Brenda Spencer: the killer biography

Brenda Spencer is one of the youngest terrorist killers in history.brand spencerHer biography still attracts the attention of journalists and psychologists. The problem of the so-called "school shooters" in American society is quite painful. In no other country, children so often come to school with weapons and do not open fire, as in the United States. This issue is often raised during discussions on the right to bear arms.

Childhood killer

Brenda Spencer was born on April 3, 1962 in San Diego. Her parents were not wealthy middle class. My father drank a lot, and my mother often left for other states on business. Nobody gave proper upbringing to little Brenda. Grandparents lived in other states. Therefore, she was raised by the street. The Cleveland school that the girl went to was in a fairly prosperous area. However, Brenda still found a company of hooligans and outcasts. According to the recollections of people who knew her, she had become accustomed to alcohol and drugs from an early age.Brenda's father was rather strict and often punished his daughter. But, apparently, their relationship was normal. Just the elder Spencer did not show proper participation in the life of Brenda.

Addiction to weapons

Brenda Spencer loved weapons and was fond of militarism. She liked everything about violence. When on TV they showed programs about serial killers, it could hardly be torn off the screen. My father also loved weapons and was an ardent supporter of his full legalization. He encouraged his daughter's hobbies and even took her to the shooting range.sixteen brand spencerIn the winter of seventy-eight, Brend's classmates found new things under the trees, players, and other standard gifts. The girl Santa Claus, whose role was played by her father, presented a special surprise - a small-caliber rifle and more than five hundred cartridges for it.

In the following days, Brenda Spencer often mentioned her gift in conversations with classmates. And in the last weeks of January, she said she wanted to do something that could be shown on television. It is not known for certain exactly what thoughts occupied a teenager these days. Psychologists believe that there were some prerequisites for what happened on January 29, 1979.Brenda Spencer went hunting.

Cleveland School Massacre

On Monday morning, January 9, the children, as usual, went to school. Brenda stayed home because she had other plans. Her house was located directly opposite the school. When students began to gather near the main entrance, sixteen-year-old Brenda Spencer opened fire on them. Shot a girl from a donated rifle. She had no special shooting skills, which made it possible to avoid big casualties. Several children were injured in the first minutes of the shooting. Immediately a policeman arrived at the scene of the incident, who was shot in the leg.

Two adult passers-by tried to save schoolchildren, and were killed. Brenda Spencer shot thirty-six times and then hid. She barricaded herself in the house and refused to leave it. The police negotiated with her for several hours. Psychologists, parents and even teachers could not convince the juvenile murderer to surrender. Only seven hours later the girl left the house.


After the arrest, she was asked about the motives for the shooting, to which she replied: "I just do not like Monday." This phrase became very famous; newspapers printed it on the front pages for several months. The Irish pop punk band TBR dedicated their song with this name to these events.

Brenda was sentenced to life imprisonment, despite his minor age. Every twenty years, she is granted the right to petition for clemency.

January 29, 1979 brand Spencer

Each new trial is accompanied by hype in the American press. While the sentence of the court remains unchanged.

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