Breast-feeding. Advice for nursing mom

The best food for a newborn baby -this is mother's milk. No mixture, even the most expensive, adapted and enriched with vitamins, will not replace breastfeeding. Nature has made sure that each specific baby is ideally suited to the breast milk of his mother.

Breastfeeding Tips for Breastfeeding Mom

Breast-feeding. Councils nursing mother in the hospital

When a woman learns of her pregnancy, shebegins to read books about the intrauterine development of the child, the process of birth, what to do with the baby in the first months after it was born. But about how to breastfeed, few people think, because there is a mistaken opinion: both the woman and the child instinctively know what breastfeeding is. The nursing mother's advice, which is given in the maternity hospital, sounds like this: "Take the breast and put the nipple in your mouth."

Also medical staff of the old schoolthey say that the breast must be washed, especially with soap. And that the milk must be decanted to the last drop. And that only by the hour should be breastfeeding. Councils nursing mom, like vyshenapisannym, can turn into problems. Now it is already known that the microflora around the nipple helps the milk to digest in the best way, and soap not only flushes it, but also dries the skin, provoking the appearance of cracks. Expressing "dryness" triggers hyperlactation, as our body perceives this as a signal "the child does not have enough food!" And begins to increase the production of milk. As a result, stagnation in the chest and mastitis can occur. At the same time, feeding by the hour with the observance of night breaks after a while will lead to a significant shortage of milk.

breast-feeding technique

Breast-feeding. Councils nursing mum from consultants

Recommendations of lactation consultantsare significantly different from those given by simple doctors and the older generation of relatives, but they help many women to breast-feed their children long and happily. There are following principles of successful breastfeeding:

  1. Feeding on demand. This means that it is necessary to give the baby to the baby more than once at three o'clock, and then, when he is anxious, loudly groan or cry.
  2. Night feeding. The production of milk is answered by the hormone prolactin, which is produced during sucking and most active between 3 and 7 am.
  3. Lack of dopaivaniya. Milk, no matter what the grandmothers and pediatricians say, is not only food, but also drink, so the baby does not feel thirsty on breastfeeding. Additional water is needed only with illness and in a very hot season.
  4. Absence of nipples and bottles. When the kid sucks foreign objects, it spoils capture.


Breastfeeding techniques

Before giving the baby a breast, it needsplace on the sides of the cask, so that the tummy is pressed against the mother, and the face was turned towards her. Now you need to wait until the baby opens his mouth wide, you can hold a nipple or finger on the lips with a sponge, and then quickly put the breast into the mouth. There are three characteristics on which you can check the correctness of the capture:

  • in the child's mouth is not only the nipple, but also part of the surrounding dark skin - areoles;
  • the child's chin is pressed against the mother's breast;
  • and the upper and lower lips are not compressed, but turned out to be a "bow".

If these conditions are met, the feeding will bepainless, the child does not suck the chest to deep cracks. If, nevertheless, the toddler wrongly took the breast, it should be removed and given again. Just do not even try to pull, even the toothless gums can squeeze the nipple too much. You just need to insert a little finger into the corner of your mouth and turn it a bit.

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