Calamari and corn salad: a variety of recipes

Perhaps no modern festive table can do without some seafood dishes. And lovers of seafood the same salad with calamari and corn allow themselves and on ordinary days, without waiting for a special occasion. However, most often we cook this dish using the same methods known for a long time. Rarely what a chef tries to diversify such a salad and decides to experiment. But we decided to rectify the situation and tell you how it is tastier and more varied to prepare a salad with squid and corn, which can be supplemented and with which the main ingredients will be perfectly combined.

salad with calamari and corn

The easiest option

This method of preparation can probably be called a classic, since many know how to prepare it. Also everyone knows and what is included in this salad: squid, corn, eggs, rice. Only the dressing can make it more interesting: not standard mayonnaise, but sour cream, in which only a little of it is added. Greens can also freshen this dish: a traditional onion-feather with dill.

Squid Cheese Salad

This is a more interesting option. For him, quickly cooked squids (remember: it’s impossible to cook for a long time, otherwise they will become rubber) in a half a kilogram are cut into medium-sized straws, and the onion crumbles with the thinnest semi-semi-knees and boils for a quarter of an hour (this will leave excessive bitterness and characteristic smell). Two steep eggs are cut into cubes, a few leaves of lettuce are torn, a can of corn is opened and decanted. All the components are put in a bowl, salad with squid and corn, flavored with salt, pepper and grated cheese (150 grams), then dressed with mayonnaise. Now the dish is ready to serve.

salad squid corn crab sticks

Shrimp + Squid

As you know, seafood with each other combined just perfectly. So a salad with squid and corn will only benefit if you add shrimp to it. In what proportion to combine them will depend on which of the seafood you prefer. First, try two squid to take a hundred grams of shrimp already peeled. The onion is also needed in this salad, but it will be tastier if you first drink it, and in olive oil.And the dish is even more interesting if you put an apple in it. Then the sequence of actions will be as follows: the cubes of apples are mixed with pieces of shrimp, laid out on the bottom of the salad bowl and lightly smeared with light mayonnaise. A layer of only apples is added on top, then mayonnaise again. After the corn is laid out and coated with mayonnaise. The last is a layer of their squids with onions. Then we add salt, pepper salad and add mayonnaise. You can also sprinkle it with a grated egg on top (for this you should take three eggs). At the end of a beautifully laid out on top of the dish chopped olives rings. Delicious dish is ready!

salad squid corn eggs

Squids + Crab Sticks

I must say that this is quite a popular salad. Squids, corn, and crab sticks are complemented by most culinary specialists with eggs and Peking cabbage. First, it is she who is processed: chopped, salted and wrinkled a little. 150 grams is enough for a rather large salad bowl. Small cubes of a 100-gram pack of crab sticks, straws of boiled large squid, chopped two eggs, a jar of corn are poured there. Salt, pepper, garlic, mayonnaise and herbs are at the discretion of the cook.

Lean salad with squids and potatoes

As a rule, priests do not consider "sea reptiles" as meat, so these products can be eaten on fasting days. We offer you a suitable salad for this occasion with calamari and corn. Three carcasses of ocean animals are boiled and cut - this time in cubes, like eight boiled potatoes. A small can of corn, a planted bunch of green onions, pepper and salt are poured into a salad bowl with these products. Refill the dish will, of course, vegetable oil. It is best to use olive.

salad squid corn cucumber


This is another very successful salad: squid, corn, cucumber and eggs are perfectly combined with each other. Pieces of five eggs are boiled and chopped. To them is added a pound of chopped arbitrarily (or in strips, or cubes) squid. A jar of corn drained from the marinade is being poured. A pair of fresh cucumbers chopped into cubes, green onions and dill are ground. All components are combined, dressed with mayonnaise and mixed. Delicious light dish is ready.

Squid Salad with Tomatoes

This is a very interesting and elegant dish! In addition to the main ingredients, such a salad with calamari and corn also includes a big bell pepper, two tomatoes and a slice of cheese for two hundred grams. Boiled carcasses, peppers, and even cheese are cut into strips; Tomatoes should be cleaned from the skins and seeds and chopped in the same way. A dozen olives or pitted olives are cut into rings. The nuance is that the described salad with squid and corn is already mixed on the table, so that in preparation it should be artistically folded into a glass ice-cream bowl. Refill for it is made from a third glass of mayonnaise, a pair of garlic cloves, ground pepper and chopped greens.

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