Crispbread Dr. Korner: reviews nutritionists, tastes, composition, calorie

Recently, commitment to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is gaining popularity. This means that you have to exclude or look for a replacement for many products. Once there is a demand, then there will be an offer, so today you can see a huge amount of various diet products on the shelves of stores. “Bread is the head of everything” - says a Russian proverb. But supporters of a healthy lifestyle have found an alternative to him: loaves. Rye, wheat, oat, with additives and without. The breads of the domestic production of JSC "Hlebprom" of the trade mark Dr. Korner.
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What do they taste like?

The manufacturer divides the line of breads into three types: classic cereals, sweet and salty.

The first group includes six items:

- “Dr. Rice Croutons Korner with vitamins. Rice helps to improve digestion, replenishes the body's energy reserves and is considered the best grain crop for fasting days.

- "Wheat with vitamins."Wheat prevents fatigue, stimulates metabolic processes, helps to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

- "Buckwheat with vitamins." Buckwheat helps to improve the immune system, lowers cholesterol and is a useful material for strengthening the walls of blood vessels.

- "Cereal cocktail with vitamins and minerals." Combine the valuable components of the cereals that make up the composition, contain vitamins belonging to group B, and vitamin PP.

- "Seven cereals." They collected the beneficial properties of wheat, millet, rice, as well as barley, oat, corn and buckwheat.

- “Dr. Korner. Corn helps to eliminate toxins and harmful substances from the body, has a positive effect on the work of the heart and blood vessels, increases stress resistance and prevents aging of the body.loaves benefit

Salty bread

Salty bread combines cereals with cheese, iodized salt, and the "Borodino". "Dr. Bread Korner Cheese "are very popular. They are rich in calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Protein, which is part of the cheese and is almost completely absorbed by the body, it needs as a building material of cells. Cheese itself is rich in vitamins A, B2, AT12, D.The cereal cocktail “With iodized salt” is rich in iodine and contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Bread "Borodino" - a taste of real Borodino bread. Prepared from rye and wheat with the addition of herbs - coriander and cumin.

Sweet breads are more extensive than salty ones - five names of “cereal cocktail” with different flavors: lemon, honey, cranberry, pineapple and blueberry. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, which is absolutely indispensable for normal metabolism in the body, and also participates in the nutrition of tissues and undoubtedly strengthens the immune system. There is no doubt about the healing properties of honey - this is a well-known truth, proven by centuries of history and experience. Cranberry is one of the most useful berries, the strongest natural antioxidant. It is necessary for the digestive and cardiovascular system. Pineapple is a natural fat burner containing organic acids. In addition, it contains bromelain - a plant enzyme that accelerates the absorption of proteins. Bilberry has no analogues in beneficial properties for vision: it reduces eye fatigue, normalizes eye pressure.In addition, it removes heavy metal salts from the body. Bread Dr. Korner caramel tastes just awesome.

They do not contain sugar, its replacement is fructose - dietary sweetener.bread dr korner reviews nutritionists

The composition of bread

Cereal breads Dr. Korner reviews nutritionists tasty and useful:

- "Rice with vitamins": crushed and steamed rice, a mixture of vitamins and minerals "Spike-1", including vitamins PP, B1, AT2,AT6as well as folic acid and iron.

"Wheat with vitamins": wheat, "Spike-1" - vitamin-mineral mixture of iron, folic acid, vitamins B1, AT2, AT6, PP.

- "Buckwheat with vitamins": buckwheat unground, a mixture of vitamin-mineral "Spike-1" (vitamins PP,6, AT1, AT2, iron, folic acid). Composition of bread Korner is listed on the package.

- "Cereal cocktail with vitamins and minerals": wheat, buckwheat, rice, a mixture based on vitamins and minerals "Spike-1" (vitamins PP, B6, AT1, AT2, iron, folic acid).

- "Seven cereals": buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, corn, pearl barley, wheat, millet.

- "Corn": corn grits, popcorn corn.

Salted breads Dr. Kerner:

- "Cheese cereal cocktail": buckwheat and rice cereals, wheat, natural cheese "Cheese", yeast extract,citrus-based dietary fiber.

- “With iodized salt”: rice, wheat, buckwheat, iodized salt.

- “Borodino”: rye, wheat, whole cumin, whole coriander, fermented rye malt, peeled rye baking flour, iodized common table salt.

The benefits of loaves interest many.rice cakes dr korner

Sweet bread

Sweet breads are presented in the following lines:

- “Lemon cereal cocktail”: buckwheat, rice, wheat, lemon juice, fructose, natural lemon flavor, sweetener sucralose, iodized salt.

- “Honey cereal cocktail”: rice and buckwheat groats, wheat, honey, fructose, iodized salt, natural honey flavoring, sucralose sweetener.

