Classic Shell - what is this program and why is it needed?

Today, programs for a complete change in the settings of Windows systems can be found quite a lot. Not all of them are equal among themselves, since the majority of such software products are focused on the “decoration” of the system. But among all the applications of this type, a small but rather functional applet - Classic Shell can be singled out. What kind of program it is and how useful it is to use will be further considered. For those who do not like the application for some reason, they will be given instructions on how to completely uninstall it.

Classic Shell: what is this program?

To understand the purpose of this software package, first you should at least translate its name, which can be interpreted as a kind of standard shell.

classic shell what is this program

Indeed, the Classic Shell application for Windows 10, for example, is the tool that allows you to restore the classic look of the main elements of the system interface, including the Start menu, almost all panels, skins, and Internet Explorer. There are a lot of settings in the program.We’ll dwell on them separately, but for now a few words about the installation process.

Application installation

Classic Shell for Windows 10 is installed using the standard installer, and the installation process in most cases does not cause difficulties. True, there are several nuances. It will not be difficult to deal with them, since the Classic Shell package in Russian is available on the Internet for downloading (it’s best to contact the official developer resource). Now about the main thing.

classic shell for windows 10

At the stage of selecting the installed program elements, it is advisable to mark everything in the list, because, if you do not install any component, some functions may be unavailable. Updater (tracking tool for updates) is marked as desired. If long-term use of this software package is foreseen, it is better to activate it.

As for the program itself, it is compatible with all known versions of Windows-systems, starting with the modification of Vista. But installing it in systems below the eighth, in general, does not make much sense, since the shell of these operating systems already has a classic look. But for the eighth and tenth versions of the system for many this application can be a real find.Please note that after installation, the program will constantly run in the background. If you disable its processes, the interface settings will be lost. But, as stated by the creators of the application, even in this mode, the consumption of system resources is reduced to a minimum.

Classic Shell Basic Settings

Now directly about the settings. The default settings are optimal. The main window contains several main tabs, related mainly to the Start menu and the display of the corresponding button.

start menu classic shell

To access the advanced settings, you must use the show item located on the top. After this tabs will become more, as well as customizable options. At the same time, the moment immediately draws attention to itself: on the General Shell tab, the Start menu is configured in three versions (by style). To set additional options, you can use tabs related specifically to the main menu.

Changing basic interface elements

This is the Classic Shell application. What is this program, a little clear. We will understand with the other elements.

classic shell in Russian

The main interest is represented by the settings of the “Taskbar”, context menus, themes and skins,general behavior, sounds, language (which can be changed according to the type of interface change in the system itself, but much easier), etc. Separately, you should pay attention to the Windows tab. Depending on the version of the system into which the application is integrated, the current modification will be displayed on it (for example, Windows 10).

In the application itself, you can simply change the order of the elements or hide functions that the user doesn’t need by using the RMB on the element and selecting the corresponding item. In general, it is simply impossible to describe all the settings, so ideally it is better to experiment on your own with the available options and see how the system interface changes. By the way, for the same Windows 10, you can easily install the Aero theme, which many have so fallen in love with since the days of Windows 7. The same applies to returning to the classic Internet Explorer look (a special plugin is built into the browser for this). You can save your own settings by exporting them to an XML file. If you see that with the installation of parameters a bit too far, then you can use the function to return to the default settings.

How to remove the application?

But suppose the user installed the program, used it for a while, but for some reason he did not like it, and he decided to remove it from the computer. How to do it?

classic shell settings

The application is removed by the standard method using the program section and the “Control Panel” components with a preliminary exit from the program in the system tray and the completion of its process in the “Task Manager”. However, in order not to clean the “tails” manually later, it is better to use uninstallers like iObit Uninstaller (for accuracy, so to speak). Such applications with the included in-depth analysis automatically find the residual files, directories and registry keys, and then delete them from the system.

Do I need a program on a computer?

This is all about the Classic Shell application. What is this program, figured out. The only question that remains unanswered is how expedient it is to install this applet and change the look of the operating system.

Here you can only say that you can install this program on systems of the eighth version and above. Agree, why keep this application in Windows 7, if the interface already has a classic look? In addition, you can change the settings without this program,using the speed section for this, where visual effects are turned off with a choice of the best performance point (in general, you can get something in the spirit of even earlier systems). But, if you approach the evaluation of this program objectively, it looks very impressive, due to the presence of a huge number of custom user options and a small load on system resources.

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