Employees of the "Read-city" about work in the network of bookstores

The issue of employment in many families today is particularly acute. that would fit on schedule and allow you to support yourself and your family is extremely difficult. What can we say about the fact that it would be good if such a career also corresponded to the education and acquired skills, and also allowed us to constantly develop and grow above ourselves.

In large cities, the location of the potential place of work is particularly relevant. You want to spend as much time as possible on the road! It is also important to have a fixed weekend, which would allow spending time with your family. Many are concerned about the issue of maternity leave. After all, every woman wants the company to support her and provide the necessary time and money in the event of her pregnancy. There are a lot of nuances that influence the choice of place of work, and each of them can be individual.

However, experts provide one general recommendation for all applicants: learn as much as possible about the potential employer and the working conditions in the enterprise. Make it very easy today. It is enough to study the reviews of former and current employees of the company who can impartially describe the state of affairs of the company. Increasingly popular among applicants is gaining a network of stores, "Chitai-city" and "New Book." Employees reviews about this trading platform today and we will consider. Be careful.

feedback from staff read city

What does the company do

So, for starters, attention should be paid to finding out what, in essence, is the specialization of the company in question. This moment, of course, is very interesting for any applicant. The name partly explains that the company deals with books. What exactly does the company in question do?

Employees of the "Chitai-city" are described as a popular trading network, the main specialization of which is the sale of books and other various printed products. This is a serious competitor for existing similar trading platforms.The company is rapidly developing and expanding its network in the territory of the Russian Federation. Reviews of employees "Read-city" is described as a good place to earn a living. In addition, a lot of attention to the company in question involve the media, which tirelessly to promote this network of stores. The popularity of the company is growing. Many consider this to be a good reason to get a job there.

About work

That tells customer feedback and staff feedback "Read-city" of how well the company is under consideration? Chain stores, as a rule, describe on the positive side. Buyers say that here you'll find exactly what you were looking for since a long time, something that is so eager to your soul. And it makes no difference whether it is a much-loved classics, or straight from the tin novel of contemporary writer. The only thing that you will need to dive into the world of exciting adventures - is to find where there is a branch of the considered distribution network in your town, and go to him. What is the schedule for the Chitai-Gorod bookshop chain?

Employee reviews report that their work day is from nine in the morning to five in the evening. This allows employees in a comfortable time to get to the place of work and home, and customers - to carve out a minute in a tight schedule, to look into a favorite institution. This feature contributes to the formation of a positive reputation of the store. And also attracts not only buyers, but also employees. However, this information is catastrophically small in order to describe the complete picture of how cooperation between store workers and the employer takes place, and to decide whether to choose the company under consideration for employment. All details will be discussed below.

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As a rule, the first thing potential applicants pay attention to is vacancies. And "Read-city" reviews of employees in Moscow, including the future, earns a variety. For example, the fact that the vast majority of vacancies are, figuratively speaking, ordinary (a security guard, a sales assistant, a cashier, an employee of the sales area, a warehouse worker, a merchandiser) are not too happy for applicants.Some, with some experience, education or skills, would like to immediately get a leadership position.

However, the company in question operates differently. The company grows its leaders itself. Why is it profitable? Because such a manager will know well the scheme of the trading network's functioning from the inside and at different stages, and therefore, will be able to make wiser management decisions. Therefore, it will be necessary to begin work in the company in question from the bottom of the career ladder.

work in read city staff reviews


So, where does the work begin in "Read-city"? Reviews of employees of the Moscow divisions of the company say that the first thing you have to face is, as in the vast majority of other companies, the interview required for employment. This process has both its advantages and disadvantages. However, do not worry too much. It would be wise to figure out what difficulties applicants face, and, in turn, try to avoid them.

The indisputable advantage is that interviews are held in a specially designed room for this purpose, clean and comfortable.The atmosphere of such a cabinet is favorable and disposes to an open dialogue. What is interesting, not every company can boast of such.

Among other things, do not get lost and do not worry if you forgot to bring a resume with you. The interviewer will ask the necessary questions to find out all the information he is interested in. In addition, you will need to fill out a special questionnaire designed for applicants. It will also contain some data from your resume.

However, there are also negative aspects in the process of interviewing for employment in the "Read-City". In Yekaterinburg (staff reviews point this out), not all managers specializing in recruitment are pleasant and friendly people. Some allow themselves to be arrogant, showing a sense of superiority. Such a manner of communication does not have the applicant. However, it is important to know that the company's personnel policy does not endorse this behavior. And as soon as such cases become known, they are immediately stopped. The company in question cares about its reputation.

network read city staff reviews


What is the timetable for work in the "read-city"? Employee reviews say that the employer initially offers a choice at which time the employee would prefer to work. So, there are several valid options:

  • part-time work;
  • shift work;
  • fixed weekend.

