Daria Shpalikova - actress of a difficult fate

A few years before the decline of Soviet cinema, this girl had every chance of becoming an actress, who would be “subject to all the roles.” Moreover, domestic film critics gave such a description at a time when Daria Shpalikova was still learning the basics of the art of reincarnation at VGIK. The role of the girl Joan in the socio-psychological drama "Playground" became for her a star, and she coped with her one hundred percent.

However, it could not be otherwise, because Daria Shpalikova was born in a family where devotion and service to art have always been in the first place. However, the actress's filmography is not as voluminous as we would like, and she could play dozens of bright film roles. But fate has made its own adjustments in her life, the consequences of which, unfortunately, cannot be called positive.

Years of childhood and adolescence

Daria Shpalikova, a biography whose personal life is interested in millions of admirers of her work, was born on March 19, 1963 in Moscow.Her father, Gennady Fedorovich, whose surname she still bears, was known all over the country: he wrote poetry, created scripts and directed films.

Daria Shpalikova biography

And he did all this skillfully and unusually talented. What is only one script for the film "I walk in Moscow" (dir. G. Danelia, 1964). Daria’s mother, Inna Iosifovna Gulaya, was a popular actress. Naturally, the genes did their job: the daughter of eminent parents chose precisely the creative profession. Daria Shpalikova was an impressionable and hypersensitive girl, and these qualities later played a decisive role in her difficult fate.

The future actress already at a young age knew the pain of losing a loved one. At eight years old, Daria Shpalikova lost her father, who committed suicide because of her creative lack of demand. This was the first blow to the vulnerable psyche of the girl.

Acting and Triumphant Movie Debut

Having received a certificate of maturity, Daria Shpalikova, whose biography is not devoid of tragic and dramatic moments, decides to enter the acting department of VGIK. And she successfully passes the entrance exams. Soon, fortune gives young Daria an opportunity to prove herself.

Daria Shpalikova

In 1986, director Svetlana Proskurina invites a twenty-three-year-old VGIK student for screen tests. Daria is offered to play the main role of Zhanna in the film “Playground”. And Shpalikova is selected and brilliantly copes with her task. The success of the picture was enchanting: about the acting talent of the daughter of the famous Gennady Shpalikov began to write in the Soviet press. Having received the coveted diploma, the girl falls into the troupe of the Studio Theater actor.

There are roles, but not the main ones

After some time, the directors offered her new images. And the girl did not refuse again and again to go to the set. But the roles in the films “Kreutzer Sonata” (dir. S. Milkina, M. Schweitzer, 1987), “Red color of a fern” (dir. V.Turov, 1988), “Save and save” (dir. A. Sokurov, 1989 ) were completely secondary. And in 1990, Darya’s mother, Inna Gulaya, who had recently been tormented by the lack of demand for movies, committed suicide. The loss of another close person seriously shattered the psychological state of Daria. In 1990, the actress will play her last role in the movie (the film “The City”, dir. A. Burtsev).

Leaving a profession

In the early 90s, difficult times came for the Soviet theater and cinema.

Daria Shpalikova actress

Many Melpomene temples were closed at that time or, at best, reduced their staff. The Studio Theater of the Film Actor was also in a difficult financial situation, part of the collective of which was forced to write a letter of resignation. The actress Daria Shpalikova was not an exception, the films with the participation of which were very popular in the second half of the 80s. The graduate of VGIK was overcome by intense feelings about the loss of the mother and the potential oblivion in the profession. She began to get depressed.

In order to restore her emotional state and mental attitude, Daria for some time refuses to live in the world and goes to the monastery. Being in the walls of "God", the actress did not pursue the goal to get a haircut as a nun, choosing the status of an "ordinary pilgrim" for herself. After some time, she decides to leave the monastery and return to the profession. Remembering her early work in the cinema, some directors began inviting the daughter of the eminent screenwriter Gennady Shpalikov to the castings. However, she no longer played any serious roles.Her actress career finally fell on "no." The personal life of the graduate of GITIS also did not work out: Daria has no husband and children.

Medical Clinic

Unsuccessful attempts to return to the set completely destroyed the mental state of the actress. Soon the mental health of the actress was under threat. Daria Shpalikova, a biography whose personal lives are described in the current article, was hospitalized at the Mental Health Research Center, located on the capital's Kashira highway.

Daria Shpalikova biography personal life

The regime in the medical institution is quite tough: Daria Gennadyevna is in complete isolation and even has no right to go out without an escort. Moreover, the administration of the center forbids it to contact with relatives and friends. Payment for her stay in a medical facility is made by the Union of Cinematographers, headed by director Nikita Mikhalkov.

The victim is a con artist

The real estate story owned by Daria Shpalikova (actress) looks rather unattractive.

Daria Shpalikova movies

Doctors feared that a woman would not be able to live in an apartment alone. And there are two residential properties owned by her.Only with the condition that there is a person who is ready to live with her, in the future did she have some chances to leave the psychiatric clinic. And the actress found a woman named Svetlana. She entered into a contract of rent with Shpalikova, formalized custody of her and, despite her obligations, refused to financially contain the actress. But she did not consider it shameful to claim someone else's living space. This story caused a wide public resonance, and the Union of Cinematographers undertook to defend the interests of the victim.

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