Application for international passport: filling requirements, sample

Registration of various documents in Russia delivers a lot of trouble. Some people have problems at the stage of filling out the relevant applications. Therefore, today we have to examine the application for the international passport. Where can I get it? How to fill? What documents will be useful for the successful issuance of the "foreign"? We will try to give answers to all this and not only below. In fact, with proper preparation, there will be no particular trouble.

Who submits the petition

We will study a sample application for a passport later. First, find out how to properly fill out the relevant document.

Application for international passport - the beginning of the questionnaire

First of all, it is important to understand who can apply for a passport to the registering authority. The applicants are usually adult recipients of the document.

In the case of incapacitated, the request is submitted by their legal representatives - parents, guardians or carers.The exception is made by children after 16 years of age who have received emancipation - they apply for a passport themselves.

Third parties (usually close relatives) may request an international passport by proxy, but this is an extremely rare scenario. Most often, people either cope with the task themselves, or they turn to intermediaries - companies that help collect documents, prepare relevant questionnaires.

Document submission form

Application for passport can be presented in various forms. The main thing is to submit the document in writing. And how exactly - it doesn't matter anymore.

In real life, citizens can:

  • self-write a statement (extremely rare);
  • fill in the application form by hand;
  • print out the completed questionnaire on the printer.

Recently, people are more and more often looking for documents through the Internet. So, an application for a passport can be submitted in electronic form. This is either an electronic form, filled out according to the established rules, or a questionnaire on the portal "State Services", entries in which are made in stages in the process of ordering a passport via the Internet.

Document content

Filling out an application for a passport in Russia does not cause any trouble. Especially if you know what data will be useful to the citizen.

How to apply for a passport via the Internet

Usually in the questionnaire of the established sample indicate:

  • floor;
  • Name of the person;
  • date and place of birth;
  • registration;
  • information about changing the name or other personal data;
  • marital status;
  • career and employment information;
  • Contact details;
  • information on previously issued foreign passports;
  • passport details of the applicant;
  • data on training and work for the last 10 years.

That's all. There are separate items reserved for persons who have access to classified information, but in real life they are usually not touched. In the relevant sections, simply put the value "No" or leave gaps.

Important: if you are filling out a questionnaire for a minor, you will need to provide information about the legal representative of the child. Otherwise, the petition will not be considered.

Where to get a profile

Where can I find the application form for a new international passport? The corresponding document is taken in different institutions, as well as on the Internet. The main thing is to decide on the place of application.

Application can be taken:

  • in FMS;
  • in the passport office;
  • intermediaries offering assistance in obtaining a passport;
  • in the MFC;
  • download from third-party sites on the web;
  • download the form from the website of the Federal Migration Service;
  • find on the portal "Gosuslugi".

If desired, users can submit a request for a document through the “State Services”. An application for an international passport will be filled out electronically in the form of a questionnaire. The procedure takes only a few minutes.

Photo Requirements

Basic rules for filling

Suppose a citizen took an application form for an international passport. What's next?

Now this document must be properly filled out. If you do not take into account the existing rules, the person will not be able to request a new document. His petition is simply not accepted.

Here are the key points to consider.

  1. Fill out a biometric passport application only in capital letters.
  2. The petition for the old sample of "zagranka" is allowed to fill in upper and lower case letters.
  3. Information about labor activity is written in the format - mm. yy
  4. None of the questionnaire fields should be omitted.
  5. There is no need to paste a personal photo into the petition.This will be done at the registering authority.
  6. The completed application is printed on one sheet. The citizen will have to create a two-sided questionnaire.
  7. Sign an application for a passport is necessary only in the presence of an employee of a particular registration authority. Otherwise, the documents may not be accepted.

These are the main points to remember. There are usually no problems with filling out the questionnaire. Especially if the citizen will follow some recommendations. Let's talk about them further.

Application for international passport

Rules for an adult document

Let's start with a questionnaire for adults. The form will be used for persons over 18 years old. Children's profiles for international passports look a little different. We will talk about them later.

