Cinema "Cosmos" (Yekaterinburg). The secret of half a century of success

The Kosmos Cinema (Yekaterinburg) was built in Soviet times. He was very popular with spectators from the very beginning. And today its halls are not empty. What is the secret of such success?

Cinema Space Yekaterinburg

What began the love of the viewer to the cinemas in Yekaterinburg?

The prerequisites for visiting cinemas have arisen yetin the 19th century. The first show took place in 1896. A cinematograph was held in the building of the city theater on an improvised screen. Then the movie did not make a proper impression on the townspeople. But a year later, when the agents of the Lumiere Brothers organized several sessions in a row, the audience was subdued.

The first real cinema opened inYekaterinburg in 1909. He was called "Laurage", and later was renamed "Sovkino". He started his work in the same building where the first films were shown to Yekaterinburg residents. And for the theater in 1912 a new building was built. Today there is the Ekaterinburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater.

The development of cinemas in Soviet Yekaterinburg

Already by the twenties of the 20th century cinemas inthe city began to be missed. Cinematographs began to open throughout the city and in central and sleeping areas. Among them, "Temp", "Proletarian", "Steel", as well as the cinema "Salute". Yekaterinburg gradually began to be filled with cultural and leisure institutions. The last in the Soviet era in Yekaterinburg was opened a cinema "House of Cinema". Built it two years before the start of perestroika on the street. Lunacharsky.

In Soviet times, there werecinemas. For example, in Koltsovo - "Aviator", on Elmash - "Dawn", etc. But the demand for watching movies on the big screen was still not completely satisfied. Therefore, improvised cinemas were created in the regional houses of culture. Cinema was regularly shown in the city House of Cultural Workers.

megapolis cinema екатеринбург

In 1967, the Cosmos cinema was opened. Ekaterinburg has not seen such a big hall. In it simultaneously it was located almost 2000 person. Fast enough, "Space" has acquired the status of the main cinema of the city. The entrance ticket here was more expensive than other Ekaterinburg cinema theaters.

Multifunctionality of "Space"

December 25 in 1967 in the "Space" was heldthe first premiere show. This day is officially considered the birthday of the largest cinema in Yekaterinburg. The film "The Iron Stream" was shown at the time based on A. Serafimovich's novel, directed by Yefim Dzigan. Since that time, a wonderful tradition has appeared in "Space" - to arrange premiere screenings of films with the participation of their famous creators.

The Cosmos Cinema (Yekaterinburg) took overholding both domestic and international festivals. And it became his business card. Also, "Space" almost from the very opening began to work as a concert hall in Ekaterinburg. For today, probably, and there was no artist who did not cross the threshold of the scene of the famous cinema.

cinema salute екатеринбург

Such multifunctionality of the cinema"Space" was planned initially. The aim was to build a building that, in addition to its main function, would be used as a palace of congresses. Therefore, various exhibitions, holidays, conferences, symposiums are often held here.

Reconstruction of the Kosmos cinema

In October 1999, the Kosmos cinema(Yekaterinburg) was closed for four whole years. Here, a large-scale reconstruction was carried out in accordance with the requirements of fire safety. After the work, the number of seats in the cinema was reduced, but the podiums for people in wheelchairs were equipped.

The hallmark of this cinema is alwayswere comfort and respectability. After reconstruction, the exterior became more airy. This was realized through the use of light composite panels and tinted dark stained-glass windows.

cinemas of Yekaterinburg

At the entrance to the cinema there are six columns,crowned with gold letters. And inside - granite floors and steps, glittering railing, marble columns. This kind of foyer delighted the visitors of the "Cosmos". Also the cinema was equipped with the latest sound-reproducing equipment. This allows you to hold concerts at the highest level.

Soft chairs made in Spanishtechnology, a curtain made of high-quality Belgian fabric, strewn with rhinestones, the very atmosphere, the beloved refreshment of the "Cosmos" buffet and the bar on the third floor, which appeared after the reconstruction, allow one to get even more pleasure from the event and force the viewer to return to the Kosmos cinema again and again.

Competitors of "Space" today

Today in Ekaterinburg there are 20 cinemas. Eight of them were built recently in the framework of shopping and entertainment complexes, such as Park House and Fan Fan. It has also a SEC "Megapolis" cinema. Ekaterinburg, it seems, has already been saturated with various venues for viewing films.

But despite the many different cinemas,"Space" has no competitors in terms of the number of seats in one room. Many cinemas in Yekaterinburg boast a large number of halls (up to 8). But each such hall can accommodate no more than 1000 people. Therefore, "Space" is always in demand among artists and we love spectators.

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