Elchin Safarli. "When I return, be at home": reviews, plot, quotes

The books of this writer are about people's experiences, comprehensive and deep. Readers call him "the healer of female souls." Elchin Safarli - the most soulful writer of the East. In his books you can find yourself, your own feelings and experiences that each person faces every day. This article tells about one of the last books of the author - “When I return, be at home”: reader reviews, plot and main characters.

Little about the author

Elchin was born in Baku in March 1984. Began to publish at twelve years of age in youth newspapers, writing stories right at school in the classroom. Four years later, began working in various media. He studied at the International University of Azerbaijan at the Faculty of Journalism. He managed to try his hand on television, collaborated with Azerbaijani and Turkish channels. For a long time, Elchin lived in Istanbul, which could not but affect his work. In the first books that made him a famous author, the action took place in this city.Elchin is called the “second Orhan Pamuk”. Pamuk himself says that “Safarli’s books make him confident that Eastern literature has a future.”

when i come back be home reviews

Debut novel

Safarli is the first Eastern writer to write in Russian. The debut book “The Sweet Salt of the Bosphorus” was published in 2008, and in 2010 it was included in the hundred of the most popular books in Moscow. The writer says that he created his book when he worked in a construction company. The only joyful experience at that time was meeting with the pages of his book. Colleagues went to lunch, and Elchin, having a snack on an apple, continued to write his Istanbul story. He writes in different places. For example, he can write an essay directly on the ferry through the Bosphorus. But more often he writes at home, in silence. Muse is a changeable and inconstant substance. One cannot hope for it, therefore Elchin believes that there are only two ways that will lead to success - this is skill and work. The book "When I return, be at home", the heroes of which attract the reader, I want to read without stopping.

Creativity writer

In the same 2008 a new book is released, “There without back”. A year later, Safarli presented his new work - “I'll be back”.In 2010, three books appeared at once: “A Thousand and Two Nights”, “You were promised to me”, “There are no memories without you”. In 2012, Elchin pleased his fans with new works: “If you knew,” “Legends of the Bosphorus” and “When I am without you.” In 2013, the acclaimed book “Recipes of Happiness” was published. In this book, the writer told not only a wonderful story about love, but also shared wonderful recipes of oriental cuisine with readers. In the book “When I return, be at home,” the reader is also awaited by the smells of fragrant pastries and the atmosphere of the winter ocean. In the very first lines, the reader will fall into a house in which "it smells like rooibos" and "cookies with raspberry jam." And one of the book’s heroes works in a bakery where bread is baked “with dried vegetables, olives and figs”.

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Last works

In 2015, the book “I want to go home,” is published, warm and romantic “Tell me about the sea” - in 2016. From Safarli's books you understand how sincerely he loves Istanbul and the sea. He beautifully describes the city and water. When you read his books, it seems that you see the friendly lights of the city, or hear the waves splashing. The author describes them so skillfully that you feel a light breeze, you feel how the air is filled with the aroma of coffee, fruit and baking. But not only the smell of sweets attract readers Safarli books.They have a lot of love and kindness, wise advice and quotes. “When I return, be at home”, published in 2017, is also filled with the wisdom of a man who has lived a great life and has seen a lot in his lifetime. The author himself says that he likes the ideas embodied in the history of the last two books.

What are his books about

It is not surprising that in the books of Safarli behind each story is hidden the real truth. In an interview, he was asked what he liked to write about. He replied that about people, about simple things that surround and bother everyone. He wants to talk about what inspires, not depressing. About the beauty of life. The fact that waiting for "perfect time is meaningless." You have to enjoy life right now. Safarli says that it is devastated by injustice and that when a person lives not his life. When the main thing for him becomes - to be right in the eyes of neighbors, relatives, colleagues. And this absurdity - depending on public opinion - is becoming catastrophic. It is not right.

