Dry and live fish food

In the field of aquarium husbandry, the most important and topical issue is feeding fish. Its color, size and health depend on this factor. It is necessary to carefully consider the choice of a particular product. To implement proper and high-quality fish nutrition, it is necessary to become familiar with the types of feed. There is a dry, live and vegetable food. There are also mixed species as well.food for fish

Food for aquarium fish

In natural conditions, fish have a diet, due to their habitat. Often, their appearance makes it clear what type of food they prefer. It can be algae, caterpillars, small fishes, crustaceans, larvae and others. Immediately it becomes clear that the food supply in the seas, rivers or lakes is great, which cannot be said about home maintenance. Unfortunately, to reproduce the natural conditions in the aquarium will not work.trademark "Tetra" - the best fish food

Fish food "Tetra" is one of the best. It is made from natural products. The company has existed for more than 50 years and during this time managed to give a good account of itself thanks to only high-quality feed.For such a long period of stay in the market, food options for various types of fish and their groups were created, which allows you to find the most suitable one.

Dry fish food

Dry food has a lot of advantages. One of them - the content of a large number of nutrients. In addition, the feed has a special structure, due to which it will not clog the water.

As minuses it is possible to cite the fact that with an increased dose, the fish cause great harm. This is due to the fact that such fish food tends to swell, including in the stomach.

tetra fish food

People who are professionally engaged in breeding fish, do not advise to make a diet based only on dry mixes. It is mandatory to add vegetable or live food. Only in this way will the fish receive the maximum amount of substances it needs.

Not everyone has the opportunity to purchase live food. In this case, it is necessary to mix dry with fish oil or vitamin D. It is advisable to observe the proportions: take 3 drops of top dressing for a matchbox with the main food. In this spirit, feeding the fish constantly should not be enough to give the mixture 2 times a week.

food for pond fish

Dry fish food must be able to choose, based on the size of the aquatic animal. For example, small pieces will dissolve too quickly in the stomach, and large pieces will leave too small hungry fish.

Fish tetra: characteristics, content

Fishes are those pets that do not require attention from the owner, therefore they are suitable even for busy people. Another aquarium will help cope with longing, stress, stress. If there is no desire to start large fish, then such a view as tetra may suit. Their dimensions rarely exceed 8 cm in length. Color is quite diverse and pleases the eye.

These fish do not like to live alone, so it is best to immediately acquire a small company, for example, in 10 individuals. Aquarium will need a small (30 l). It should immediately take care of buying live algae, as tetras are very fond of eating them. Water temperature should be 25aboutC. It changes at least once a week.food for aquarium fish

Tetra fish: feeding

Tetra fish food can be different, as they are unpretentious. Both live and dry feed will do. Also, animals will not give up frozen dressings, plant foods. These crumbs do not mind eating everything at once, i.e.combined mixtures. Monster will be useful. However, giving it to the fish, it is necessary to take care of the millwright. The thing is that they do not like to collect food from the bottom, and eat until it settles. If you properly feed tetra fish, they can live up to 5 years.dry fish food

Pond fish

It often happens that a person begins to breed fish in a pond. The main condition for the implementation of this is the appropriate depth (130 cm). If it is too small, it will be necessary in the winter to transfer the aquatic inhabitants to the house, otherwise they will die.

After buying fish, you must first give them some time to live in an aquarium. This will protect pets from bacteria and viruses.live fish food

Food pond fish

Food for pond fish is easy to pick up. Often they find it themselves: it is the larvae, algae, plants. In the event that the pond was formed quite recently, care must be taken to feed. Here, the usual feed for aquarium specimens will not work. The thing is that the food for the fish in the ponds is made more airy so that the pieces drown more slowly.

There are types of aquatic animals that are suitable plant food. For pond fish you need tetrafill.If it is not given, they will begin to eat vegetation in the pond. Therefore, if the reservoir is overgrown, then the need for feeding is eliminated.

pond: natural habitat for fish

Feces are most dangerous for fish. Because of cheap feed, food is not digested. The resulting waste accumulates at the bottom, which changes the structure of water. This must be prevented, otherwise the fish will die.

Live food and its types

As mentioned above, for aquarium dwellers just need a live feed for fish. Before buying, you should immediately answer the question: “How to buy and where to store?” For example, if you want to purchase moth, you need to take care of its quality. It must be alive, bright red, with a specific smell. As a rule, moth is a lot in the summer, but it is sold at any time of the year. Among all species of larvae - fish food, which occupies a leading position in the ranking of live feedings.bloodworm - the best feeding for all kinds of fishIt fits perfectly into the diet of both small and large fish. You can store it live, in dry or frozen. The first option is suitable only for those who are going to feed the moth immediately. He will not be able to lie more than two days. With the second option, you can keep the feed in good condition longer, but the drying process is rather unpleasant. The best option would be the third - freezing.So you can store more than 20 kg moth for a long time.

pipeworm wormsAnother popular fish food is worms, namely pipe makers. They are easier to store, as they are permanently stored in a live state. However, it is also allowed to dry and freeze them.

crustaceans - nutritious live food for fishFor feeding the fry suitable crustaceans. This type of food is ideal for medium-sized fish. Food is sold in buckets or basins filled to the top with water. If you look closely at the surface, you can see small dots - this is the crustaceans. They can be consumed in any quantity, they do not harm, but, on the contrary, enrich aquatic animals with minerals and vitamins, and also make the color of red fish brighter.

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