Black cumin oil: the benefits and harm, reviews

Surely each of us is familiar with the seeds of black cumin. They are characterized by a bitter, but spicy and spicy taste. To obtain fragrant seasoning on the plantations of many countries located in northern Africa, as well as in eastern Asia, cumin is grown. Traditionally, its seeds are added to sauces, bread and cheeses. It is very appetizing lamb meat, seasoned with a mixture of cumin and mint.

black cumin oil benefit and harm

However, the use of this plant is not limited to the culinary field. Healers of the Muslim people have been using black cumin oil for more than one hundred years. It is a very effective drug widely used by Islamic medicine.

Healing product

Black cumin oil is a thick liquid of light yellow color. It has a specific spicy aroma and bitter, somewhat unpleasant taste. Because of this feature, honey is often added to drinks with the described oil.

black cumin oil

For the production of the product used high-quality raw materials imported from Egypt. The harvest of medicinal plants, which are oblong boxes of seeds, are engaged in August. As a result of cold pressing of the raw material after its filtration, black cumin oil is obtained. The benefits and harm (the shelf life has an important role in this matter) of the product, described by traditional medicine, are saved only during the established storage period. It should not exceed twelve months (with full packaging).

Pharmacological properties

The valuable composition can boast black cumin oil. The benefits and harms of this product are manifested in connection with the effect of its active components on the body.

The composition of medicinal oil are many potent biological substances. There are minerals and vitamins in the product.

Black cumin oil contains natural stimulating components to maintain immunity, as well as natural antibiotics. This allows it to produce a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Folk healers recommend the use of black cumin oil to eliminate infections caused by fungi and parasites.

In addition, the healing product will help remove pain and calm the nervous system, while showing antispasmodic properties.

black cumin oil benefit and harm reviews

Black cumin oil, the benefits and harm of which are known to people from ancient times, finds its application in the elimination of gastrointestinal tract pathologies and gall bladder. Official medicine explains this action by the diuretic and choleretic properties of the product.

The story contains examples when folk healers used black cumin oil during epidemics. The benefits and harms of this product were already studied. So, thanks to the ability of the oil to kill bacteria, pathogens of various diseases, it was given to people during outbreaks of various diseases, including cholera. At the same time, the herbal preparation had not a general, but a local effect, preventing a negative effect on the intestinal microflora.

The oil of amazing plants contains vitamins A, C and E. These components make the product almost indispensable for the prevention of vascular fragility. At the same time, the walls of the blood capillaries and arteries become elastic and strong. This process lowers blood pressure and helps prevent blood clots.The use of healing oil improves gastric motility and allows to treat inflammatory processes while maintaining the balance of intestinal microflora.

Applying the recipes of traditional medicine, it should be remembered that all means can have the desired effect on the body only if they are properly applied. Black cumin oil is no exception. The benefits and harms (photos of the product, see below) of this drug manifest themselves in their own way.

black cumin oil benefit and harm reviews of doctors

A positive result from its use is achieved only with a properly selected dosage, and this is considered the task of a qualified specialist.

Internal use of healing oil

In order to carry out the prevention of many serious diseases, it is enough to regularly use black cumin oil. The benefits and harms of the product must be taken into account without fail. The oil must be consumed in certain dosages, only then will it help to cure such pathologies:

- digestive tract;
- heart and blood vessels;
- genitourinary system;
- caused by viruses.

Application area

For a long period of use, a means such as black cumin oil (benefit and harm) has been fully studied.Reviews of patients who used it confirm that this is a rather effective component in the complex therapy of such ailments:

- hypertension;
- atherosclerosis;
- failures in the cerebral circulation;
- ischemia;
- elimination of inflammatory foci in the region of the heart and blood vessels.

Even the currently widespread disease, as vascular dystonia, retreats when using this effective remedy.

