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Society is the area where the whole life of people goes. Anyway, all the people on the planet are in contact with each other. And you can often hear that a person does not depend on anyone or anything. Is this the essence of people's dependence?

What is addiction

addiction is

Psychology has long been studying this problem and creates many ways to solve it. Around the world, thousands of special institutions are being created, where relevant work is carried out with dependent people. What is included in the concept of dependence? Dependency is an obsession to perform any actions or actions that can bring both harm to the health of the dependent person and harm to the society surrounding him.

There are several types of addiction:

  • behavioral - dependence on shopping, on gambling, on dangerous or risky behavior;
  • physiological - dependence on taking alcohol or drugs.

Over time, a person develops addiction to his addiction, and he begins to increase the dose of the substance that causes a kind of pleasure.If such a process stops completely, then the addict begins to show aggression, irritation, and other syndromes that interfere with a normal life.

Dependence on people

essence of dependence

There is another concept where dependence is a natural process. A small child is directly dependent on his parents, on their care, on caring for him, on affection and warmth. Only in their presence can he feel safe. However, there is a pathological dependence, when a person is not able to make any decisions independently, always relies and hopes only on another person or people, does not know how to achieve the goals and tasks on their own.

Despite the fact that this person already has a sufficient level of maturity, it exists as an adult person, it can hardly be called independent. Such a person is constantly in need of extraneous approval, in other people's clues, and often in the full concretely described actions. And the further this dependence comes, the more difficult it is to cope with it.

Family addiction

proportional dependence

The concept of direct dependence is rarely used, but it is not at all difficult to understand.For example, there are such cases when a wife in a family is completely dependent on her husband, often financially. She feels obliged to her spouse, fulfills all his conditions, all the requirements that her husband makes: wash, clean, cook, care for children, let him go to various events with friends. In this case, the spouse herself in rare cases has the right to rest, and if she is not satisfied with it, then quarrels in the family begin. Some people are able to come to a compromise on their own, but there are those who cannot do this without outside help. In such cases, they either turn to qualified specialists or, more likely, get divorced, leaving their spouse and child without maintenance.

Family tolerance

Another thing, when spouses help each other to become better, it is directly proportional dependence. Of course, this problem does not exist, on the contrary, it is an excellent and productive process. There are such couples where initially, for example, a man was not able to cook dinner for himself or remove personal belongings, and the woman instilled such abilities into him.No, this is not done by force, but occurs gradually and gently, so as not to harm their own relationships. The essence of dependence here is not at all in that it destroys a person, but in that it teaches patience and helps build a model of relationships in which they support each other. Unfortunately, there are not many such families, but they still exist. Such families are tolerant of society as a whole. However, often the society itself is not accustomed to react to it calmly and without surprise.

Virtual addiction

dependency between

About dependencies in the family can talk a lot. And how often do certain families encounter teenage addictions, considering them to be insignificant and not dangerous? One of the equally dangerous species is the relationship between adolescents and the global Internet. The child spends a huge amount of time on all kinds of computer games, websites, and social networking. This process takes place not only at home, but also at school lessons, where the adolescent completely ignores the learning process, which causes problems in academic performance. Anyway, giving a lot of time to the Internet, the child provokes his figure to the formation of obesity, and his eyes - to the deterioration of vision.

Such a problem can be prevented by properly organizing the child’s leisure: choose a section with him (swimming, dancing, drama club, boxing), try to keep track of what your son or daughter is doing, learn how to enthrall him with extraneous activities help online resources.

Sectarian addiction

word addiction

Psychological dependence is probably the most dangerous category, actively developing literally everywhere. One of these types is the so-called sect dependence. Here is the imposition of a certain lifestyle and behavior. All sorts of rituals of worshiping the gods, observance of fictional laws, various kinds of sacrifices - all this harms the psychological state of man.

Sometimes these sectarians go to cruel acts, justifying them by the fact that such is the desire of their god. The essence of dependence in this context comes down not only to worship, but also luring money from his fellows. After all, there are a diverse variety of such communities, which have their own rules, norms, duties. And many of the participants in such sects are sincerely surethat their activities are completely private and will bring decent fruits to society. The rest of society considers these people just sick.

Sticking problems

direct dependency

And how is psychological dependence on food manifested? In this case, the problem, dependence - words that really destroy a person, not only externally but also internally. Most often, food is sought solace by people who are lonely, have experienced severe stress or shock. Thus, it seems to them that this is a consolation, a solution to their problems. But this is only the beginning of the massive destruction of man as a person.

Each time, seizing his depression or a problem with food, a person approaches himself to weight gain, to health problems that are directly related to overweight. The essence of dependence in such cases comes down to the fact that a person begins to hate himself even more, to blame himself for his habit of “sticking” and plunges into even deeper experiences. These people begin to hate their body, cease to love themselves and their appearance. And to return to the reverse state is very difficult, and it will take much more effort than they took to gain weight.

Help addicted

Is it possible to get rid of this or that dependence? Addiction is not a sentence. For those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, a mass of special medical institutions and anonymous circles have been created. For those who have other types of addiction, there are special psychological methods, treatment by psychologists, interaction with various specialists of a certain profile, but the support and love of loved ones plays a huge role in getting rid of any kind of dependence.

Of course, in life, everyone can stumble, make the wrong choice, do the wrong thing, but without the support and understanding of native people it is almost impossible to come to a positive result. That is why it is necessary to extend a helping hand to someone who needs it so much, even if he does not understand that himself.

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