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Safety of the child in the car is a priority when choosing travel accessories. The newborn baby must travel in the cradle, the grown-up child in the car seat. But when the child reaches a certain height and weight, it becomes inconvenient in the standard version, so many parents acquire booster seats for children. But at what age it is allowed to use such a device, and from what material to choose a device, you should figure it out.

child seats booster

What is a booster?

The baby car seat - booster - belongs to the category of road devices designed to ensure the safety of the little passenger during the trip. And it differs from an ordinary chair by such factors as:

  • lack of a back;
  • no specific seat belts included;
  • smaller size and weight.

Booster chairs for children (description):

  • seat equipped with armrests;
  • The device is fixed by a car belt.

child seat car booster

Variety Boosters

To determine the choice of accessory, you need to know their differences. According to the type of material used, there are three types of boosters. Each of them has its advantages. But it is also necessary to evaluate the disadvantages.

Foam booster.Foam chair is a budget model, but rather impractical. Its main advantage is its low weight and ease of installation. However, due to the fragility of the material, such a device is not able to protect the child during an accident, because it will fall apart.

Car seat-plastic booster.More robust and reliable than the first option. In contrast to the foam version can withstand significant loads. Their weight is small, and the price is not very high. Therefore, this option is the most popular among parents who are looking for a remedy for the grown-up child.

Metal Frame Booster. The chair is quite heavy and problems may arise in the assembly. However, crash tests showed that such a device is able to withstand shocks and protect the child during a collision.The frame is hard, but the manufacturers hide it under numerous layers of soft materials. Therefore, the child is comfortable in the chair.

 car seat for children from 9 kg

Advantages of using a booster

Parents prefer to buy these protections for many reasons. Some are attracted by their affordable price, others do not want to install a car seat in the car. Among the advantages of the booster are the following:

  1. Easy fixation and installation.
  2. Convenience for the child and ease of its fixation. For protection requires a stationary seat belt, which is located in the car.
  3. Compactness and ease. The car seat booster is suitable for small cars, where there is not enough space for installation of a bulky option.
  4. Low price. The device is available for most consumers, and foam options are generally low cost.

baby car seats

Device flaws

Despite the advantages and ease of operation, there are users who do not trust the booster to protect their children. There are quite logical explanations for this:

  1. Security level is quite low. The child is not protected from all sides and in the event of a collision can be seriously injured.
  2. Testing boosters carried out with fewer requirements.For them, there are more simplified standards than for car seats.

However, if the child has already grown, you should take a closer look at this device, but choose it correctly.

Permitted age of use

Baby seat car (booster) belongs to group 2-3. This means that the device is intended for children whose weight has reached 15 kg and does not exceed 36 kg. According to these parameters, it is clear that the accessory can last for quite a long time. If you focus on age, then here is not all clear. To change the chair to the booster, you need to consider two factors:

  1. The weight of the child.
  2. Sibling growth.

Weight must be at least 15 kg. Many people reach such dimensions only by three years, but some can boast of such weight already in two years.

Growth is also important. It should be at least 120 cm. Otherwise, the child will be fixed incorrectly and the back will not have proper support.

Thus, comparing all factors, it is possible to allocate the optimal age - 5 years, when they switch to a booster.

car seat booster

Custom model

However, manufacturers have released a booster car seat for children from 9 kg. This option belongs to category 1 and has special parameters designed for the transportation of children up to 15 kg.But many do not recommend so early to part with a full-fledged car seat. Thin and small baby can slip out and get serious side impacts in an accident.

Criterias of choice

Baby car seats must meet certain parameters. When choosing to pay attention to many criteria. The main ones are as follows.

Material.Children's booster seats consist of four layers: a frame, a plastic base, a soft pad, and a fabric upholstery. It is important that the seat was moderately hard, well-kept form. Children often stain the upholstery, so it must be removable and easy to clean.

Options.The main criteria are the width of the seat and its height. To make the child comfortable, and the device has served longer, you should choose the design wider.

Mounting method. There are simple models that are fixed by a car belt. However, this method is unsafe, because with a sharp turn the child can fly out of his seat. The most reliable car seats for children should have a Latch or Isofix attachment system.

