Biography of Mary Poroshin. Mary Poroshina: biography, personal life

The biography of Mary Poroshina shows that in life she is a kind, sympathetic, completely non-conflict person. This cute woman took place as a good wife, caring mother of three daughters and, of course, a talented actress who has achieved recognition in the world of cinema.

Mary Poroshina: biography, personal life, family

Since childhood, Mary was surrounded by a magical aura of art. Biography of Mary Poroshin, her personal life, family - all is inextricably linked with the world of cinema and theater. In 1973, in the musical family of Poroshins, on November 1, a joyful event occurred: a long-awaited little miracle was born - daughter Masha. The girl's parents, her grandparents - all belong to the world of music.Mary Poroshina biography

Mama - Natalya Krasnoyarskaya showed great promise, her career as an artist, singer was waiting for her. Natalia studied at the course of Boris Aleksandrovich Pokrovsky, who was the director of the Bolshoi Theater.But misfortune happened, after the operation she lost her voice. But she did not despair. Her life still remained in theatrical environment - Krasnoyarskaya worked as an opera director.

Dad - Mikhail Poroshin sang in the ensemble "Birch", by the way, the grandmother of the future actress also sang, only in operetta. Maria's native father did not live long with his family - soon after Masha's birth, her parents divorced. The mother of the girl after the divorce again found her happiness in marriage. Steppe Mary became an actor Dmitry Nazarov. Between them reigned full understanding. Nazarov coped well with the role of the father, helped the girl with the lessons and gave practical advice on life.

Children's time

Adults always remember childhood with touching nostalgia - no worries, no hassle. Maria Poroshina grew the same happy girl, the biography of her childhood years is inseparably linked with music and people of art. Actors often gathered in their home. At such gatherings, little Masha made a scene from the chairs, climbed on it and recited poems or sang songs. Before each performance, the girl proudly reported: “People’s Artist Maria Poroshina is speaking!”.It was her dream - the stage, the audience, applause and glory.Actress Maria Poroshina biography

The parents wanted the daughter to continue the artistic dynasty, but few believed it. The fact is that before the fourth grade she had a very difficult character, as they say in the people - prickly. Then everything changed dramatically, and Masha became shy of everyone, even in the store contacting the seller was a test for her. If she was called to the blackboard to read a poem in front of the whole class, she didn’t succeed, the words flew out of her head, she stumbled, this was the end of her speech. With such qualities, the way to the big stage and to the cinema was closed. But, interestingly, in the close environment of her relatives and friends, Masha was open and brave, and there was no trace of shyness left.

Parents tried to give her daughter a good education, which was not limited to classes in regular school. The girl was capable and she sought knowledge. She studied in the French special school, in addition, she was engaged in dancing and choreography at the ensemble “Birch”. In connection with such a tight schedule of free time, the future celebrity practically did not remain.Despite this, according to Poroshin, these were the happiest years of her life.

Student Maria Poroshina: biography, husband Gosha Kutsenko

School years have flown by, and it's time to decide which path to go on, where to go to study. Parents in no way wished to help their daughter with admission with their connections, they wanted her to achieve this on her own, with her talent. Masha started to prepare for entrance exams to the theatrical institute in the tenth grade. She enrolled at the Moscow Art Theater School the first time.

Student Maria Poroshina, the biography of the actress tells us further about her student years, one can say, almost in the first minutes of being at the institute met her love. At the entrance exams, Masha saw an undergraduate Gosha Kutsenko, and a spark immediately flashed between the students. The love relationship ended in a civil marriage and the birth of a child. Gosh called his daughter Polina, this name was liked by both young parents. The baby inherited the artistic genes of the father and mother, followed in their footsteps and became an actress, besides, she writes beautiful poems.Maria Poroshina biography husband

In the Moscow Art Theater Poroshina not long studied, a year later she transferred to the Shchukin Theater School, graduated with honors.The family life of Gosha and Maria was also short-lived, five years later two talented individuals divorced quietly and peacefully. Former spouses have kept friendly relations, they communicate and, if necessary, they gladly act in some projects. On one set they are not crowded, on the contrary, they feel comfortable in the company of each other.

Mother of three daughters - actress Maria Poroshina

The biography of this beautiful woman is amazing! She not only achieved success in the theater and cinema, she also is a caring mother of three daughters. It is very difficult - to be torn between the career of an artist and the role of the keeper of the hearth. Maria copes with all this perfectly.Mary Poroshina biography personal life

The second husband appeared in the life of Poroshin completely by accident. She looked at the Lenkom performance as an ordinary viewer, a nice, courteous man took her place next to her. It was her fate - Ilya Drevnov. Having become acquainted, Masha and Ilya became close friends, but the friendship gradually grew into a deep feeling. Soon, these two people could not imagine life without each other.

Beautiful courtship, flowers, romantic surprises - all this ended with a wedding ceremony, Drevnov and Poroshina became husband and wife. Maria gave her husband two daughters.Serafima was born in 2005, five years later, in 2010, the youngest daughter, Agrafena, was born.

"Always say always"

The biography of Mariya Poroshinoy is striking with a large number of roles played - both in the cinema and in the theater, but these works did not bring great fame to her star project “Always say always.” In 2003, the actress was lucky enough to play a major role in this popular series. Her heroine Olga Gromova became Poroshina’s “calling card”, after this work she became for the audience an example of a strong woman ready to do anything for her family.

Interesting facts about the life of Mary Poroshin

Biography of Mary Poroshinoy can tell us a lot of interesting things from the life of the famous actress.biography of mary porodinoy

1. Maria from birth is a natural brunette, but for the role in the film “The Fan” she had to change her image and become a blonde. Blonde-haired Poroshina liked the audience very much, since then with dark hair Maria her fans could rarely see Maria.

2. When Masha was only eight years old, she composed a cantata on the death of Brezhnev, which she herself performed on the piano in a narrow circle of guests.

3. When on the set of the film “Night Watch” Maria found out that she would play with her ex-husband Gosha Kutsenko, this was a complete surprise for her.Since the relationship between the former spouses remained good, the joint work for both actors was only a joy.

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