Celery for weight loss. Important points

Such a useful humble celery

In ancient times, celery was a marsh plant in Europe and Asia. Healers used it purely for medicinal purposes. Beautiful large leaves served as a table decoration. And only in the 18th century celery began to be used in cooking.Celery for weight lossAt the same time (together with settlers from Europe), this plant moved to America. Today, there are more than twenty celery species growing on all continents, except perhaps Antarctica. People quickly realized the benefits of this product in the process of digestion and metabolism, and then identified it as a diet table product. The celery diet has virtually no contraindications. But in the plant itself - the focus of healing substances, various vitamins and trace elements. It has the ability to clean the human body. And, therefore, celery for weight loss will be an indispensable product.

Celery diet

The taste of this plant is certainly very specific, but if you get used to it, the absorption of dishes from it will not only be useful, but also a tasty process.Celery juice for weight lossIt is worth noting that this plant is negative in calories, that is, the energy spent on the digestion process of this product is much greater than that which celery brings to the body. Further, it should be noted that the unique composition of chemicals stabilizes the vital activity of the body's cells and thereby slows down the aging process, removes slags that poison the body. Thus, celery for weight loss prepares the necessary base, but does not burn fat.

Dishes for the diet table

Everything is useful in this plant: both tops and roots. Although celery has very few calories, however, it is very nutritious. Having eaten a seemingly simple dish of plant products, you can not feel the feeling of hunger for a long time.Celery Salad for Weight LossCelery salad for weight loss can be made from different ingredients, but according to their characteristics they should not contradict the action of the plant in question. Fresh cucumbers, apples, tomatoes, onions, carrots, beets and seafood will be good companions. Salad is seasoned exclusively with vegetable oil (olive, corn, canola or sunflower).Fans of exotic cuisine will be interested in a cold dish of celery and pickled mushrooms. Korean cooking fans will appreciate sliced ​​roots and stems sprinkled with soybean or balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with ground pepper. In any of these dishes celery works for weight loss.

Power of the plant

If you urgently need to lose those extra pounds, you can use celery juice for weight loss. Cook it easily in a juicer. You can drink and clean juice, and diluting carrot, apple, beetroot, cucumber. Take up to three teaspoons before meals. It can no longer be, because the tool is very strong. After squeezing the juice from celery with nettle and dandelion, you can not only lose weight, but also clean the blood vessels and blood vessels, thereby rejuvenating and tightening the skin. Celery for weight loss is important because you can not just lose weight, but also significantly improve the entire body.

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Celery for weight loss. Important points 70

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