As a rule, choose one of the available alternatives:

  • "two through two";
  • "three through two";
  • "five through two."

For such a variety of opportunities, the network "Read-city" receives positive feedback from employees. Any applicant, planning to start a new job, is happy if he knows his work schedule in advance and is free to plan his days off.

However, in practice, everything turns out to be somewhat different. For example, as employees of the Chitai-Gorod bookstore describe employee reviews, after a short time, you can forget about the planned days off. As, however, and about how to know exactly when your work day ends. Many employees regularly call someone to change, to work overtime, or just to earn some extra money. It is not always possible to refuse. Sooner or later, the weekend will be "floating".This is exactly how the organization of labor in the Chitai-Gorod company is described by employee reviews (Novosibirsk, Moscow and other cities do not differ in this from one another). This schedule is suitable not for everyone. Therefore, it is better to learn about this in advance.

bookstore read city staff reviews


What social guarantees does the "read-city" store provide? Employee reviews report that you will be told about them at the first interview. Firstly, there is a social package, which will be fully provided in accordance with the employment contract. Such an approach to ensuring their employees usually pleases applicants. Formal employment today is becoming increasingly rare.

However, the reality is somewhat frustrating. As practice shows, it is extremely difficult to make an employer comply with his duties and provide employees with the benefits they are entitled to. However, the situation is the same in many other firms. According to this scheme, the applicant is lured by good working conditions, telling him everything that he would like to hear, and then do not fulfill their own promises. Of course, this is sad. And the presence of such a situation must be taken into account if you are planning to work in this company.


Special attention should be paid to how the company in question treats future moms. Why is it worth discussing it in a special way? Because a huge amount of reviews is devoted to this topic. And frankly, most of them are not positive.

So, what will the new employee promise at the beginning of her career in this company? That no difficulties in the case of her pregnancy will not arise. Moreover, she will then receive much easier tasks with preservation of the initial salary, they will be released from work in order to give the opportunity to pass all necessary medical examinations. Of course, they promise a full-fledged parental leave, necessary hospital and good payments from the company. Sounds great. That is why many girls got a job in the company in question without fear of losing their job in case of pregnancy.

But how is it in reality? Employees in the position leave very bad feedback on the attitude of their leaders during pregnancy. Naturally, there is no question of any easier work.Moreover, the management makes all possible efforts to force the future mother to leave the place of work at her own will. If this fails, then look for a reason to dismiss a young woman on the article. No leave, time off in order to get registered or undergo a medical examination, maternity and should not be mentioned. It is precisely such disregard for pregnant women that takes place in the company "Chitai-Gorod". It is important, however, to note that this is not an isolated case, and a similar situation develops in the vast majority of firms.

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Many are interested in how well the work in the "read-city" is rewarded. Employee feedback provides mixed information in this regard. As a rule, the tone of such feedback from workers is mostly negative. What is the reason for this situation?

First, even at the first interview the applicant is told exactly what he wants to hear so much. Namely: that the salary will be "white", and the salary - high (depending on what position you are applying for, it should be from 15 to 35 thousand rubles).In addition, they promise to regularly give premiums and pay bonuses. This undoubtedly attracts applicants, and they seek to start work as soon as possible. Everyone wants stability in the workplace.

And what does practice show? As a rule, after a short time, employees have to forget about all the promises that they heard at the interview. Wages, which should be "white", become "gray", and its payments begin to be regularly delayed. The promised salary melts before our eyes, and soon in all official documents it is only from 8 to 10 thousand rubles. How far it is from what was stated by the employer at the very beginning! Can we call it bona fide? You decide.


Employees reviews "Read the city" describe from the negative side, talking about another nuance of work. It's about fines. As practice shows, employees are punished in this way with great pleasure. And this fact not only frustrates the store employees, but also frightens applicants. So, some say that, taking into account all the fines and deduction, in the end, you can get about 5,000 rubles per month in your hands. Who would like this perspective?

Why are they imposing fines in the Chitai-Gorod stores? Reviews of employees of Moscow branches assure that literally for every little thing. For example, for an extraordinary or slightly delayed break, a wrong look in the direction of the head of the department, and so on. Of course, one should not take everything literally, but, as we know, there is no smoke without fire. So take this into account.

work in read city reviews staff Moscow


So, is it worth to work in the company "Read-city"? After reading this article, you know exactly what to pay attention to and what to think about. It is important to weigh how great the merits of the proposed place of work are, and whether the disadvantages that are present in this company are significant for you. Only after such an analysis can you make an informed decision.

Remember, work is not only a way to make money for a living. It is also the people who surround you throughout the day, and a specific task that you will have to perform every day. Try to take the most serious approach to such a serious matter as choosing a place to work. And then every new day will please you! Enjoy what you do.

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