Civilization 5. Cheats and Game Review

Many gamers highly appreciated the new version of Civilization 5. Cheats for it were also repeatedly discussed in their circles. Here are just all the tracks in the search for a list of effective codes are "on the trail of the grouse." That is what they say in popular domestic TV shows about detectives when it comes to a case that is doomed to failure. The situation is similar with the search for cheats for Sid Meier’s Civilization 5.

Civilization 5 cheats

Cheats are activated ... And then?

As a rule, the instructions for activating the code entry system are not so complicated. Need to find a fileconfig.ini (usually located in the game folder located in the "My Documents" directory), correct in theDebugPanel value from zero to one and save the changes made.

During the game itself, you need to use the ("tilde") key, which is located on the button with the letter Ё, but in the English keyboard layout. According to a number of recommendations in various forums, after the executed manipulations, you can enter commands.

And now the most interesting - there are no cheat codes. After activation, you need to figure out which team is responsible for what and adjust the game for you. But the fans did not suffer longCivilization 5: cheat codes were successfully replaced by trainers.The latter quite successfully cope with their duties.

sid meier s civilization 5 cheats

Sid Meiers Civilization 5. Cheats? No - trainers!

Issued several add-ons to Civilization 5. Cheats (trainers) for each version of the individual. Activation of such allows:

  • Make combat units immortal.
  • Give the player endless cash.
  • Strategic resources will not run out.
  • Acceleration of improvement of such an indicator as status.
  • Buildings and studies are completed very quickly (for example, a research branch can be pumped in almost two or three clicks almost by half).

Naturally, the beauty of the game in this case is lost.

Pros and cons

Using cheats in a regular offline game is a personal affair of every gamer. In fact, the player who plays the game for the first time (along with all additions) has a certain interest. But in this case a lot of time will be spent on all this. Still, you need to build a state to the conquest of space, starting from the Stone Age. This is not Spore, where evolution takes place on the screen for ten or fifteen minutes, it’sCivilization 5. Cheats (trainers) in this case to anything.

sid meiers civilization 5 cheats

Another thing, if the game has already been passed, the main interesting points are already known and you just want to kill the evening, quickly "running."It is difficult, of course, to present the game in such a role, but in this way, the beloved Civilization 5 is used by everyone. Cheats (trainers) will quickly pump the level of the state’s development to almost the maximum.

While the enemies and allies will be still in the process of reinventing the wheel, the player will already be able to put tanks, airplanes and robotics on the protection of their borders and will be ready to throw atomic capitals with atomic bombs.


Civilization 5 has a number of differences from its predecessors. The main one is that it has become impossible to trade in technology. If in the previous parts it was possible to successfully “plug in” an innovation to a backward state, siphoning off all vital resources in exchange, and live happily ever after, then now we have to enter into a research agreement. The bottom line is that both states donate a certain amount of resources to the general fund, and the study proceeds faster in both powers for thirty turns. When the specified agreement expires, both parties receive the technology.

Here are how many actions you have to perform in Civilization 5. But the cheats simplify everything.

The remaining sides of diplomacy (war, trade agreements, truces, the agreement on the opening of borders) remained unchanged.

civilization 5 cheat codes

An important aspect is the unique appearance of the leaders.Qualitatively worked out, each has an individual landscape behind their backs. Leaders speak their native languages ​​and gesticulate while talking. This does not affect the game, but makes its aesthetic interest. In this way, a wider audience of players from different countries is attracted.

All the leaders are still “immortal” and remain with the player from the Stone Age to the era of space exploration. In principle, this is also not entirely important, but, in fact, is a flaw. It remains to hope that in the future, developers will implement something like an electoral system, establishing such a continuity of power. This would make the game even more lively and historically attractive.

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