Dishes from the duck. Cooking and features

There is a widespread belief that duck meat is too fat and difficult for the body to digest. This is in general fair, because of all the birds, it is the waterfowl who are the least likely to claim the title of dietary source products. However, for real gourmets, not the consequences are important, but the process. They know that some stomach heaviness can be avoided, you just need to reduce the serving or share the feast with two or three friends or relatives. In addition, there are several techniques to reduce the fat content of this product.

duck dishes

Variety of recipes

So what can be cooked from a duck? The recipes are varied, this bird is popular with many nations, especially in Europe and Asia. Who does not know how to prepare Peking duck? But there are after all both in Guangdong, and crunchy fragrant, and pieces with cayenne pepper, and many other dishes created in the most sophisticated ways. The Chinese generally consider this bird to be one of the best starting products for cooking delicacies.Europe also knows a lot about using the specific taste of this waterfowl. The Poles cook it with lingonberries, beer and coriander, the Czechs use its tender liver in delicacies pate, and what kind of duck dishes have people come up with over the past centuries ... Some of them, such as foie gras (including forced and excessive fattening) , are so cruel to the feathered animals that they provoke protests from animal welfare societies.

what can be cooked from duck

Two main culinary approaches

The most simple, and therefore the most common, we consider duck dishes in the oven. There are two main ways, all the others are just variations of them. You can fry the whole bird or pre-splitting it into portions. Both methods have their advantages and, of course, disadvantages. Cooking a duck dish with apples, quince, pineapples or any other fruit filling gives the meat of this bird a sweet and sour taste, emphasizing its natural aroma. By stuffing the stuffing into the abdominal cavity and stitching it, you can achieve a guaranteed result, but the process will be longer than with a fragmentary approach.Having laid pieces of carcass on a layer of cut fruits, it can be cooked faster, but remember that a whole bird served on an oval dish looks more beautiful and effective if it is not overdone, which, unfortunately, often happens. It is difficult to choose the optimal balance combining golden crust and readiness throughout the depth. However, in this case it is better to overdo it a bit so that, after cutting the bird, not to detect the blood.

duck dishes in the oven

The role of fruit filling

Fruit filling when preparing a duck dish does not only add flavor. Apples or quince play the role of sorbents, absorbing the excess fat, that is, leveling the nutritional deficiencies of the meat of this bird. The acids contained in these fruits largely neutralize the effects of fats on the digestive system, therefore, it is much easier for the body to process them. Another way to get rid of excessive stomach pain is to remove the internal fat before cooking. It's simple, it is located at the very entrance to the abdominal cavity. By itself, the "insider" is a useful thing, it is very high in calories, but it is better to use it later, frying the cracklings and breaking two or three eggs from above. This is also, by the way, a type of duck dish. And the last tip: do not overeat and enjoy the taste.

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