Bread at home. Bread recipe

We have long been accustomed to the abundance of food in the markets, the shelves of supermarkets and smaller shops. At any time of the day, you can go to an open outlet and buy everything your heart desires and allow a wallet, ranging from meat products to candy stores and baking. And yet, what special, unusually tasty and incredibly fragrant homemade cakes and cookies seem to us, how delicious bread made by grandmother or mother turns out to be!

Why is home better

 bread at homeAll right, no machine will replace the warmth of human hands, lovingly and carefully kneading the dough, the selection of ingredients is not according to the scheme, and "by eye", to taste. That is why bread, baked at home, is sweeter, fragrant, and softer, and more lush than the most popular loaves or types of store bread. He does not get stale for a long time and does not undergo mold, his crust especially crunches, and after eating a piece, we involuntarily reach for the second. Yes, it is not easy to make bread at home - no one argues with this.And it takes a lot of time, and physical strength to thoroughly knead the test mass is required thoroughly. Whether the bread will be successful at home depends on the freshness of the yeast, the quality of the flour, the experience of the hostess, and other components. But even if you put together all the disadvantages of the process, they are outweighed by one important plus. You know what it is, what products you put in your bread. At home, you can provide yourself and your family with an environmentally friendly food product, without chemical additives. You regulate the amount of salt and sugar in the dough, choose additional components: cumin, sunflower seeds, raisins, sesame and so on. In a word, whatever you say, and bread, baked at home, is great!

Classic recipe: ingredients

bread recipeNo matter how much she fantasized even the most experienced housewife, trying to improve the baking options already known to her, she would still be repelled by traditional methods, tested by time and numerous positive results. There is a main, i.e. the classic bread recipe on which our culinary creativity is based. The balance of products is as follows: for every 500 grams of flour, 30 grams of pressed yeast, 200 grams of milk, salt to taste and sugar are required.Why milk is taken: on its basis, bread will be more lush, soft and fragrant. Best of all, if it is with high fat content. You can replace the milk with whey. Water is taken as a last resort.

The classic recipe: knead the dough

We continue to study the basic recipe for bread. 75 grams of milk warmed to warm, about 35-40 degrees, but not higher. Yeast crumble and dissolve in milk completely. So ferment prepares, it should stand, "grab". Everything is done in a wide bowl or pan. Pour the sifted flour through a sieve onto the desktop, mix with salt and sugar. In the center of the "hills" pour ferment, pour it with flour. And pour in all the milk that remains, adding a little more water to it. Now the most difficult: knead the dough from the heart, with both hands, until complete homogeneity. It should not be too hard. Cover with a towel and let warm up. The volume of the test should be more than two times. Then knead it again, beat down. Divide, form loaves, brush with beaten egg and bake!

To help the hostess

bread in a bread makerHowever, the current housewives, compared with their predecessors, have a great advantage when baking bakery products. This is a smart device called a bread machine.Following the instructions, they simply load the products into it, switch on the desired mode, and the machine will do the rest. It turns out the bread in the bread maker is no worse than that made by hand. And another important detail: of course, devices from different manufacturers have their own technical features and nuances. However, the general mode of operation is the same. For example, how to bake the same milk bread in the bread maker. You will need: 500 grams of flour, 11 grams of pressed yeast, one and a half teaspoons of sugar and salt, the same amount of butter or vegetable oil. And about 350 grams of milk. All products vymeryayte special measure, which comes in a complete set of the device. Loading order: crushed yeast is put into a special bucket-form, flour, salt with sugar, and oil are poured. The last is milk. The “Main Baking” mode is set, the degree of roasting is indicated, the average is better. Close the lid - and after a specified time, take a hot, fragrant loaf!

Useful tips

bread in the ovenIf you are baking bread in the oven or in the Russian oven, then the main recipe can always be varied with tasty additives.For example, sesame, sunflower seeds or crushed pumpkin, cumin and coriander, raisins, poppy seeds, fennel are mixed into the dough itself. Instead of ordinary milk, the dough is kneaded on soy. To make the product sharp and savory, chopped garlic is put into the dough, a little soy sauce is added. In addition, if the bread is hand-made, the hostess can combine the composition of the flour: mix in equal quantities wheat and bran or corn, rye, potato. Then baking turns out peculiar, with amazing taste. And this once again proves that home bread cannot be compared with shop bread.

Dough on the water

homebaked breadAs already mentioned, bread can be put not only on milk, but also on water. The basic recipe looks like this. Sift 100 grams of flour (only 1 kg of baking is required, only note that the flour is rich in gluten) in a bowl. Make a well and crush about 50 grams of fresh yeast into it. Pour in warm water - 180-200 grams. Knead the leaven by adding a little more flour. Now cover the billet and let it warm up. And only then add the rest of the flour, pour in another 250-300 grams of water, two teaspoons of salt and one sugar. Knead again, cover again and allow the dough to dissolve for about two hours.After that, cut into portions and bake. Grease the top half of the bread with sugar or a beaten egg. If you give loaves an elongated shape, like the loaves, make cuts on the surface of the dough "herringbone". Or you can decorate them to your taste.

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