Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works

The architect destroying the form breaks the generally accepted canons, projecting controlled chaos, frozen in fantastic forms. He believes that people have long been ready to leave the usual framework in anticipation of a new one.

Included in the ten most famous architects of the world, this deconstructivist believes that his works are a kind of language with which he conveys his emotions.

Musician and architect

Daniel Libeskind was born in Poland in 1946. In his teens he, along with his parents, former GULAG prisoners, moved to Israel. A talented boy, who perfectly played instruments, receives a scholarship from a cultural foundation and continues his studies in America.

Daniel Libeskind biography

Everything said that the genius growsmusician, but the young man falls in love with architecture and receives a professional education. He always stressed that music played a role in the design, to which he gave himself completely.

World glory

1989 was marked by the creation of its own studio, and Daniel Libeskind became a famous person in world architecture.

Speaking about the genius's creativity, the researchers notea close connection of music and philosophy, where the master proved to be a great professional. Probably, there is not a single architect for whom operatic works became the source of inspiration. Daniel Libeskind sure that every space has its own sound, and the whole city is playing like a harmonious orchestra.

Memory - in works

The deconstructivist, anticipating the inevitable changes, admitted that for him the concept of "new modernism" is very important. According to the architect, it means mastering the experience accumulated over thousands of years.

Daniel Libeskind Projects

He was friendly with Z. Hadid, who died in 2016. A unique woman-architect worked in the same style as Daniel. Fans of deconstructionism won a joint project for the reconstruction of the abandoned territory. And when the creator was asked about whether he could create a monument to Zaha, he replied in the negative: "An architect is a special profession. We create masterpieces, which are the memory of us after death. "

Monuments to the Holocaust

Celebrating his seventieth birthday, Daniel Libeskind,whose biography is full of bright victories and recognition of his talent by the whole world, declares that he makes Jewish architecture. Monuments to the Holocaust are individual works among the general list of his works. The author tries to express the basis of the religious and cultural traditions of the Jews.

Personal pessimistic view of lifeLibeskind, whose works can be seen around the world, broadcasts in his work. It reflects historical issues, turning an architectural work into a humanistic one.

Means of communication

Architecture for him is the art of communication. But if the building is silent, it means only one thing: they created it that way. Such designs are demolished without a twinge of conscience. Many people think that a dwelling house is an ordinary building, and, for example, a museum - architecture. The creator with this statement does not agree and believes that any objects are built for people who should be pleased to be inside the premises. This is firmly convinced Daniel Libeskind.Daniel Libeskind work

Projects of the outstanding master of modern times alwayscause intense interest. When the production of an exclusive series of private houses was launched, this was the main event discussed in the world of architecture.

Residential house and art object

Constructions constructed on ecologicalstandards, are conceived at the same time as an ordinary dwelling and an art object. Preserved all the signs of deconstruction, the house is built with the most recent developments in mind and can easily be assembled in a short time.

architect Daniel Libeskind

Manufactured by unique technologiesThe metal panels with which the building is lined look like old material. Behind them lies a special system, heating the room and heating the water, and microelements on the facades generate electricity.

The house itself is entirely made of wood, becausethat the author is important ecology and how the tenants feel in the creation created by him. Daniel Libeskind, emphasizing the special relationship of man with nature, offers people protection and security in asymmetric buildings.

Commercial success

Of course, such a cheap villa will first of all state the status of its owner. The unusual houses are bought by collectors and owners of private galleries, which place their exhibits on a huge square.

Such houses are foretold by commercial success, and cultural value is gradually becoming a brand.

Interesting Facts

  • Architect Daniel Libeskind designed a concrete desk for a future installation, released in a series of 30 copies, created a steel chair and an interesting chandelier, crystal chess and wall clock.
  • The architect's debut became his real masterpiece. The Jewish Museum in Germany, built in 1993, was the very project, after which the glory fell upon the brilliant architect. The tragedy of the people, combined with deconstructionism, was expressed in an unusual image of the building, reminiscent of a piece of bent metal.

Daniel Libeskind

  • A great victory for Libeskind is the complex,erected on the site of the destroyed in 2001 World Trade Center. In New York, which survived the tragedy, a new image of the metropolis, which became a memorial and a symbol of a new life, was realized.
  • In Milan at the exhibition in 2015 the most effective construction was the pavilion, made in the form of a huge scaly red dragon.
  • The largest project in Switzerland - a shopping and entertainment complex, called the "new miracle of Bern." Inside, the architect created an imitation of the city with all the streets and squares.
  • Daniel is invited to teach and teach courses on the basics of architecture. In addition, he writes philosophical works and memoirs.
  • The main partner of his studio is his beloved wife Nina, and the son runs the office in Milan.

Basic techniques

"An architect must believe in the future," he said.Daniel Libeskind, whose work resembles a complex puzzle. Fractures, asymmetry, contradictory combinations of space and volume, dissonance are the main receptions of the master, changing the atmosphere of human existence.

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Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works Daniel Libeskind: biography, projects, works