Borders for wallpaper: types, advice on choosing, sticking rules

Repair is an unpredictable process, often people start to do one thing, but change their mind. The situation, familiar to everyone - chose and pasted wallpaper, but looking at them, you understand that everything seems boring and uninteresting. There is no zest that can bring a contrast or, on the contrary, harmony. This does not mean that you have to remove the wallpaper. In this situation, the most optimal - it borders for wallpaper. Before you select and purchase them, you should know the principle of fixation and what is available on the market.


Border for wallpaper can be called a universal finishing material, in addition, in the shops it is called edging, frieze, edging. All this will allow you to easily change the design and make interesting notes. There is an opinion that such an update is the last century. But it is wrong, because you need to know how to fit it into a general repair. After all, the edging has a large assortment and unusual colors.

self adhesive borders

What are its external data? The product is a strip of different widths. Usually sold in rolls.But making a choice is not as difficult as it seems. In addition, in stores for different wallpapers already prepared cant already exists, so it does not even take a long time to pick up. Not a rarity of a situation when the wallpaper is already on the wall, and the frieze is not selected. In this case, you should carefully consider the selection. In stores there may be such borders for wallpaper:

  • Paper. This is an elementary view, it is easy to glue and remove. If inaccurately fixed to the wall, the materials are easily torn and wet. This is one of the cheapest options, but the service life is minimal.
  • Vinyl. This is a more reliable look. Do not fade when exposed to sunlight, durable, so the service life is longer. If necessary, you can wash. Thanks to these characteristics, such a border for wallpaper is found in bathrooms and in the kitchen.
  • Acrylic. No less durable option. They are often compared with vinyl, but at the same time the price indicator is lower.
  • Textile. This frieze has its own characteristics - the presence of two layers. The first is a paper in the form of a base, after which a beautiful layer is applied, which serves as decoration. Velor is often used, but there are plenty of minuses. So, the material does not withstand mechanical stress and moisture.Dust settles quickly, animals can spoil it. Care for this type of tape is difficult, because wet cleaning is prohibited.
  • Fiberglass curb. This is one of the most durable species. This finishing material will serve a long period of time, without reacting to external stimuli. It is unique and suitable for any room, but the price is higher than all the previous ones.
wallpaper borders photo

If you do not need a distinct contrast, then you should choose a decorative border for wallpaper from the same material as the main floor. For example, if acrylic wall-paper with silk-screen printing is on the wall, then applying paper borders is at least inappropriate - the whole chic look will deteriorate.

You can say for sure that sometimes the frieze helps to remove shortcomings, transitions, create zoning. But do not forget that this is only an interior decoration.

How to subdivide curb tape?

When the question arises about the choice of pattern and color, then you need to decide which of the species is more suitable:

  • Same type.
  • With an ornament.
for children's wallpaper

Surface types

The surface is divided into:

  • Smooth.
  • Embossed.
  • With a dusting.
  • With the presence of lace.


Depending on where the material will be located, divide:

  • Border for children's wallpapers. This is the most understandable option, because the manufacturer puts toys, animals, etc. on the surface.
  • Curb in the living room. The main plus is a rich appearance. At the same time, they often depict flowers, stripes, ornaments, etc. And often, adding such curbing tape, they emphasize the design style of any of the rooms.
  • Curb in the kitchen or in the dining room. There can also be depicted the corresponding elements - berries, any food, sweets, etc. There is always a border here is an accent, for example, a dining area or window.
self adhesive borders for

How to combine with wallpaper?

Having dealt with the assortment on the market, it is worth finding out the combination techniques. The main advice for choosing is not to forget about the color and the presence of the pattern. There are not so many options, but there are the most successful ones, due to which a complete picture of wall decoration is obtained:

  • The same type of wallpaper and frieze with a pattern. One of the simplest methods. It is suitable for those who are important to keep the elegance and at the same time add zest. When the ornament is on the frez, its width should be such as to see what is depicted there. At the same time pay attention to the shade. It should coincide with the main walls.This method dilutes the familiar interior and makes it more unique. Suitable for large rooms where the focus is not on furniture. In the nursery, this method will also be appropriate and will give rainbow colors (since at an early age a child wants diversity, changing the curb ribbon is not so difficult and expensive).
  • Wallpaper with a pattern and monophonic border. Here the color scheme - this is what almost no wallpaper. This approach helps to remove oversaturation. Width does not matter. The only thing you need to know - a narrow strip will be lost among the large patterns. Gold and silver edging look original.
  • On the wallpaper ornament, on the ribbon - drawing. This combination is interesting, but not worth the risk. If the ornament is wrong, it will be too rich, all attention will be on the walls, and the rest will disappear from view. In this position, the border is not wide and there are notes of a pattern with wallpaper on it. Sometimes they make a general pattern and ornament. The only thing - choose a different direction. So it turns out very interesting and original.
  • Wall-paper dark and light in combination with a frieze. Designers can play with colors, eventually creating harmony and individuality.But the light walls quickly get dirty, so the bottom in this embodiment, darker colors. And the place of the joint is hiding behind self-adhesive wallpaper borders. In this case, the ribbon is selected with an ornament in the color of one of the wallpaper. Or the presence of patterns on the main canvas complement frieze of any shade. Visually, this is a unique combination.
border for wallpaper

How to stick?

All types of wallpaper borders have their own sticking techniques. What does this include:

  • Some are called self-adhesive. To do this, remove the protective tape, and under it a sticky layer. The material is quickly fixed.
  • On the reverse side already has the desired composition. It is moistened with water and fix the curb in place.
  • But the main part of this addition is mounted as a standard wallpaper with adhesive. On sale there is a special marked "for borders."
border for children's wallpaper


The main part of inexperienced people believes that the frieze is fixed on the wallpaper. But this method is suitable for paper. Otherwise, the bulge will be visible, which means that the surface of the walls is prepared. This is done in the same way as for wallpaper. After the marking is done, the right amount is measured and curb tape is cut.Glue is made, after it costs 15 minutes and work begins.

It is not necessary to apply the composition immediately to the entire perimeter. Also, the layer is not too thick. Otherwise, the composition will crawl out and smudge the wallpaper. Often the tape is fixed first, taking into account the evenness, and after it is the guide wallpaper. You need to have on hand a soft cloth to remove excess glue.

self adhesive wallpaper borders

The joints are well pressed, so as not to move. If the curb is used for windows or doors, then the joints at an angle of 45 degrees look more beautiful.

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