Dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517: reviews

Dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 for a long timecould win popularity among buyers. It stood out for its cost and quality of performance. Why does everyone choose a technique of this type? Washing dishes in the manual mode takes power and time, moreover, the device will save on water costs. Sometimes there may be unforeseen circumstances that lead to a malfunction in the machine. They can be prevented or corrected independently. In this article, we will review all the characteristics and faults of the device.

Briefly about the characteristics

Any buyers will be interested in the reviewcharacteristics of the device, so we will present the most basic among them. Dimensions of the device: 85 × 60 × 45 cm (height, depth and width, respectively). This unit is produced in only one color solution - white. The equipment consumes about 1670 watts of electricity. For one cycle, the machine is able to wash up to 10 complete sets of dishes. The level of energy efficiency is high. The device uses about 1.01 kW per hour. The noise level of the dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517 during operation is 53 dB.

indesit dsg 0517

Management is represented by both mechanical andelectronic program. Built-in five washing modes. In addition, the rinse aid is also integrated. In the fast mode, the process is performed at 35 °, in the normal mode - at 55 °, in the intensive mode - at 70 °. The device is additionally equipped with a functional program that is responsible for accelerated washing. The same model is completely protected from leaks. It received indicators that let you know which mode is activated. The equipment has a height adjustment box. Built-in basket, which are placed cutlery.

Enable and use

In order to use the machine, it follows thatadhere to a specific plan of action. It is necessary to open the water tap, wait for the device to turn on, and all indicators on the control panel will light. Next, open the door, get the dispenser and pour the detergent. After this, you need to fold all the dishes and close the appliance. Now you can select the program of work and select all the necessary additional functions. The system is started after pressing the "Start" key. After the machine has completed its work, the lamp with the inscription "End" will turn on. Next you need to close the tap, unplug the power cord and the dishwasher.

dishwasher indesit dsg 0517

It is recommended to get the dishes after the expiry of 10minutes. During this time, the machine will cool down. You should unload from the lower basket. It should be understood that if an incorrect program was chosen, then it can be changed if the machine started working a few minutes ago. Moreover, in the process of washing it is possible to load up the dishes. To get the best result, you should choose an expensive and high-quality detergent, as well as correctly choose its dosage. It should be remembered that a huge amount of this chemistry will not improve the quality of washing, but only pollute the air.


To avoid any malfunctionsdishwasher Indesit DSG 0517, (the instruction will help to understand the error code), you should follow the rules. First, you need to choose only the detergent that is created for the dishwasher. Use what is designed for the manual process is prohibited. After the machine has finished washing, it is necessary to check if the foam has remained. If yes, the detergent was used in an overabundance.

 indesit dsg 0517 user guide

Loading the Recycle Bin

Often, if the basket is not filled correctlyThe machine stops functioning correctly. In order to prevent such problems, you must remove all food residues before loading the dishes. After that, check that all the devices are installed correctly and stably. It will be superfluous to pay attention to whether the blades rotate freely.

How to download?

The lower basket is made to go thereset pans, covers, plates, salad bowls and so on. If any of the devices is large, then it should be placed above the basket. At the top of the sprinkler, so the dishes that have been installed, should not make it difficult. In the basket where spoons, forks and so on should be placed, there are special fasteners. These shelves are sliding. Place the instruments with their pointed ends down or in a horizontal position.

dishwasher indesit dsg 0517 instructions

For light dishes, which is specialfragility, provides an upper basket. To glasses, cups, salad bowls, pans and small sized pans could be properly installed, the manufacturer provided for the adjustment of this shelf. Adjustments should be made without any load, since the process can become much more complicated. In addition, the basket must be raised and lowered from both sides at the same time.

What kind of dishes can not be washed?

There is a list of those devices thatare forbidden for washing in the typewriter. This is a plastic dish, which does not withstand high temperatures. Wooden appliances and those that have small inserts of this material are also unsuitable. If there are glued components on the dishes, then it should not be washed in the typewriter. Devices made of antique silver, copper, tin, porcelain and hand painted should not be placed in the device.

 indesit dsg 0517 malfunction

There is a small nuance. Modern silverware is washed, but cleaning should be done only in a delicate mode and make sure that the device does not touch other devices.

Care of the dishwasher: reviews

Users are advised: To ensure that the dishwasher lasts as long as possible, proper maintenance is necessary. This will prevent malfunctions. Buyers in the reviews warn that the tap should be closed after each process so that there are no leaks. Before starting maintenance and cleaning cycle, disconnect the plug from the socket. If the machine has not been switched on for a long time, then before washing dishes it is necessary to make a blank run, so that the washing process is resumed. In order to clean the control panel and other exterior parts of the machine, you need to use a special rag. It should be wet and soft.

dishwasher indesit dsg 0517 malfunction

Users pay attention to the fact thatAbrasive detergents are prohibited, as are any solvents. If there is a need to remove stains from the surface of the chambers, you need to resort to using a cloth previously moistened with vinegar. Using a damp sponge, periodically clean the door gum and all containers. During the idle time, the door must be open, then the air will not stagnate. Remains of food can freely adhere to the blades. This entails a difficult drain of water. Therefore, it is necessary to check the condition of the sprinklers and, if necessary, to clean them. Use a brush that will not scratch the parts. All sprinklers are removed. What should I do to get them? First, you need to pull the lower sprinkler up. If there is a need to remove the top, then you have to unscrew the nut. It is made of plastic, and it should be turned counter-clockwise.

If the plumbing is not used for a long timeor the fluid delivery system has been replaced, it should be checked that it is transparent. If you ignore this rule, then the machine can quickly come to an unsuitable state due to filter clogging. The latter consists of three parts that perform their functions. The first purifies water, the second cleans from food, and the third renews the circulation of water. Filters should also be cleaned periodically. How? Use a brush not made of metal, but should be washed under running water. To begin with, it is necessary to turn off the supply of liquid to the device, then unscrew the sleeve at the end of the pipe. The filter is easily removed and cleaned under the spray. After fixing the device, it is necessary to re-tighten the part from the pipe. Do not wash the dishes without the filter.

 dishwasher indesit dsg 0517 Basically, users are satisfied with such an acquisition as the dishwasher Indesit DSG 0517. Among the advantages of technology are the following:

  • inexpensive;
  • Compact (the top cover is removed);
  • Excellent washes dishes, children's toys;
  • saves water;
  • not noisy;
  • has five programs.


This technique receives many positivereviews, so you will not have to doubt its work. To protect the Indesit DSG 0517 dishwasher from malfunctions, you must follow all the rules described above. Pleasant use!

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