Bone Club SVS 4 * (Turkey, Alanya, Mahmutlar): photos, room description, service, tourist reviews

The rich infrastructure and excellent location make the hotel complex Bone Club SVS 4 * just the perfect place for various kinds of entertainment and recreation. The concept implemented within the framework of this hotel allows each visitor to choose exactly what corresponds to his requirements and requirements. It is about this magical place for a summer vacation and will be discussed in the framework of this review material.

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Where is the hotel located?

The nearest large settlement, in the boundaries of which is Bone Club SVS Hotel 4 * - Mahmutlar. Alanya is the largest city in the vicinity of this hotel complex. And the first of them, in essence, is a suburb of the second. These two settlements are only 10 km apart. There is a direct transport connection between them, and buses travel quite often.And if there is really nothing to look at in the suburbs, then Alanya has a number of attractions, and there certainly are places where you can have a great time and forget about all the pressing problems.

The nearest international airport is located in the center of this province - Antalya. In this case, the hotel has already been removed 140 km. To overcome this rather large segment, vacationers are forced to spend about 2 hours. But there is no other, shorter route in this situation.

Hotel Overview

Hotel Bone Club SVS 4 * was officially opened in the distant 1990. This is one of the very first complexes in this region. Since that time, its buildings and territory have been repeatedly modernized and reconstructed. The last such event was carried out in 2011. The total area of ​​this complex for tourists is 12000 m.2. This is a typical value for a four star hotel in Turkey at the moment. The entire infrastructure of this hotel is compactly located in this area, including swimming pools, bars, restaurants and even playgrounds.

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The composition of the Bone Club SVS includes two buildings.And formally, one of them is considered the main, and the second is optional. But at the same time the number of floors they have is the same and is equal to 6. Each building has its own elevator, but only one. The total number of apartments for guests is 253 rooms. And they are located only from the first to the fifth floor. But the last of them is formally considered official. That is the sixth floor.


The apartments in Bone Club SVS are divided into two large groups. Room description indicates that the most accessible rooms are 17 m.2. But there are also more expensive apartments. In this case, the area increases to 24 m.2.

Any room in this hotel complex includes a bedroom with one or two beds, a balcony, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Without fail, each of them is also equipped with a TV and air conditioning. That is all that is necessary for a comfortable rest of an undemanding tourist in these rooms is.


Meals at Bone Club SVS are based on the so-called all inclusive concept. Three times a day, products in the right quantity are served in the main restaurant of the complex.Vacationers form their own menu and on the basis of it they choose products, dishes, fruits, vegetables and salads. And in the amount they need.

There is also a late breakfast and dinner for those who did not have time on time. But in this case, the proposed menu is significantly reduced. Alcoholic beverages of Turkish origin are initially included in the tour price, and there is no need to pay extra for their use in the restaurant. But foreign liquor is no longer included in the prepaid cost of the tour operator. Therefore, you need to pay for them separately.

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Restaurants Bars

On the territory of Bone Club SVS 4 * there are three specialized restaurants and five bars. When visiting restaurants to think about the cost of meals is not necessary for the reason that it is already paid in the cost of a pre-purchased tour. The same applies to local spirits. But foreign alcohol, as noted earlier, is not included in the concept of all inclusive and is already purchased separately.

Beach and Anatolia Garden bars are open from 10:00 to 18:00. The first one is located on the beach, and the second - on the territory of the complex. There are also bars Anatolia and Waterfall. The first one is open from 10:00 to 23:59, and the second from 10:00 to 23:00.All these institutions operate as part of all inclusive, and they are all free, except for foreign alcoholic beverages.

The last bar, Disco, is open from 11:59 to 2:00. It is also taken out of the framework of the “all inclusive” food concept of this hotel complex, and in it already all food and beverages are provided on a fee basis. This approach is due to the time of his work.


The concept of rest in the four-star hotel complex Bone Club SVS is simply superbly designed and implemented. Service in this case is really beyond praise.

Holidays are not only the sea, swimming pools and swimming. At the same time, you can devote yourself to training, and for these purposes there is a gym at the hotel. For those who like to steam, there is a Finnish sauna. If you prefer the hammam, then there will be no problems with it. You can also visit the disco or play table tennis. All this is on the territory of this hotel and is included in the tour price. That is, for vacationers completely free.

But such popular services as massage and spa are not included in the all-inclusive package. Therefore, they are provided only on a fee basis.But this is standard practice for four-star Turkish hotels, and there is nothing unusual in this.

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Swimming pools

On the territory of Bone Club SVS 4 * four pools are located at once. Two of them have a children's specialization. And two larger ones are designed for adults.