Also on sale there are loaves of Dr. Korner Cranberry.

- “Cranberry cereal cocktail”: wheat, buckwheat and rice, fructose, cranberry juice, natural cranberry flavoring, sucralose sweetener, iodized salt.

- “Pineapple cereal cocktail”: wheat, buckwheat, rice, fructose, edible salt, natural pineapple flavoring, pineapple extract, sucralose sweetener.

- “Blueberry cereal cocktail”: rice groats, wheat, blueberry juice, buckwheat groats, fructose, sucralose sweetener, natural blueberry flavoring, iodized salt.dr korner bread caramel

Nutritionist reviews

Bread - a useful product. They favor effective weight loss, improve metabolism and, in addition, help cleanse the body and remove toxins and slags from it.

The composition of bread, unlike bread, does not include yeast, which can sometimes cause problems with digestion. In addition, they are a good source of fiber and slow carbohydrates, contributing to the rapid saturation of the body and a long absence of hunger. It is noted that the composition of many loaves of this brand includes vitamins and minerals necessary for the body, and also does not include salt, which retains water in the body.

Nutritionists say that how consciously and rationally a person will approach the use of loaves depends on the benefits of using them in his diet. They are advised not to consume more than five to seven per day. The benefits of loaves are described below.

Useful properties of bread

The health benefits of cereal and grain breads are difficult to challenge.This is the value of the properties of the grains themselves and the minerals contained in them, the B vitamins that are part of many types of this product line, the absence of artificial additives, and fiber.

B vitamins are beneficial to the nervous system and help strengthen the walls of blood vessels and blood circulation.

Cereals have a high content of calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. The benefits of phosphorus and calcium for bones, teeth and hair are well known; gland - for blood, magnesium - for muscle work.cranberry dr korner bread

The fiber contained in the loaves helps the intestines to work fully and removes from the body various toxic substances that are formed in the process of digesting food.

Another useful feature, even, one can say, the advantage of bread is low calorie. In one loaf Dr. According to nutritionists, Korner contains four times fewer calories than a slice of bread (two to seventy to three hundred and twenty calories per hundred grams of product), while the feeling of fullness comes much faster than from bread.

Contraindications to the use of loaves

Do bread, like any other product, there are contraindications to the use.Of great harm to the health of the bread line Dr. Korner, of course, will not be applied, as there are no artificial additives in the composition, which can cause allergies, but in some cases it is better to either refuse them altogether or to consult with a doctor first. It is wise to introduce this product into the diet in case of diseases of the digestive system, problems with the digestion of fiber, as well as individual intolerance to some products.

With the appearance of pain and bloating, increased gas formation after the consumption of plant foods, you can not even think about entering this bread substitute into the daily diet. It is also worth forgetting about them for people with protein intolerance to cereals and fiber. People with hypertension can not eat salty types of loaves, so as not to cause aggravation. But since besides salty ones there are also classic and sweet ones, then one can choose from these groups.

It should be remembered that there is no such product that can be absorbed in huge quantities and lose weight. And Dr. Kerner breads are no exception.


The price of these products per hundred gram packaging varies from forty to seventy rubles.It depends, first of all, on the type of bread. So, sweet will cost a little more expensive than classic or salty. Shopping centers / supermarkets give their markup. But in general it can be said that for breads this price category (when compared with other trademarks) is acceptable.

Calorie content

Calorie bread According to nutritionists, Korner averages about three hundred kilocalories per hundred grams. You may think that this is quite a lot, but you should not get upset without understanding. Cellulose, which is found in large quantities in bread, refers to complex carbohydrates, that is, it is slowly absorbed by the body and gives a long-lasting feeling of fullness. In addition, with a fairly large amount, they are very light, so a person will have four to six pieces per day to get enough, and this will not impede at all, but on the contrary, will contribute to weight loss and body cleansing.


Dietitians reviews about bread. Korner - only positive. People appreciate everything in them, ranging from beautiful packaging to the taste of real bread, which is rarely seen among other manufacturers of this product.Consumers pay attention to a large selection of flavors - from classic cereal to sweet with pineapple or salted with cheese. Sweet replace high-calorie baked goods, so they can be used as a dessert for tea.

An indisputable advantage is the release of vitamins in bread and the absence of artificial additives, dyes and food flavors.

Also, customers like the low price (forty - seventy rubles) for packaging and wide distribution of products in stores and supermarkets.


So, Dr. brand bread Korner is a tasty, inexpensive, widely available product that has a number of advantages and advantages, and in the age of promoting healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition is an excellent substitute for flour products and various snacks, and also contributes to weight loss and cleansing the body of various slags and toxins.

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