Handicrafts of birds with their own hands from various materials

Taking care of the beauty of the apartment, its comfort and originality of style, each hostess is trying to find something interesting for her interior. But it is not necessary to buy expensive figurines, it is better to do something with your own hands. For example, crafts birds. A variety of colored birds will definitely like small children.

What materials are suitable for crafts?

Now it is easy to find a self-study book and learn the technique of handicrafts you like. We will describe how to make crafts bird of various materials. What material to choose, judge for yourself. Birds made of yarn or paper are small things that will be useful in any home on a bookshelf. And large plastic cranes will decorate a plot of land near the facade of your villa or a private house.

Generally, handmade is a very popular activity now, which involves complete creative freedom. One has only to be interested, and the creative impulses will immediately direct you along the road you need.

Crafts poultry from plastic bottles

Now in many yards and kindergartens there are beautiful large crafts made from used plastic containers. This material is very durable and conveniently cut with simple scissors. Applying a little imagination, you can make a beautiful swan in full growth, a pheasant or a colored peacock. Another advantage of plastic is that you can choose any color for your crafts.

Creating a big swan is time consuming. It will take a long time to cut out all the details from the bottles. And also need a frame made of metal or wood, which can not be done without the help of men. And, of course, need a large supply of containers.

We suggest making another bird - a little penguin. This is no less a cute hack. A bird with its own hands, even on a small scale, made with pleasure, will stand right on the windowsill and please the eye.

DIY bird do it yourself.

Such a cute penguin is done quickly. A pair of wings, it is desirable to cut out of plastic on a paper stencil. Legs can be made either from cardboard or plastic. Two buttons play the role of the eye, and the cap is a regular lid of detergent.Bow and nose can be done as you like. Each family member can supplement the sample with their own invention.

Natural material for crafts

All children love to collect pine cones on the street. A crafts bird from natural material also comes out fun and interesting. Cute chickens are obtained by simply screwing the legs of the wire to the lump itself. The nose is made of thick cardboard, and the eyes are glued plastic or from the shell. To do this, the white egg should be broken very carefully, rinse the middle well and draw black pupils with a felt-tip pen. It remains to subtly glue the shells.

Handicrafts made of yarn

To make crafts (birds, horses, anything can be created by you), it is not necessary to be able to crochet. Although it is very useful. But for such a toy, we need only a little cardboard, a wad of paper and thread — three different variants according to the color of the skein.

crafts birds

Here we explain in more detail:

  • Wrap the red and yellow thread on the cartons of 12 cm and cut. Then get straight stripes of thread.
  • Wind them together to make a ball. So form the head.
  • The center will be a wad of regular newsprint.Wrap well-crumpled paper tightly in a gray thread.
  • Then the last touch - everything is connected and twisted. The legs to keep well, you need to twist into a ball of paper.

Using different colors, you can make all sorts of crafts - bullfinches, sparrows or tits. It is possible in this way to make a whole bird's yard from threads.

Christmas tree toy. Crafts birds from material

It is easy enough to sew a toy bird from simple pieces of fabric. It is only necessary to cut two identical blanks from the same fabric. You can choose color or monophonic. To each side in advance sew on the "wing". No more difficulty.

how to make a crafts bird?

It remains to sew tissue patches, but not completely. Since it is still desirable to fill them with any wool or other shreds. And of course, the bird needs beaded eyes and beak. If you sew a ribbon in a toy, then for the New Year you will have a good Christmas tree toy.

Origami bird

The most interesting thing is still origami. The art of folding paper has become popular since the 19th century, when Europeans discovered this wonderful world of handicrafts. Probably everyone saw crafts from paper, birds can be made in a simpler form, as a flat figure, and complex. The easiest craft is the origami crane.It is made by everyone who begins to learn this art. This craft is generally considered the main workpiece for more complex handicrafts.

Those who take the time to practice origami will be able to create such a figure as this volume chic peacock.

