Direct weaving baubles. How to weave

What are baubles

Baubles are bracelets created from threads, laces and other materials, their main feature is a special ornament. Weaving such bracelets may seem rather difficult for a beginner, in fact, this occupation does not cause much difficulty. Of course, it would be good to have perseverance and some skill in making such things, but this is not necessary at all.straight weaving baublesCreating bracelets does not take much time, effort and materials. The most common material is floss threads, which can be found in a fabric or handicraft store. One of the difficult techniques of manufacturing is the direct weaving of baubles, it is rather laborious. Its complexity lies in the fact that you can very easily get tangled in the threads. Therefore, it is better for a beginner to start with simpler options, and only later take up the direct weaving of baubles.

How to start a newbie

To begin with, a beginner will need to master the basics of this business, and therefore, learn how to weave a pigtail.First out of three, then four, five, six andweaving baubles from threadsso on thread. Probably, there is no such person who would not know the principle of creating a three-strand braid, therefore, in this article, more complex methods will be described, namely the creation of four and five strand baubles. Later you will find out what the direct weaving of baubles looks like.

Four-thread braid

Cut four threads of floss of any color and length. Begin stitching with a pin or tape. Take in hand two central strings and intertwine with each other. Then the one that was to the right, circle around the extreme right, and the one to the left, around the left. And so continue on, and you get a spit of four strands.

Weaving of five threads

This option is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but it will also be a virtue for a beginner. As in the previous version, fasten the threads so that they do not break up. In the center, begin to weave a braid, and to the center each time shift the outer strands. This weaving can be done not only with five threads, but with any odd number of them (family, nine, and so on).direct weaving baubles schemeThe same is true of the four-thread braid.

Direct weaving baubles

This method of weaving allows you to create different patterns and labels. You will need two threads of different colors. One thread will serve as the background, and the other will be for the inscription or picture. If you decide that your background will take up more space, then the floss of this color should be taken much longer. Weaving baubles from floss threads is considered the easiest and most common, therefore, methods are described here only with their use. Thread for background need to braid other threads. Tangle and tie knots before the pattern time comes. Then, thread another thread around the lead. Now it is easy to master the direct weaving of baubles, schemes and descriptions are also provided in considerable quantity. You can try to draw a pattern yourself. Take this piece of paper in the cell. Paint over the cells that will be the background in the bauble, in one color, and those that are patterned in another. Each long row of cells will tell you how many threads you need to take. If you master this method of weaving, then be sure that any other will seem much easier!

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