Are there any consequences of a love spell?

Is there love magic?

Believe in love magic or not, everyone decides for himself. However, there are many cases in which absolute atheists who recognize neither God, nor the devil, nor sorcerers, for no reason at all “flew off the coils” and left their beloved wives and children for the sake of other women. With all this, they are not able to name the adequate reasons for such behavior. They can not really explain what motivates them. Do they loveconsequences of loveyour new companions? Are you happy with them? Most often the answer is no. And to all these charms, others are almost always added, such as a sudden deterioration in health, a craving for alcohol, depression of an unknown nature, impotence (often sexual), etc. And here you want - believe, you want - do not believe, and the conclusion suggests itself: a person is experiencing the consequences of a love spell.

What do the bewitched say?

Going through any of the forums devoted to magic, you can read so many stories that you already involuntarily begin to believe that a person can be influenced with the help of some rituals and conspiracies. Comments are very large and detailed.They write both women and men, who once suffered from a magical effect. And almost all of them urge others not to perform such rituals, because the consequences of the love spell are irreversible. And not only the victim of the rite will suffer, but also its customer. Highlymonthly spell effectsmany men, who at one time were bewitched, were not lazy and described their condition during this period. Some of them repeatedly went to a psychiatric hospital, because they literally went crazy. Their thoughts revolved exclusively around this or that woman. They knew with their brains that these women were worthless, but they were literally drawn to them with terrible force. They forgave them everything: treason, drunkenness, boorish attitude and everything that can be called immoral. They lost not only work, but also interest in life. They suffered from incomprehensible diseases. But they were able to get out of this state only thanks to relatives and friends, who noticed sharp changes in time and took the necessary measures. Many men later learned that these were the consequences of a love spell on menstruation and on grave land. These rites are considered the most terrible and most effective,and not every magician or sorcerer is able to save a person from their impact. It takes a lot of time looking for a good, knowledgeable specialist. Some go straight to church in the hope of deliverance.

consequences of love for customerPayback will come suddenly

Are there any consequences of the love spell for the customer? There are, and how. And if you are going to seriously bewitch someone, be sure: everything you do will return to you in triple volume. And you will not only suffer, but your close people. The sorcerers even claim that this sin will be a heavy burden for the subsequent generations of your family. The more difficult the ritual, the more you will feel the effects of the love spell. One guy, who suffered from the impact of the rite for two whole years, wrote on the forum that after all this love damage had been removed from him, the girl who turned it on felt all those seven circles of hell that the young man , as a result of which she fell into a mental hospital, where she remains to this day. And this is far from an isolated case when the customer responded for his actions. After all, any love spell is a kind of zombie, energy violence.And often the consequences of a love spell are so unbearable that it is easier for the bewitched to commit suicide than to live further in such a hell. And this sin will fall on the soul of the customer.

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