Electric and gas instantaneous water heater: customer reviews

From the crane has long ceased to be a hallmark of the city apartments only. And the merit in this belongs to the boilers of numerous modifications, operating according to different principles. One of the most controversial devices in this category is the instantaneous water heater. Reviews of such equipment are fundamentally opposite: someone really likes it, but other users are not at all delighted with it. What is the reason for this and is this boiler suitable for you? We will talk about this today.

instantaneous water heater reviews

Operating principle

It can already be recognized from the name alone. Such devices are called flow-through devices because they heat the fluid passing through them under pressure (direct connection to the water supply system is required). Of course, it is extremely convenient, but there are also a considerable number of disadvantages.

Gas devices

Consider a gas instantaneous water heater. Reviews are largely dependent on how much the buyer imagines all the nuances of the equipment purchased by him. At the heart of its operation is a gas burner and a copper heat exchanger, which it heats and through which water flows. Rapid reduction of the liquid to a certain temperature becomes possible due to its small volume and high power of the heating element (burner).

Today on the market there are two types of flow-through gas heaters: pressure and non-pressure. The usual gas-fired gas water heater (reviews of it are most positive in urban areas) is widespread: if you have ever seen a drawer hanging on the wall with your own shower head, then imagine what it is about.

Cold water enters a small tank, where, no longer being under high pressure, heats up. These devices are perfect for rural areas, where there is often no centralized water supply, and therefore it is necessary to install expansion tanks.

Accordingly, the pressure devices operate at equal internal and external pressure.Since the internal pressure can easily reach ten atmospheres, the heat exchanger is made of highly durable materials. This type of water heater is intensively used in both urban and rural environments. Thus, the flowing water heater "Delimano" (reviews about it indicate its attractive appearance and reliability), having dimensions comparable to the size of the mixer, easily meets the hot water needs of a family of three or four people.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas models

Of course, each type of equipment has its advantages and disadvantages. If you compare gas equipment with electrical counterparts, then its efficiency becomes immediately apparent. So, any instantaneous gas water heater (reviews say the same) consumes a liter of water for heating a lot less energy when compared with electric counterparts.

instantaneous water heater dimano reviewsUntil recently, it was believed that gas can reduce the cost of heating, as it cost less electricity. Today, this advantage is becoming increasingly blurred, but still it is relevant. The main disadvantage is the weak gasification of the country.There is far from gas in all localities, whereas power transmission lines are carried out even to most remote villages.

In addition, gas (with the use of a good water heater) is much safer. The fact is that such a boiler does not load the wiring in the house, which may not be of the best quality. Of course, there is the possibility of gasing the room, but in the case of modern models this almost does not happen: if the burner for some reason goes out or the pressure in the gas pipeline drops, the simplest mechanical device simply blocks the gas flow. The most advanced models, among other things, are also able to turn on themselves when the pressure is restored.

And what do the buyers themselves think?

What about all the above-mentioned do the direct users of gas water heaters think? As usual, opinions diverge. Let's take a closer look at both sides of the dispute.

First, we analyze the opinions of those who like a gas instantaneous water heater. Reviews show that buyers are particularly impressed by the possibility of installing such a device in homes with poor wiring.It is no secret that before installing a powerful instantaneous water heater that runs on electricity, it is often necessary to replace all the wires, which is not affordable for everyone.

In addition, almost all users note that the gas burner heats the water much faster than heating elements, and this is important for large families. If you do not understand, let us explain - we are talking about the real temperature of heating water going through a heat exchanger with high pressure. To heat it to at least 60 degrees (if we talk about the electric version), wiring is required, calculated at least 7.5-10 kW. And this can be found not in every city apartment, let alone in rural conditions.


