Eagle Mountain: Toksovo, infrastructure

Winter sports were common and in demand in Russia for a long time and still do not lose their interest in the eyes of athletes and amateurs. All this is due to the climatic conditions in our country, which allows us to engage in a favorite hobby for a considerable part of the year without special equipment and distant trips - it has been snowing almost all winter. Of particular popularity in recent years began to gain mountain sports: skis, snowboards, and more. In this regard, ski resorts began to appear almost throughout the country - a total of nearly three hundred.

Ski resorts of the Leningrad region

Some of the most popular resorts are located in the northern capital, namely in the Leningrad region. Residents of this region with particular interest and dedication are related to winter sports, and weather conditions and a sufficient level of income allow them to do what they like without going far beyond the city limits.In the cold season, foreign tourists are frequent guests of the ski slopes. Here you can find resorts for every taste - there are all kinds of tracks (from green to black).

Eagle Mountain

Trail classification

A few words should be said about the classification of tracks. In total there are four types, the gradation is distributed depending on the difficulty of passing a particular slope:

1. Green - very simple trails, perfect for beginners.

2. Blue - simple, they, as a rule, are chosen by beginners and amateurs, who are not yet completely confident in their abilities.

3. Red - more complex, designed for athletes and amateurs, firmly standing on skis or snowboard.

4. Black - very difficult tracks, created mainly for professional athletes.

Ski resort

The Eagle Mountain Ski Resort is widely known in the Leningrad Region. It gained its popularity due to its location: the village of Toksovo, rightly considered one of the most picturesque suburbs of St. Petersburg, is only 25 kilometers from the city. A wonderful background for a resort is a forest park zone with a lake - fascinating views of winter Russian nature.

Toksovo, SPb

There is a lesson for everyone

There are virtually no age restrictions for guests of the Eagle Mountain resort - everyone will find entertainment. Three ski slopes of varying complexity (from green to red) are equipped on the territory - everyone will be able to ride with pleasure - from beginners to professionals. Fans of snowboarding and newschool will be interested to look into a small snow park. Additionally, a special trail for family fun is arranged - here you can ride cheesecakes, snowmobiles and other devices designed for winter fun.

Little snowboarder


On the territory of "Eagle Mountain" has everything you need so that visitors can spend time with benefit and good mood: a cafe-restaurant, bistro, barbecue.

In addition to skiing on the slopes, guests can enjoy their leisure time by visiting one of the sports fields: football, volleyball, basketball, mini golf, paintball, darts or table tennis. In addition, on the shore of the lake there is a summer beach, a water rental station for boats, catamarans and kayaks, a water-skiing club and a quad circuit.

For those who wish to spend more than one day on the “Eagle Mountain”, just a hundred meters from the ski complex, cozy cottages for four and eight beds have been built.All the houses are fully equipped: there is a kitchen with everything you need, several bedrooms, a fireplace, a TV, a shower and even a sauna.

High tech at the resort

To ensure a comfortable and safe climb to the slopes in the resort Eagle Mountain equipped with two high-tech lift Tatrapoma and a special lift for children. Their capacity is about 1200 people / hour.

The most important thing in any ski resort is an adequate level of snow. On the "Eagle Mountain" this level is always maintained at the level of not less than a meter, which is ensured by specialized systems for snowing the slopes, which work perfectly well at temperatures from -3 and below.

Sport family

How to get to the place?

How not to go "Eagle Mountain"? This question is asked by many tourists. Since the village of Toksovo is only 25 km from St. Petersburg, it’s not difficult to get to Eagle Mountain. There are several ways to get there:

- Minibus number 205 leaves from Prospect Enlightenment metro station, on it you need to get to the “Eagle Mountain” Sport Park stop, and then just a bit to go.

- By train from the Finland Station (Sosnovskoye direction) to the station Kavgolovo. Then - 7 minutes walk on the signs, and there you will see "Eagle Mountain".

- On your own car:

  • You leave Petersburg on Rustaveli St., then - through the crossing. Then - on the highway to Matoksu to the village Toksovo.
  • At the 19th km of the route to Matoksu.
  • Then follow the sign to the “Eagle Mountain”.

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