Any of them is open from 7:00 to 19:00. After this, the scheduled cleaning of water in each pool begins. It should also be noted that they are all open, devoid of heating and filled with fresh water. You can swim in them only during the holiday season. That is, somewhere from mid-April to the first half of October.

The smallest pool is designed for the youngest visitors to this magical corner and has an area of ​​only 15 m.2. At the same time its depth is 40 cm. The second pool has a significantly larger size. Its area is already 20 m.2. But the depth remains the same and is still the same 40 cm.

Smaller pool for adults has an area already 100 m2, and its depth is already 140 cm. Significantly large size of the largest such artificial reservoir. Its area is already increasing to a maximum of 125 m.2.

A set of water slides of varying degrees of complexity adjoins one of the adult pools.


Hotel Bone Club SVS and the beach are divided by a very thin strip of land, the length of which does not exceed 50 meters. That is, this complex is located on the first line of the Mediterranean Sea. The only significant obstacle between the hotel and the beach is the road that can be crossed through the underpass.

The coastal strip has a combined pebble-sand coating. The total duration of the beach is 150 meters.

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What sights can I visit?

In a fairly convenient place from the position of the road junction is located Bone Club Hotel SVS. On the one hand, Mahmutlar is a small town in which there is nothing to look at. But on the other hand, it is only 10 kilometers away from Alanya, and there is a regular bus service between them. And in this large city there is definitely something to see. Only one aquarium is worth. And he is one of the largest in Turkey at the moment.

Regarding the same purchases can be noted that they can be made both in the suburbs and in Alanya itself. In the first case, you only need to overcome 10 meters. It is at such a distance that the nearest store is located from the territory of the hotel.The same can be said about the cafe. There are such places near the hotel, but their menu is rather modest. If you want something exclusive, then you can go to the big city.

But lovers of antiquity can recommend a trip to Side. To this city about 60 km from Alanya. That is, the road in both directions will take about 2 hours. Here you can see the ruins of an ancient Greek settlement.

Recommendations for the acquisition of the tour

As practice shows, it is best to purchase a tour in the Bone Club Hotel SVS from the tour operator who has a direct contract with this hotel. This allows you to minimize the cost of airfare and the way to the hotel and back. Also, the composition of the purchased package includes special insurance, which can greatly help in the event of various problems. That is, in this case, the tour is purchased in the complex. One of these operators today is CoralTravel. Therefore, when buying tours to this magical place for a vacation, it is recommended to contact their representative offices.

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Cost of

One of the most accessible tourist destinations is currently Turkey. Bone Club SVS only confirms this.The most affordable tour to this hotel can now be purchased in the second half of May for $ 600-650 (38-41 thousand rubles). This amount includes a double room for two tourists for 7 nights with the flight and delivery by bus in the forward and reverse direction. In addition, tour operators include compulsory insurance. That is, many can afford such a quality vacation today.

Of course, in June, the cost will increase by 100-150 dollars (6-9.5 thousand rubles). In July and August, the price of the tour increases already by $ 200 (12,600 rubles). In September and October, the demand for rest is already declining, and the cost again returns to $ 600-650.


Consider how vacationers after returning home characterize Bone Club SVS. Reviews really characterize it only from the positive side. For a start, it is necessary to note a very affordable pricing policy. Tours to this hotel are very, very affordable today.

Another significant plus in this case is a well-prepared and implemented infrastructure. It allows everyone to choose the job that they like most.

Separately, it should be noted many bars in the territory of this complex. Their only drawback is that they do not work around the clock.

All this is complemented by the location. If something is missing in a hotel or in the village of Mahmutlar, then you can go to the nearest major city of Alanya. There you can certainly find anything. Separately, it is also necessary to note the aquarium located there. A visit to the latter certainly will not leave you indifferent and give you a lot of vivid sensations and memories.

Separately, it is also necessary to note the staff who seeks to meet the requirements of each client. In addition to this, in every problem situation a local guide always strives to meet. All this allows us to say with great confidence that this hotel complex will become the place where you will spend a bright and unforgettable vacation, and you will definitely want to come back here again and have a great rest.

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A truly magical holiday destination is Bone Club SVS. Of course, this is just a four-star hotel, and some options, in comparison with the more expensive five-star hotels, are not available in it.But this very circumstance significantly reduces the cost of the tour to this corner of joy, peace and pleasure.

The infrastructure of the hotel complex is thought out to the smallest detail. Due to this, it turns out to be distracted from the current problems and immerse yourself in this magical and pleasant atmosphere of summer holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

In addition, the cost of rest in this hotel is very, very affordable. That is, a tour to this hotel can be bought by almost everyone.

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