Origami. Birds

The figure is quite complex, although it is considered a classic. So, how to make such a peacock? We will follow the plan, because the scheme is too complicated because of the abundance of small folds.

  1. Take a sheet of paper 20 x 10 or 30 x 15.
  2. Bend in half to get 2 identical squares.
  3. We make a double triangle from one square.
  4. We bend the upper triangle in the center. We need a center line.
  5. We bent one and the second half of the triangle to this central axis; get two small triangles. Their lower parts also bend to the center, and the angle is understood upwards. Then these angles are lowered; we need only bends that form a rhombus.
  6. It should make a triangle with "legs" like what is done for crafts "jumping frog".
  7. Bottom corners now need to turn out. We expand these triangles on the sides. They should be like 2 diamonds, lying at the base of a large triangle.Now you make peacock legs. They need to be made thin, so you take these small diamonds with precise, accurate movements and do half as much by bending their sides. There is involved fine motor skills, if the fingers do not immediately obey, do not despair.
  8. Next you need to bend in half the whole model (lengthwise).
  9. Now we bend to the central axis formed by the bend the left and right corner of the main figure. Fold the corners under a small rhombus, where we will have the legs and head of a peacock.
  10. The next step is to draw a line separating the torso and tail. This vertical line is very useful to us.
  11. We begin to create a tail, dividing the paper into equal parts, starting with this line.
  12. The tail will be corrugated. Repeatedly bent tail in the form of "accordion" will then be raised up. The last shares from one and the other side are glued together with PVA.
  13. However, let's leave the tail for now. The upper part is necessary to bend diagonally from two sides and fold the basic figure “hare ear”. After that, the legs are lowered, and the tail is fixed in a vertical position. Our peacock is gradually taking shape.
  14. Now we glue the tail, form the head and bend the legs so that the peacock can stand.

It is worth noting that the paper should be taken not too hard. After many bends, such paper does not listen to fingers well. And with thick paper work uncomfortable. All lines need to be ironed clearly. Clear and even, they look good. And you can not once again crumple the paper, you ruin the shape.

Origami Miracle Swan

In fact, origami has almost no boundaries. In this technique, you can perform any shape, any paper crafts. Birds of different difficulty levels fill the shelves of this art lovers.

Imagine another classic swan created by Robert Lang - a popular author of many models. A step-by-step diagram with explanations for each stage will help us in mastering the new model.

photo crafts birds.

So far, all the nuances are clear. Further, the bends will be more difficult. Need to be more attentive.

This scheme does not require knowledge of basic basic forms or special fine work with your fingers.


Now, after studying another model of crafts, paper birds will probably become a new hobby for someone.

Paper swallow. Scheme

There are several forms of swallows. Different origami masters come up with their schemes. The one we give for example is very similar to a real swallow, and at the same time it will not be too difficult for a beginner to complete all the folds.We remind you how the diagram is read: the dashed lines are the folds. The arrows call to fold, the arrows in the form of curls are turns to the other side.

crafts paper birds do it yourself

This is one part of the job. The scheme needs to be followed in the smallest detail. Make sure not to be mistaken anywhere. Then start exploring the second chart and continue.

crafts birds

For training, make a few such swallows. You can keep handicrafts of birds out of paper with your own hands in a closet or hang them up with the help of a thread. After all, a paper product will also look good on the Christmas tree.

The beauty of modular origami

You can see more interesting paper crafts from paper with your own hands at handy exhibitions. There are often exhibited large crafts from many hundreds or even thousands of small parts. Such things are called modular origami. You can make a swan, a rooster, and a peacock in this way. Incredibly beautiful is a macaw parrot made in this technique. And it is absolutely like a real one.

But these products are time consuming. Anyone can try to make an owl, but you have to be persistent and patient.

photo crafts birds.

If you are ready to make time to create such beauty, then go for it.First you need to find a photo of a handmade bird. It is also important to keep instructions with you. In each circle there are a certain number of parts of the same color. Nothing can be confused here, otherwise the pattern will twist and the whole charm of origami will be lost.

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