But what about those who are not too impressed by the gas instantaneous water heater? The reviews testify about the same thing we talked about in the first part of the article: not everyone has a normal gas supply, and with pressure fluctuations in the gas pipeline, the boiler may well refuse to work. In addition, with the rising cost of gas, savings on it are becoming less and less obvious.

instantaneous gas water heater reviewsFinally, the electric heater, as indicated by users, it is possible to install yourself.But for the installation of gas equipment have to call certified professionals. Firstly, it may take a couple of weeks. Secondly, the cost of their work is great.

Electric models

In Russia, these types of water heaters are the most common on the market. There are many reasons for this, but the main factors are the insufficient gasification of many regions of the country and the unwillingness of consumers to overpay for the installation and maintenance of gas equipment. Flowing water heater "Delimano", reviews of which will not allow to lie, can be mounted even by a person who does not have any experience in this field.

But before considering the responses of users, we should talk about some technological aspects of this kind of water heaters. So, what can please the average instantaneous electric water heater? Reviews show that emotions from the use of this kind of technology are not always positive.

How could it be, or To not be disappointed

Suppose that one citizen decided to make life easier for his soul mate: he bought a running water heater,so that the wife did not suffer during the planned outages of hot water. He bought the device powerful enough - as many as 5 kW. The wife, of course, was pleased, and therefore decided to try the new product by taking a shower. The joy was short-lived, outraged screams were heard from the bathroom.

What is the matter? The problem is that with a more or less normal shower temperature, the trickle of water becomes like a drying stream in the desert. If the valve is twisted harder, all the pleasure of taking water procedures is disturbed by the low temperature of the liquid.

So it remains for the buyer to immediately go to the service center. Suddenly this is some kind of technological marriage? Alas, but there his doubts very soon disappear: it turns out that this water heater cannot technically produce more than 3.5-4 liters relative to hot water per minute. If the buyer wants to be able to take a full shower, he will have to attend to the purchase of a water heater, the power of which starts from 8 kW.

Here's what you need to keep in mind when you are going to buy a flowing electric water heater. Customer reviews, however, indicate that not everything is so sad.

The virtues of the “protochnikov”

How to be? After all, there are many companies that sell instantaneous electric water heaters, while actively praising their virtues. Well, they really are: if you have water and electricity, there will never be problems with boiling water, and this is important. Of course, under the condition of normal pressure in the water supply system.

instant electric water heater reviewsSecondly, instantaneous water heaters are very compact: even a powerful 30 kW model, capable of producing tens of liters of boiling water per minute, can easily be hidden under the sink or in the corner of the kitchen. In addition, do not have to worry about installing a tank for storing hot water. If we talk about reliability, then pay attention to the water heater Electrolux flowing. Reviews indicate that under the condition of not too hard water, such a device can serve for at least five to seven years.

Negative sides of flow models

To such can be unanimously attributed the huge one-time power consumption. Another drawback concerns owners of large houses and apartments: if you need to connect several consumers at once (points), then the outlet water temperature will be lower, the more taps.This is reflected in the reviews. In particular, there is a common situation when dishes are washed in the kitchen, and you go to the bathroom, wanting to take a shower. Alas, in most cases, to achieve an acceptable water temperature will not work. Or a shower, or economic needs - choose what is more important.

However, in this regard, water heaters Thermex stand out. Reviews show that relatively inexpensive and widespread models in our area can easily “pull” two or three cranes, and the water temperature will drop slightly.

Some information about the required power

As many people point out, it is possible to use an electric “protochnik” normally only if its power is 8 kW and more. Simply put, it is possible to take advantage of this good civilization only in those houses and apartments where the three-phase network is wired.

Most often, the dwellings do not find a network that would withstand something more powerful than 3.5 kW. Buyers say that in new homes (where the electric stove is nominally laid), it is quite possible to install the Atmor instantaneous water heater (only positive reviews) at 6 kW or more powerful.

What are they like?