“You need to let happiness into your life,” says the writer. “Happiness is gratitude for what you already have. Happiness is giving away. But this does not mean that you should deprive yourself of something. No.You just have to share. To share what you have - understanding, love, tasty lunch, happiness, skill. ” And Safrali is divided. Readers write in the reviews: “When I return, be at home” - this is the story that Elchin touches his heart, penetrating into the most remote corners of the soul and revealing kindness and love in a person. And I also want to get up and run to the kitchen to bake sunny buns, because the book is full of delicious recipes.

elchin safarli when i get back home


The writer says that in his books he is sincere and conveys those feelings and impressions that he experienced at a certain point in his life. What he felt, he wrote. It is not difficult, because Elchin lives the life of an ordinary person - he goes to the market, walks along the embankment, communicates with people, rides the subway and even bakes pies.

“They say my stories inspire people. There can be no better praise for a writer, ”he says. “It is given to us to live life with or without love. There are such states and moments that you don't want to see anyone, let alone love. But once you wake up, and you realize that you have burned out. It's all over. This is life. ”

That's about it and writes in the last book by Elchin Safarli.

"When I return, be at home"

Briefly about this book, you can say this:

“This is the story of a father and daughter. They bake bread together, clean the deck of the ship from snow, read books, walk the dog, listen to Dylan and, despite the blizzards outside the window, learn to live. ”

What is actually described in the book, published about four months ago, but it has already gathered several thousand reader reviews and, according to Google polls, 91% of users liked it? Of course, Google is silent about how many users left their feedback. But the important thing is that more than ninety percent of readers, who shared their opinions, came to one conclusion: the book is worth reading. Therefore, we dwell on it in more detail.

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How the book is written

The narrative is on behalf of the main character - he writes letters to his only daughter. Authors often resort to this genre. "When I return, be at home" is written in the form of letters. For a better perception by readers of the heroes of the work, for a deeper psychological characterization of the characters, writers often use this technique. In this case, letters are the compositional basis of the entire work. They draw portraits of heroes,here the narrator writes about his own observations, feelings, conversations and arguments with friends, which allows the reader to perceive the hero from different sides. And perhaps the most important thing for which this way of writing was chosen is to allow the reader to understand the depth of feelings of the protagonist, fatherly love and the pain of loss — a person will not be hypocritical to himself, and his own statements are often closer to the truth and more correctly.

In each line, his daughter is next to him - he shares with her recipes, tells about new acquaintances and friends, about a house on the ocean in the City of eternal winter. It would be too easy to say that in his letters he talks to her about life, shares his thoughts and experiences. In fact, his letters, contained in a small book on the volume “When I return, be at home,” are deep and bottomless in content. They talk about boundless parental love, the bitterness of loss, the search for ways and forces to overcome grief. Unable to accept the death of his beloved daughter and accept her absence, he writes letters to her.

book when i get back be at home

Life is happiness

Hans - the protagonist of the work, from his face and the story is.He cannot accept the death of his only daughter and writes letters to her. The first begins with a description of the new city to which he and his wife moved after they lost Dosta, the City of Eternal Winter. He reports that there is winter all year round here, in these November days “the ocean is retreating”, “a sharp cold wind does not release from captivity”. The hero of Elchin Safarli’s book “When I return, be at home” tells his daughter that she almost never goes outside, sits in a house that smells of lime tea brewed with dried orange peel and cookies with raspberry jam, which their daughter loved so much. They clean her portion in the closet: suddenly Dostu, like in childhood, rushes into the kitchen for lemonade and cookies.

Hans works in a bakery not far from his home, they bake bread with a companion. He writes to his daughter that baking bread is a “feat of hard work and patience.” But he does not imagine himself without this business. Hans shares in the letter the recipes for which they bake bread. He and his companion Amir had long wanted to bake simits, a favorite treat for coffee. Hans goes to Istanbul, where he lives for several days and learns to bake simits. But the value of his letters lies not in wonderful recipes, but in the wisdom he shares with his daughter. Saying to her: “Life is the way. Enjoy, ”he makes himself live. This is the whole plot.“When I return, be at home” is a story about happiness, it is in your beloved city where you live, in the eyes of your beloved person, in your beloved business and even in the cry of gulls.