Before using a product popular in Eastern medicine, all the positive and negative effects that black cumin oil has on the body (benefit and harm) should be studied. Reviews of those who in the right dosage included this tool in their diet, confirm its ability to eliminate such problems:

- flatulence in the stomach;
- nausea;
- vomiting;
- diarrhea.

In addition, the internal use of medicinal oil will allow you to successfully deal with all varieties of parasites. Using it in a tablespoon during the day, a person reduces the likelihood of developing colitis and gastritis, ulcerative processes and cirrhosis of the liver, as well as gallstone disease.

Healing Oil Treatment for Diabetes

The product obtained from cumin seeds helps with a number of rather complicated diseases. One of them is diabetes. In this case, a sustainable effect can be obtained thanks to vitamins A, E, D, B1 and B3, phosphorus and zinc, manganese and potassium, as well as amino acid compounds. All of these components are natural insulin synthesizers. Applying black cumin oil regularly can sufficiently replenish the body with these elements. This will reduce the level of sugar.

The use of healing oil for ENT diseases

The benefits of a natural product in the pathologies of the respiratory tract are obvious. This is due to the bronchodilator and expectorant properties of the oil. When it is used, inflammation caused by various types of acute respiratory viral infections, sinusitis, etc. is eliminated. This contributes to the antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the medicinal product.

Reproductive System Treatment

Many active substances that are in the composition of a unique oil (manganese, zinc, etc.), once in the human body, normalize the processes of testosterone production. For those who take this product regularly, there is no inflammation in the mucous membranes of the reproductive system.

black cumin oil benefits and harm for children

Healing oil, used as an additive, eliminates problems with the menstrual cycle and increases female libido. It also normalizes the processes of spermatogenesis in men and helps a strong half of humanity with prostate adenoma. But remember that before use, you will need to study in detail all the information about a product such as black cumin oil (benefit and harm).

Reviews of doctors about this natural remedy confirm its positive effect on the human reproductive system. This is also indicated by the adherents of alternative medicine. They speak of oil as a high-class tool.

Outdoor use

Healing oil can be used not only in the form of teas and tinctures. Effectively its use in the form of an external agent to eliminate such pathologies:

- hemorrhoids;
- rhinitis and other ailments of the throat, ear and nose;
- Stretching of the joints and muscle pain, accompanied by pain syndromes;
- skin diseases.

black cumin oil benefit and harm shelf life

The last item in these listings explains why oil derived from an oriental plant is used in cosmetology. This valuable product not only eliminates the rash, fungus and inflammation.It moisturizes and softens the skin, giving it elasticity and firmness. That is why cumin oil is included as one of the components in the composition of anti-aging masks and creams. But with all the benefits of the product for the skin, it is worth remembering that applying it in its pure form is not recommended. The drug is potent, and can be used undiluted only in extreme cases.

Product Harm

Healing oil has a number of contraindications that must be taken into account prior to its use. So, it is forbidden to take this product to pregnant women (at any time). It is not recommended for those who have undergone surgery for the transplantation of any internal organ. In this case, cumin will have a strong immunomodulatory effect, and the body will reject a foreign body.

You should not begin treatment if you do not know what benefits and harm of such a product as black cumin oil. For children, in particular, the dosage of this potent agent should be reduced by two or even three times compared to what an adult can take.

Getting rid of those extra pounds

Since ancient times, much has been known in folk medicine about such a gift of nature as black cumin oil (benefit and harm). For weight loss, it is also used because it can reduce the appetite and maintain normal blood sugar levels, which will eliminate cravings for foods rich in carbohydrates. All this will allow stably losing about 2-3 kg per month (assuming a balanced diet).

Official medicine has proven the ability of an amazing oil to improve lipid metabolism. This product can fight cellulite. Its use will remove excess swelling from the skin and lead to normal circulation of lymph and blood in the body.

black cumin oil benefit and harm photoCumin oil to eliminate extra pounds is used in the form of tablets, oily extract and herbal tea. The product is used both separately and in combination with other means.

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