In order to properly fill out an application for an international passport for an adult, you will need:

  1. Specify the name of the citizen. This should be done as written in the passport of the person.
  2. Put a cross near the floor to which the applicant belongs.
  3. Specify the date of birth in the format - day, month, year. All information is written in numbers.
  4. Rewrite from the identity card the place of birth.
  5. Enter information about the old personal data of the person.This is necessary if a citizen had previously changed his last name, first name or middle name.
  6. Register a place of permanent registration and actual residence.
  7. Specify a phone number for feedback. It is best to write a mobile.
  8. Optionally enter the active email box to communicate with the citizen. This is the only field that can be left blank.
  9. Rewrite all passport data from the relevant document - number, series, by whom and when issued.
  10. Transfer information about previously issued passports.
  11. Specify exit restrictions and state secrets information.

At this stage, you can finish the first part of the questionnaire. The petition can be turned over. Now the citizen will be able to complete the task.

Application for international passport and documents for filing a request

Fill in the second part of the adult request

The flip side of the petition on hand is devoted to work. A competent sample application for a passport must contain information about a person’s career. Ideally, they need to be rewritten from the workbook.

Only periods of formal employment are taken into account. Informal work in the petition of the established form is not fixed.

If a citizen simultaneously with work studied or was officially employed in several companies, it is necessary to indicate the relevant information in chronological order.

When specifying information about the career will have to count out exactly 10 years ago, starting from the day of the request. Old information in the application is not registered.

Periods of long-term stay for the unemployed are also included in the application for an international passport. Usually implies the absence of official employment of 3 months or more. These periods provide for fixation in the form of the inscription "Did not work." In the address of the employers indicate the place of residence.

In the field with the data on the current place of work prescribe "N.V.". That's all. Following these rules, a person can easily prepare a passport application.

The first part of the children's request

Application for a passport to a child is filled in according to the same principles as an adult. We'll have to take into account all the above rules.

How to fill out an application for passport

The difference lies in the fact that when a passport is issued to a child under 14 years old, instead of the passport data, information from the birth certificate is indicated. Otherwise, there should be no problems.

The second part of the children's statement

More attention is drawn to the flip side of the questionnaire. Here citizens will enter information about the legal representative of a minor. The one who submits the petition and provides a pre-prepared package of children's documents.

According to its content, the second part of the request resembles an application for an international passport of an adult. At the end of the document, the legal representative must sign the inscription "I am warned ...".

A petition for an old passport

Some citizens request old samples. Then they will have to face the amended rules for filling out applications.

In general, they are no different from the previously listed conditions. Usually the same information about the applicant fits in, but the career signs in more detail.

The thing is that in the section allotted for a citizen’s labor activity, it is customary to indicate all changes from 1 month in length.

No more features from the application for the old-style passport. Each person will be able to easily fill in the form of the established form if he prepares a certain package of papers in advance.

Electronic form

More and more often, documents are drawn up through "Gosuslugi"In this case, it will be easier to fill out an application for a passport in this case than in all other cases.

Application for passport through "Gosuslugi"

After selecting the type of passport, the user will have to specify a minimum of information about himself - the basic information will be copied from the “Personal Account” This greatly simplifies the process of requesting an international passport.

The electronic application form is a small form that is filled in several stages. All fields have simple and clear tips. They will help users when filling out a request.

Required fields are marked with "*". As a rule, all sections of the electronic questionnaire should be filled out. Otherwise, the petition will be impossible to send for processing.

Sample document

Below you can see a sample application for a passport.

Application form for international passport

Now it is clear what the paper interpretation of the document under study looks like. Such questionnaires are sometimes made in photo salons. Their cost is about 150-200 rubles.

Documents for passport

A few words about which papers will be useful for creating the correct sample for filling out an application for an international passport. The package of documents depends on who the citizen is.

To get a passport for an adult, you need to prepare:

  • identification;
  • application form;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • employment record;
  • military ID (for military service);
  • permission to receive the document (for state employees, military, persons possessing state secrets);
  • certificates of registration (if available);
  • Personal Photos;
  • previously issued passport (if available);
  • proof of change of personal data (marriage certificate / divorce / change of name or surname).

For minors additionally attached:

  • birth certificate;
  • passport of the legal representative of the applicant.

Through the "State Services" application for a passport for a child can also be filed. The main thing is to follow the instructions on the screen. Everyone can take and fill out a sample application form for a foreign passport.

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