Child development in 7 months.

The most significant event of this period is the emergence offirst teeth. Do not worry if they did not appear at the end of the seven-month period. This process is very individual, in some babies they can appear earlier, and in others later. Usually the lower incisors first begin to erupt, then the upper incisors, and later the later ones. The last to appear molars. For this reason, the baby at 7 months, experiencing discomfort, becomes more whimsical. Due to the fact that his gums always itch, one should buy special teethers for the child, which can relieve the pain and take care of the baby for a while.

At this age, the baby has a desireactively move around, which is why the development of a child at 7 months involves improving crawling skills. Karapuz with interest studies the space of an apartment or a separate room. At this age, children already know how to sit down on their own. At first, their attempts are awkward and clumsy, but every time the moves are made more confident.

Physical development of the child at 7 months already allows you to enter into the diet of meat puree, his body is fully ready to receive this kind of food.

Factors conducive to the development of the child in 7months, affect not only physical skills, but also social ones. A kid with her mother's help is trained to eat with a spoon. A cup-non-spilled can at this age already be replaced by an ordinary one, so a crumb will learn how to use it quickly for its intended purpose.

Mental development of a child in 7 months.

In this period it is very important to provide the babyfull communication with adults, through which he learns to conduct a dialogue. Karapuz already begins to think and realize that depending on his actions, adults surrounding him, can react differently: smile, praise or vice versa angry and angry.

Kids of this age are already quite confidentown the body and can freely move on a rug and a bed. Their main goal is cognition, therefore parents should provide the maximum conditions for free and safe study of the child surrounding objects. Do not lock the crumbs in the arena, give him a more extensive space for games.

By the end of this age period of the babybegin to interest developing games. New, joyful, positive emotions can cause a book to crumb, especially if it is pleasant to the touch and with bright illustrations. Read it together with the baby, naming objects and describing images in pictures - this contributes to the development of the process of thinking and memory.

The development of a 7 month old child requires the following skills:

  • Conscious and quick crawling back and forth. The karapuz crawls to where he needs to.
  • Knows how to get up, clutching the sides of her crib, and makes several steps.
  • Sits without the help of an adult.
  • He kneels (with the help of his mother).
  • Features some items. He learns the things around him, and knows their names. However, this is possible provided that parents periodically repeat the baby of their name.

Toys and games.

Krokhe interested in counting and talking motherpestles. One of the most favorite games is the hands. It is interesting because, while playing, a baby can touch himself with pens and at the same time communicate with his mother, learning to pronounce words for her. Mom for a baby at this time becomes the most necessary person, he wants to constantly feel her presence.

The karapuz is already active with both pens, heknocks toys against each other and very much likes to throw them on the floor. The child plays with interest with molds for sand. After all, they can be pulled out of each other, and then try to fold back.

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