Life is love

Mary is mother Dostu. Hans, the protagonist of the book “When I return, be at home,” recalls how he met her. Mary is five years older. She worked in the library and was married. But at first glance he knew that a girl with brown hair would certainly become his wife. For four years he came every day to the library, because "deep confidence" that they would be together, "swept away all doubts." Maria often cries over the photo of her daughter, this loss was very hard for her. She left home and lived alone for a year and a half, to be alone with her grief, to get sick.

The pain did not pass, the attitude towards her changed. Simply, she now takes up less space, making room for what Mary has never left — the desire to love. Maria will love the son of the family’s friends, Leon, with all her heart. After the death of his parents, he and Hans will take the boy to him. The chapter titled “It's great to love a living person” is even in the content. “When I return, be at home” - this is a story about love, about how important it is for a person to be loved, live vividly and rejoice at those who are near.

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Life is those who are near

From Hans' letters, the reader not only learns about his feelings or finds new recipes, but also meets his new friends: Amir, Umid, Jean, Darya, Leon.

Amir is Hans' companion, they work together in a bakery. Amir is younger than Hans by twenty-six years old, an amazingly calm and balanced person. In his homeland the seventh year is a war. From her he took the family to the City of eternal winter. Amir wakes up at half past four in the morning, makes coffee - always with cardamom, cooks breakfast for her family and goes to the bakery. He plays guitar on dinner, and in the evening, after returning home, he has dinner - the first must be red lentil soup. He reads books to children and goes to bed. The next day everything is repeated. Hans seems boring such predictability. But Amir is happy - he lives in harmony with himself, enjoys the love of what he has built.

The work “When I return, be at home” introduces another interesting character - Umid - the rebel boy. Born and raised in the City of Eternal Winter, he worked in the same bakery with Hans - he delivered baking to houses. He studied at a Catholic school and wanted to become a priest. The guy's parents are philologists, he reads a lot.From the city of eternal winter left. Now he lives in Istanbul and works in a bakery where amazing simits are baked. Married to the daughter of a farmer from Idaho. They often argue with his wife, an impulsive and jealous American, because Umid grew up a little in a different setting, where parents speak in a half-whisper, and in the evenings listen to Tchaikovsky. But missing them for long. Young immediately make peace. Umid is a responsive guy. When Hans is gone, he will take care of Maria and Leon and help them move to Istanbul.

“The cause of disappointment,” Hans writes in a letter, “is that there is no person in the present. He is busy waiting or remembering. People themselves are driving themselves to loneliness at the very moment when they stop sharing heat. ”

Many readers write in their reviews: “When I return, be at home” - this is a story about the losses and gains that accompany a person throughout his life.

when i come back be at home plot

Life is a concern for the happiness of others.

Jean is a family friend, a psychologist. With him, Maria and Hans met at the shelter when they took the dog, Mars, and Jean, a cat, from there. When he was young, his parents died in a car accident, Jean brought up his grandmother, with whom he learned to cook wonderful onion soup.In the days when he cooks it, Jean invites his friends and remembers his grandmother. He introduced them to his bride Daria, who has a son Leon. His father immediately after the birth of his son left the family, having learned that Leon was autistic. One day, leaving Leon with Maria and Hans, Jean and Darya will leave for a trip from where they will not return.

Hans and Maria will keep the boy at home and call him son. This moment will affect the hearts of many readers, as they write in their reviews. “When I return, be at home” - a book that teaches us to share our warmth with others. Hans touchingly writes about the boy Leon, about his illness. He tells his daughter that the boy likes to mess with dough and helps them in the bakery. Admits Dust that he relives his father's feelings.

“Those who need us and whom we will soon love will surely knock on our door. Open the curtains to the sun, bake apple cookies with raisins, talk to each other and tell new stories - this will be a salvation. ”

In the annotation to "When I return, be at home" it is written that no one dies, those who loved each other in life will surely meet. And neither the name nor the nationality matters - love binds forever.

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