Dot tattoo Features, selection and care

Tattoos are becoming more popular. They are a form of self-expression, allow you to create a unique style, and even constitute a kind of hobby for collectors.

In the past, the environment regarded them as an element of the lower strata of society like criminals, bandits. But today you, for sure, will be able to name several or more of your acquaintances who have at least one tattoo. A significant role in this prevalence was played by celebrities, actively decorating their bodies in this way. Far from the last place is taken by the tattoo domatoc.

What distinguishes the style of dovork?

Dot tattoo is created using dots

Dot is a tattoo style whose name is derived from the English word dotwork, which consists of two parts: dot - “dot” and work, which translates as “work”. That is, the peculiarity of this style is the use of a large number of points, as the basis of the entire pattern. The distance between the points must be strictly observed, since it depends on how dark the image will be.

Dot tattoo has a number of its features:

  • Most often, black ink is used for this style, but there are no real limitations in the color gamut.
  • Dokat tattoos vary well in the far distance. The entire volume of the picture is created not by lines, but with the help of well-adjusted intervals between points. Saturation is achieved by a deeper injection of pigment under the skin.
  • In the style of dovork, it is not recommended to perform small images, as they will be poorly “read”. This art form loves large spaces.
  • The bitmap is done both by machine and manually.
  • Dokatk tattoos remain clear and bright for a longer time, as this technique allows you to enter the paint deeper under the skin.
  • They say that this type of tattoo is much more painful than usual. This is also associated with a longer image filling time. Pain depends on the location of the tattoo.
    Dokatk tattoo on the whole back

The history of the style of dovork

Doctut-style tattoos have a rich history that goes far beyond modern culture. In fact, they have been around for thousands of years. Dokat tattoos were important in ancient society.

Tattoos on Egyptian mummies are still preserved. Of particular importance they played for the priests. Since the Egyptians believed in life after death, the drawings on the body served for them the so-called “documents”, which testified to the status in the period of life. The basis for such images were various signs of gods and goddesses.

How to choose a tattoo domatov girl

dochatk tattoo for the girl on the neck

No wonder tattoos are divided into female and male. Deciding on a long-term pattern on the body, it is worth remembering that fashion and tastes are changeable, and the image will remain for a very long time.

Dokatv tattoo for girls have special moments to determine the location of the picture and select a sketch.

  • It is worth remembering that girls are particularly susceptible to weight change, as a result of which skin deformation occurs. The most successful places for tattoos are the wrist, back, scapula, forearm, neck.
  • When choosing a place, it is worth deciding whether you want to make your jewelry public domain or hide from all eyes under clothing.
  • If not the first tattoo is chosen, it is worth taking care of a combination of drawings between each other in order not to look like a tattoo selection catalog.
    Dot tattoo for girls

The process of creating a bitmap on the body

This high-quality dovodk requires great patience and skill from the master. Professionals say that to create good work you must either be a talented artist and designer, or have a mathematical mindset. You need to make a lot of calculations before proceeding to work.

In general, the process of creating a bitmap can be divided into the following steps:

  • Search for a good master. Do not neglect the first point, and turn to an inexperienced worker, as a professional cannot always correct a damaged image.
  • Layout of the finished picture. At this stage, a lot of sketches of tattoo doodles are created to create the final version.
    Sketch of tattoo doodok
  • Cleaning, disinfecting the skin and transferring the sketch to the required area. Individual masters prefer to draw the contours of the tattoo immediately on the skin.
  • A regular tattoo begins with a contour, but draw a tattoo with dots, gradually filling the plane with dots.
  • The finished work is treated with an antiseptic, and a bandage is applied to the body.
    Dot tattoo on chest

Tattoo care

Despite the difference in the procedure of drawing, the care of a tattoo is no different from the usual.In the end, the ink still falls under the skin, and no matter what method is chosen for this.

As with any other tattoo, dotovk should be moistened regularly, and kept covered for the necessary time. Follow standard care guidelines and your skin will heal without consequences.

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