Price. On sale you can find options that cost 300-500 rubles.Such a booster is probably made of poor-quality materials and is not able to provide adequate security. The foam version is suitable only for a one-time transportation in case of emergency. For permanent use, it is recommended to purchase booster seats on a metal frame.

child seats booster review

How to make the right choice?

In order for the purchase to satisfy the parents and not cause negative feedback in children, some rules should be followed:

  1. It’s best to go shopping with your child. Child booster seats may look attractive, but the child will be uncomfortable. Therefore, it is advisable to sit on the selected options and choose where it is most convenient.
  2. It should focus on the armrests. They must be tall. Only in this case is it possible to minimize the risk of damage during sharp turns and collisions.
  3. When fixing the belt, it should be lower than the neck.
  4. The booster should not be high, otherwise the child can beat his head against the ceiling of the car, even on small bumps.
  5. More expensive models are equipped with a small fixing back. Perhaps this option would be more comfortable.

Booster seats for children: a review of popular models

Many companies that specialize in the production of children's goods, and produce automotive protective equipment.

American company Graco. The manufacturer offers a model - Booster Basic. The chair is comfortable, comes without a back. The option is designed for children from 5 to 12 years. The device is able to withstand weight up to 36 kg. The advantage is the metal frame and high-quality plastic. The armrests are height adjustable, which is convenient for a growing body. The upper case is removable, so care is not burdensome.

Chicco. Popular brand of children's products, which produces the booster Quasar. The model is suitable for children whose weight has reached 18 kg. The advantage is the low weight and use in the upholstery of cotton materials. The booster is comfortable and durable.

Nania Dream Animals. The car seat for children from 9 kg is quite possible to replace this booster. It is designed for the youngest category of children (from 3 years), equipped with a metal frame and a soft seat. The cover is removable, made of hypoallergenic cotton.

German company Heyner. The manufacturer offers a variety of boosters, designed for different age categories. It is important that all products passed voluntary crash tests and received the appropriate certificates.Pediatricians and automotive protection specialists recommend boosters of this brand. The developers have developed a special technology that provides temperature control of the chair. In the summer, the baby does not sweat, and in winter the material retains heat.

Clek Ozzi. The model is characterized by versatility. The chair is suitable for use by people up to 54 kg. This option is preferable to take for large children. The booster is quite simple to install, it is lightweight and guarantees safety to the child. The height of the armrests is increased, which guarantees protection during sharp turns.

Child booster seats have different characteristics. But the best models are made on a metal frame, using plastic elements. The inner layer is soft, provides comfort during the seat. Exterior padding is removable to meet hygiene requirements.

User Reviews

Child booster seats reviews have conflicting. This situation is associated with a variety of models and the use of low-quality samples.

Some parents note that the child did not want to sit in a chair, and in the booster he allowed himself to wear his seat and calmly withstand the journey.Others, on the contrary, highlighted the inconvenience of the device and its insecurity.

In the reviews of expensive and high-quality models indicates the convenience and thoughtfulness of the design. An important point is the soft base and upper material. It is important that the chair is securely fastened and was like a glove. If the child sits comfortably, the belts do not press down and pass below the level of the neck, then his safety is at the proper level.

Negative reviews deserve foam boosters. They do not pass all kinds of tests and often burst even under insignificant loads. However, they are purchased for one-time transportation of children. With such a role, they quite cope.

child seats booster description


When the baby is growing up and does not want or does not fit in a car seat, the booster will be a good alternative. It will provide the necessary protection in the event of a minor accident or emergency on the road. However, it is not necessary to hurry and transplant a baby under 5 years old and a weight of 15 kg into the booster.

The booster is quite light, does not take much space. Therefore, it can always carry in the trunk. If it is necessary to transport the child, the seat is quickly and simply fastened, using stationary seat belts.

When choosing a booster for long-term use, it is better to choose proven companies that have certificates for their products, as well as conduct voluntary crash tests. In this case, you can get a product that fully complies with safety requirements.

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