Cheapest tablet in the world

Tablets are quite popular today, and manyyoung people like to have such a thing. However, the cost of such pleasure sometimes exceeds that of most consumers. Some people buy tablets on credit, while others try to take at least the cheapest tablet. Before buying such a device, you need to think whether it really meets all the needs of the consumer. After all, people often acquire, focusing on fashion. At the same time, the functionality of the device is not taken into account at all.

And the most expensive, and cheapest tabletsmeet one need - they entertain. Therefore, if a person plans to work on a laptop, then the best choice will be a laptop or at least a netbook. The tablet here will be completely useless. However, if you want entertainment first of all, then even the cheapest tablet will become an excellent multimedia center. After all, this is his main purpose. Choosing a device, you need to focus not only on prices.

The price when buying should never bethe first place. Because acquiring only in a certain price category, one can get not what is required. However, if the funds are limited, you can consider inexpensive aggregates and their functionality. There are three such devices.

The cheapest tablet in the world is Aakash Tablet.It costs only 35 dollars. However, only a student or student can acquire it at this price. All the rest should pay for it a little more than $ 60. However, this is also not a very high price. The quality of the device is quite good. Producer Aakash Tablet - Canadian company DataWind, but the development was also involved in the Indian government, so the tablet is considered Indian. The only drawback of this unit is a 256 MB memory.

Kindle Fire from Amazon, maybe not the mostA cheap tablet, however, its cost is only $ 200. At the same time, the quality of the device is almost the same as for units that are twice as expensive. The manufacturer of this electronic device, Amazon, has an online store known all over the world. That is why the organization went on the release of such a low-cost tablet. The firm expects to recoup costs by increasing sales. The disadvantage of the unit is that the content that the user can download only applies to the manufacturer's store.

Probably, the cheapest tablet that you canbuy today and use without limits, this is the Chinese Ainovo Novo 7. Its cost is less than a hundred dollars. Of course, the quality of the components is quite average, the display resolution is also not the best. However, the cost of the device attracts many buyers. Another attractive side of the tablet is that it is based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Here is the list of the cheapest tablets that are availabletoday in the market. However, as already mentioned above, to purchase digital equipment, focusing only on prices - this is a bad option. Sometimes it is better to wait and take a more expensive device that will meet all the requirements of the owner. As for Chinese tablets and smartphones, many complain about the quality of the devices. Sometimes they do not support applications with popular extensions in the West. But you can find that the programs that are distributed in China are supported. Someone talks about the low quality of sound, someone does not like the color rendition or the quality of the image at all.

However, to judge the quality of these smartphones andtablets can only those who have purchased them. Someone is quite happy with the purchase and has been using such devices for many years. If we talk about quality, the best tablets still produce Apple. However, the price of such devices corresponds to their high characteristics.

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