman orator and political leader Cicero echoed the philosopher:

For loving there is nothing difficult.

If Plato claims that a man overwhelmed with passion does not notice any flaws in the object of his adoration, then Tsmseron says that there are no obstacles for a loving heart. Often people are ready to give everything for the sake of the object of their adoration. Good or bad, Cicero also does not speak. However, this wisdom can be adopted. For example, if a person really loves, it will be easy for him to abandon a bad habit for his beloved. If he prefers in favor of his preferences, which is unpleasant for the second partner, there is no question of love.

Aphorisms, quotes and statements about love help to look at this feeling with another look. They are useful, because a loving person’s perception can be distorted by his feelings. And here also comes the wisdom of Cicero. He warns:

Choose whom you will love.

To approach the question of love consciously is to exercise prudence. After all, if a person becomes attached to the first comer, it can lead to unpredictable consequences. If you consciously pay attention to the choice of a partner - the relationship will bring happiness and peace.

Who is lucky the least?

French writer and playwright Etienne Rey made the following conclusion:

The most worthy of love are the most miserable in love.

In practice, often the words of the writer are true. Those people who have high moral ideals, unfortunately, are not valued. Therefore, a decent person is unhappy in relationships. Perhaps, in order to be appreciated, one should sacrifice some moral principles? Etienne Rey does not speak about this, but his words, of course, describe the state of things, which occurs quite often.

Love as a separate life

Anna Louise Germain de Stael, a French writer and literary theorist, states:

Love is a kind of eternity. It erases the memory of the beginning and the fear of the end.

When a new love intrudes into a person's life, he forgets the past and does not reflect on the future. The words of the writer will always be true. This is confirmed by the words from the famous song by the all-time favorite folk singer Alla Pugacheva “Three happy days” (the author of the text is Ilya Reznik):

Parting is a little death ...

These shrill words say that even a small separation from a loved one can be perceived rather hard.Parting is like the end of life, as well as the emergence of love - at its beginning.

The opposite of high feelings

Here is what Clive Staples Lewis, an Irish writer and poet, writes:

The main enemy of love is not hatred, but indifference.

Sometimes the opposite of love is mistakenly considered hatred towards a person. However, this is not the case. When one person hates another, he is in some way also like a lover - his thoughts are occupied with how to annoy another person. This is to some extent similar to the obsession with lovers, but with a minus sign. The one who is indifferent, will not even think about the person. The words of the writer perfectly illustrate the features of human relationships.

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