Champix Tablets: Smoker Reviews

The issue of smoking every year becomes more and more relevant. The number of people under the influence of this addiction is increasing in the world. Most people who smoke try cigarettes at a fairly early age. For teenagers, this habit is an attribute of adulthood. However, with age, people begin to realize that cigarettes have a very negative effect on their health, health and appearance. Of course, smokers are ready for much to get rid of nicotine addiction.champix reviewsModern medicine has many tools to combat this addiction, and everyone chooses exactly the option that suits him.

General characteristics of the drug from nicotine addiction

The article will talk about the tool "Champix", reviews of doctors and smokers about the properties of this drug-free method of refusing cigarettes. In general, these tablets have a good reputation and are known as a fairly effective method of dealing with even heavy addiction. They were created by the German company Pfizer ten years ago.In 2007, their developers won the Galen Prize, often referred to as the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine. The drug comes in the form of capsules with a film shell. Each tablet has a weight of 1 milligram.

champix smokers reviewsThe drug is packaged in a case. One blister holds fourteen capsules. Tablets are sold either in banks or in cardboard boxes.

How does the remedy work?

How effective are Champix tablets? Reviews of doctors suggest that the tool is able to give a good result. How is it achieved?

The fact is that the active substance (varenicline), which is part of the drug, acts on those nerve endings in the brain that are responsible for nicotine addiction. As a result, the craving for cigarettes disappears. We can say that the nicotine that is required by the smoker, he becomes not needed. Cigarettes no longer bring pleasure, but, on the contrary, provoke disgust.pills champix reviewsAnother useful feature of Champix tablets has been found - reviews by doctors and patients indicate that the drug helps to neutralize the negative reactions of the body associated with the abolition of cigarettes.Thanks to the drug, people who smoked for many years, were able to get rid of addiction to nicotine.

How to use pills?

A solid installation on the struggle with a bad habit determines getting a tangible result when using the tool. Thus, it can only be considered a supportive therapy. How to take Champix tablets? Instructions and feedback from doctors suggest that it is recommended to use the drug for twelve weeks to achieve the effect. From the first to the third day of treatment, the dosage is five hundred micrograms (once). From the fourth day to the seventh, the drug is taken in the same amount twice, and from the eighth day until the end of therapy, the dose is increased to one milligram.champix instruction reviewsThe tool does not adversely affect the liver and kidneys. Therefore, even in the presence of pathologies of these organs, it is used in the usual amount. However, elderly people (especially those suffering from chronic diseases) need to be extremely careful when using the drug and regularly undergo a medical examination.Champiks doctors reviews side effectsIn general, if the drug provokes a deterioration in the patient's well-being, it is recommended to reduce its dosage. Smokers who are not satisfied with a twelve-week course of treatment to eliminate nicotine cravings may undergo repeated therapy equal in duration to the first.

Where to buy the drug and how much does it cost?

At the pharmacy, if you have a prescription, you can buy Champix medicine, and the feedback from smokers suggests that this is not the only way to buy medicine. Today, consumers have the opportunity to order it by phone or online. A package containing fourteen tablets costs about 1,270 rubles. A pack containing twenty-eight capsules will cost the buyer about a thousand and a half. For fifty-six pills have to pay 3,500 rubles. The indicated amounts do not include shipping costs when ordering.

Storage conditions

The drug can not be purchased independently. To buy it you need a doctor's appointment. Twenty-four months is the shelf life of Champix tablets, and the feedback from doctors suggests that it is extremely undesirable to use the drug after the expiration date.To store the drug should be at a temperature not higher than 30 ° C, preventing direct sunlight. Medicine Champiks must be kept out of the reach of children.

Features of using the tool

It is worth noting that there are certain nuances in the use of tablets "Champix". Reviews from smokers indicate that many of them (especially those who have been addicted to nicotine for a long time) are in danger of resuming such a dangerous addiction. In this case, doctors advise not to interrupt the use of the drug, but simply slowly reduce its dosage.

The recommended period of initiation of therapy is ten days before the complete cessation of cigarette use. While taking this drug, it is undesirable to drink alcohol, so there is no exact data on how the combination of alcohol and varenicline can affect a person’s physical condition.

Body reactions to the drug

Regarding the effects of Champics tablets, reviews of side effects from doctors indicate that these phenomena are associated with a lack of nicotine use.The body can react to this circumstance with depressed and often changing mood, sleep disturbances, increased excitability, and worsening of attention. Some patients have abnormalities in the heart and gastrointestinal tract (vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, bloating). While taking the drug, diseases of infectious, viral and fungal nature, as well as hoarseness are sometimes noted. In addition, there may be a decrease in appetite, but more often, on the contrary, it increases. A person begins to eat more, consumes a lot of high-calorie food (sweets, confectionery) and, of course, greatly gains weight.Champiks doctors reviewsThis is due to the fact that the body is trying to replace nicotine with other substances that cause pleasure, for example, products containing large amounts of sugar.

As for the side effects that occur when taking Champumps, patient reviews suggest that not all of these reactions occur and usually do not appear too strongly. It must be borne in mind that unpleasant symptoms should not last too long.If they do not disappear, you need to stop taking the medications and consult with a specialist.

When should not pills be used?

"Champics" is strictly prohibited to persons under eighteen years of age, as well as to people with diagnosed mental disorders (schizophrenia, epilepsy), since it is known that the drug affects the nervous system and seizure activity. Persons whose activities are related to technical devices and driving (pilots, motorists, workers in production) should not use the drug, because it reduces concentration. If there is intolerance of the drug, it must be immediately lifted. Edema and rash - allergic reactions that occur when taking funds. According to the reviews of doctors about Champics, side effects of this type are extremely rare.

Does the drug in the period of carrying a child?

Doctors can not give an exact answer to the question of whether Champix has any negative effect on the pregnant woman and fetus.champics side effects reviewsThe fact that studies about this situation have not been carried out allows us to state that it is undesirable to use this drug during the child's bearing.Regarding the lactation period, the doctors did not control the effects on the body of Champix tablets. Reviews of experts indicate that the drug has a certain degree of toxicity. A woman who is breastfeeding, it is better to refuse treatment or stop lactation. Since mother's milk increases the body's defenses and strengthens his health, the second option is considered undesirable.

"Champix" from smoking: patient reviews

In general, tablets have proven to be effective in combating such pernicious addictions as cigarettes. Many say that, despite the fact that they smoked for many years, having tried this tool, they permanently abandoned nicotine. Moreover, the withdrawal was easy and did not take much time. Patients notice that other products they have tried are not as effective as Champix, and feedback from former smokers suggests that many well-advertised tablets, sprays, patches and chewing gum do not allow them to stop cravings for cigarettes.champix smoking reviewsBut not everyone is satisfied with the effect of the drug. Some claim to have started smoking again after it was canceled.Although we can say that the reason for the lack of a positive result may be lack of motivation. After all, there’s no need to hope for a miracle, and medicines are just an aid.

Also, some patients developed side effects from ChampiX, and reviews contain information that, while taking the medication, severe nausea, irritability, insomnia appeared. However, these phenomena are associated with the impact of the drug on the body of specific people.champix instruction reviewsNot everyone has unpleasant symptoms, most tolerate the drug well. Another disadvantage of the drug, according to patients, is its high price. However, people with a strong nicotine addiction are ready, it seems, to pay any money to cope with their addiction.

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