However, manufacturers are well aware of all the difficulties of their potential customers. On the shelves you can find the widest selection of electric instantaneous water heaters, the power of which varies from 1.5 to 8 kW. Something more serious comes most often only by reservation. By the way, what kind of devices are these? Do they have a specific classification?

No revelations are foreseen here: as in the past case, there are pressure and non-pressure models. However, they have their own features:

  • Pressure models. Such devices can easily be distinguished by the fact that they have only one outlet and entrance for water. They are simply buried in the water riser. This is not only a compact, but also an extremely convenient solution: customers say that hot water can be diluted throughout the house. Most models are fully automatic, reacting to the opening and closing of the crane. These include instantaneous water heaters "Termeks". Reviews indicate that they can easily be left on for a couple of weeks in a switched on state in a rural house.
  • Non-pressure varieties.As in the past case, these water heaters are equipped with a small water tank and their own shower nozzle (or faucet). In stores, this technique is often described as instantaneous storage water heater. Reviews say that such devices are incredibly convenient at the cottage. But they also confirm that in the bathroom this construction is not very appropriate, and there is no sense from three or four liters of water in such conditions.

water heater instant electrolux reviewsIn addition, buyers sometimes face very very unusual situations. However, nobody is insured from the described below.


As we have repeatedly stressed, low-power samples from 1.5 to 6 kW can only be used in summer. This is also indicated by reviews not very satisfied customers. In addition to the purely technical, there is another very interesting aspect that explains this fact.

It often happens that such water heaters work perfectly in summer (especially in rural areas), but they practically do not heat water with the arrival of winter. As a rule, in the warm season, the temperature of the liquid in the plumbing system is about 15 degrees Celsius.Of course, the heater easily raises it by about 20 degrees.

This is quite enough for a comfortable shower. In any case, in this aspect, problems usually do not arise among consumers. It is to such varieties refers every second tap water heater flow. Reviews of such a technique are not bad, especially people like compactness.

water heaters thermex reviewsBut in the winter in the water supply a maximum of seven or eight degrees. Accordingly, a liquid with a temperature of about 18 degrees Celsius will flow from the tap. If you are not a walrus, then you are unlikely to be too comfortable in such conditions. And you know what's funny? The fact is that such equipment was originally developed for Asia and Africa. And there the water temperature in the aqueduct rarely drops below 17-20 degrees Celsius. Simply put, it was supposed to be just slightly warmed up.

Other reviews of instantaneous electric water heaters

What other opinions are there about this technique? As always, let's start with the positive. As a rule, people extremely like the compactness of such water heaters. As we said above, they can be easily disguised under the sink.However, the places are limited only by your imagination! In offices (judging by the plumber reviews), such boilers can be easily placed right behind the flower pots. Especially for such purposes suitable flow-through water heater "Electrolux". Reviews note that the equipment from this manufacturer is the most compact.

As for the apartment and house conditions, homeowners are impressed by the ability of such equipment to almost instantly heat the water. You can come home from work, open the faucet - and here it is, hot water! With boilers of accumulative type, this does not even have to dream.

Finally, the aesthetic side of the issue. Few people like the large “barrel” of the storage heater hanging on the wall. But the compact and very attractive unit of the cumulative boiler may well become a real decoration of the room. Especially if it is decorated in the style of minimalism or Hi-Tech.


In principle, we spoke about many of them above. Buyers complain about the small amount of heated water, high power consumption (immediately take care of 380 V), as well as the impressive cost of really high-quality models.

instant water heater atmor reviewsHowever, one moment almost always causes discontent of most buyers. This applies to almost mandatory replacement of all electrical wiring in the home. Of course, in the case of new apartment buildings, not everything is so critical: often there is a 380 V network, and the quality of the wires themselves raises no questions. But this is not always the case, and therefore in new buildings it is often necessary to invest in a complete replacement of electricians.

So what to choose - instantaneous or storage water heater? Reviews unanimously confirm that you should rely solely on their capabilities: do you have gas, how reliable is the wiring.

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